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Fragrance Shopping for Boys and Teens: The Perfume Society For Him Discovery Box

Many people ask me what to buy the beloved youngsters in their life as their first fragrance. It’s a tricky one. You like that they are taking care of the appearance and image, but  because they’re still young, you definitely don’t want anything provocative. All the seductive and alluring stuff can stay on the shelves, thank you.

I was lucky enough today to press gang my own son, Freddie, aged eleven ( on the right), and his lovely friend Morgan, aged twelve (on the left), into trying out a few scents for me.  I launched them onto the Perfume Society For Him Discovery Box and let them spray with abandon. I absolutely loved their reactions, although our dear chums at Jovoy did not fare so well among this age group!. They both smell great today and Morgan went away with a freebie.

I did not sway them and their responses are unedited.

L-R, Morgan and my son Freddie

Cartier L’Envol 1.5ml eau de toilette (50ml normally £63)

“Smells like a garden centre.” “Not sure.”


Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 2ml eau de toilette (30ml/£19.00)

“Smells lush”, “really nice, I love this one.”

This one was a favourite of both boys. Morgan went home with the sample and both were a-sniffing with impressed looks on their faces.

It may have something to do with the fact that they are both excellent football players and avid fans, so this may have swayed them. In any case, a resounding success

Coach For Men 2ml eau de toilette (40ml/£39)

“Oh yeah. That’s nice.” “The Coach one is good.”

Morgan and Fred both liked this one. Cool, fresh and clean, and not remotely provocative.

Dunhill Racing 2ml eau de parfum (50ml/£63)

“Nice.” “Clean” “My joint favourite.”

As for me, I think Dunhill Racing was my favourite, although I was taking a back seat today.

Ferrari Man in Red 1.2ml eau de toilette (50ml/£42)

“Lush,” “I like this one.” “sort of sweet. I really like it.” “Yeah the Ferrari one is my favourite. That and the CR7.”

Jaguar Black Chromite 1.8ml eau de toilette (100ml £55.00)

“Joint favourite” “I like this one, the Ronaldo and the Ferrari one.”  “Can I keep this one, Mum?”

Aww. Of course he can keep it.

Jovoy Private Label 2ml eau de parfum (100ml £125)

Jovoy, my apologies in advance. The exact response was “minging”, “disgusting”, “wash it off”, “rank” “smells like tar.”

Well, thank goodness, they didn’t like this one (It was the most expensive of the lot). Parents stressing over bank accounts will breathe a sigh of relief if they have to get an iPhone as well this Christmas (cough) I imagine.

I’m sorry Jovoy, I still love you!

Kenneth Cole Mankind 1.5ml eau de toilette (£30 for a 30ml)

“Oh wow.” “Yep. it’s good.”


Missoni Parfum Pour Homme 5ml eau de parfum (50ml £45.00)

“What’s this for?”  “There’s no spray on it.” “I can smell it now.  Not bad.” “That bottle’s really cute.”


Vince Camuto Homme 1.5ml eau de toilette (£45 for a 50ml)

“That smells amazing!” “Like it.” “Who’s Vince Camuto?”

NB The box also contains a 150ml Heath face wash and a mini size Missoni after shave balm and bath and shower gel, making this a great gift set.

The verdict?

Favourites were CR7, Ferrari and Jaguar, with Dunhill Racing, Vince Camuto and Coach coming up close seconds. Sadly Jovoy was not quite for this age group, but their faces were a picture!


You can buy this fabulous gift box from The Perfume Society. Mine was sent to me as a gift with no conditions attached.  Opinions are those of my son and his friend.  Thanks boys! Take your pick as a reward.


E Coudray Iris Rose: A Perfect Blend

e coudray

E Coudray Iris Rose was just one of twelve scents contained in The Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box . I have been dipping in and out and liking what I sniff but this one coshed me with a club and dragged me back to its cave. I’m in love and powerless to fight it.


I have had a chequered past with iris. Some iris scents make me run in the other direction (Editions Frederic Malle Iris Poudre, I’m talking to you) while others drew me in like a smitten kitten. E Coudray Iris Rose is the latter and it has shot to the top of my lengthy wish list, which is no mean feat if you saw how long it is.

Opening unsurprisingly with Iris and Rose, this is a dominantly iris fragrance that reminded me of Chanel No 5, but with fewer aldehydes. Imagine a version of Chanel No 5 where they took almost everything out except the flowers. Now add some musk and violets. If that sounds good to you, then you will love Iris Rose.

According to Fragrantica, there is also Labdanum, vanilla and tonka bean in here somewhere, but I could find no trace. There were violets and heliotrope alongside the iris, which made me think of Guerlain Apres L’Ondee, only this is more floral. The base has musk, woods and patchouli, but its the musk that emerges as the frontrunner when all’s said and done. The iris is like ironed sheets and clean parchment, and has none of the rooty carrotty-ness that it sometimes has in other scents.  The blend of rose and iris together is seamless and beautiful to the point where I feel I should Brangelina its name to Riris or Rosis. There is a hint of powdery lipstick-ness as it finishes with a long lasting flourish and this gives Riris/Rosis a retro feel that cries out for a vintage dressing table.


You can get a sample of E Coudray Iris Rose in the Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box. You can buy a full 100ml bottle from Escentual or Amazon UK.


The Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box


It’s always a happy day when a Perfume Society Discovery Box arrives and last week I took delivery of the Exquisite Essences Box.  This is an eclectic mix of  hard to find niche, some new arrivals and some lovely surprises. As usual, all 12 scents are beautifully packaged in the trademark Perfume Society white box, wrapped carefully in tissue and supplied with a pad of blotters and handy sniffing notes.

perf soc2

Here’s what’s in this one:

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 2ml EDP spray

A fabulous Damask rose scent that opens with strong bergamot and beds down into a clean, feminine finish with a fruity flourish of pink pepper, used with a light touch.

Dear Rose Song For a Queen 2ml EDP spray

This is the only one I didn’t get along with. It smells  bit like vinyl on my skin. All the notes are right up my street, but on skin, it didn’t quite gel. It has orange blossom, vanilla, leather, bergamot, jasmine, heliotrope and benzoin, so I thought I’d like it. But that’s just me. Worth a try. No response is ever wrong, merely subjective.

Bvlgari Goldea 1.5 ml EDP spray

A combination of precious musk, Ylang and patchouli makes this a warm, golden floral ideal for a summer evening as the sun goes down. Feminine but not heavy, with enough petals to lighten up the musk/patchouli base.

Weleda Agrume 1.5 spray eau naturelle

Smells as clean and wholesome as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This has a hint of grapefruit and  a citrussy tang. If you like Biotherm, you might like this too, and it’s all natural.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa 1.5ml EDP spray

Blackberries, white flowers and  a “milk mousse”/vanilla base. This is listed as a fruity oriental. If you like Loewe Quizas Quizas Quizas, you may like this. To me, it’s a warm, sweet fruity floral, almost Autumnal in tone.

E.Coudray Iris Rose 2ml EDP spray

I adored this one. It has a beautiful vintage feel and is ideal for Iris fans. You can see my review here.

Penhaligon’s Equinox Bloom 1.5ml EDP

Perfect for Spring. Bursting with white flowers, but never cloying.  It’s going on my wish list for sure! You can see my review here.

Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin 2ml EDP spray

My favourite Miller Harris from the Le Jardin d’Enfance range.  Sunny days in the garden, hiding in bushes and picking flowers. I have reviewed it here.

Annick Goutal Rose PomPon 1.5ml EDP

A playful rose, fresh and juicy. This is another beautiful gem from trusty Annick Goutal. The bottle itself is gorgeous enough for any dressing table. I reviewed it here.

The Merchant of Venice Byzantium Saffron 2ml EDP splash

With exotic ingredients inspired by the travels of the ancient merchant, this has red saffron,white suede accord, patchouli and amber. It has a spicy, leathery feel it that makes it  a sophisticated choice for man or a woman.

Terry de Gunzberg Terryific Oud 1.5ml EDP spray

This is a sexy, knickery oud. If you like Theo Fennel’s Scent or the mighty Salome from Papillon, you might like this one too. Definitely worth tracking down. This would have passed me by if it hadn’t been in the box, and I’m so glad it was included.

Lorenzo Danta Ferro Fior di Panna 2ml EDP spray

To me, this smelled like a lighter, more floral version of Chanel No 5. Aldehydic and powdery, it cranks up the flowers and tones down everything else. Very feminine with a retro, classic feel. Wear with gloves and a hat. (NB. not woolly ones, think Dior’s New Look).


So that’s 12 beauties to try with something for everyone.   I am having a serious love affair with E.Coudray Iris Rose, a big fling with Annick Goutal PomPom, and a sordid hook up with Terryific Oud.

perfume soc box1 perfsoc3


You can buy these boxes from The Perfume Society website. They are available to subscribers and non subscribers alike, although subscribers get a discount. You can buy them ad hoc too: it’s not compulsory to buy one every month or return anything on approval etc. Unfortunately they cannot ship outside the UK ( or Ireland)  due to postal restrictions.


Perfume Society VIP Subscription Giveaway-The Winners Are..


Thank you to everyone who entered this fabulous giveaway. Big thanks also to The Perfume Society for supplying the  wonderful prize of five VIP Subscriptions.

The winners are: (drumroll)

Maralyn Smith, Alison Oddy, Margaret, Alison Fox Hay and Amanda Pritchard.  

Entries were picked via RandomPicker.com. If you have won, please email me at iscentyouaday@gmail.com and I will forward the details to The Perfume Society. Congratulations! This is a great prize and I just know that you will be delighted.

Here are the benefits the winners will be enjoying

  • A free Discovery Box, containing up to ten great perfume samples, two beauty products, and postcards on each item to help you get the most out of them.
  • Opportunities to join very special perfume events around the country: launches, talks and workshops all with like minded perfumistas.
  • Free access to the online Perfume Society magazine The Scented Letter and discounts on glossy hard copies.
  • Generous discounts on all Perfume Society Discovery Boxes e.g VIPs pay £10 for Boxes which cost £15 and £12.50 for Boxes which cost £17.50
  • First dibs on boxes before they launch on the site.
  • All this for one year!




scented letter



If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, there are more giveaways coming up on  IScentYouADay.  You can also buy or gift a VIP Subscription from the Perfume Society Website here for £25.


1. VIP Subscription

Maralyn Smith

2: VIP Subscription

Alison Oddy

3: VIP Subscription


4: VIP Subscription

Alison Fox Hay

5: VIP Subscription

Amanda Pritchard


The Perfume Society Scent With Love Discovery Box- Review and GIVEAWAY


Enormous excitement here at IScent HQ as The Perfume Society has made me their blogger of the month. I knew I was a fan of theirs, and I am delighted to know that they are a fan of mine too. You can find their article about IScentYouADay right here.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-17-at-17.01.04 (1)

Truly, I’m blushing all over the shop today.

It seems fitting then to review the latest Discovery Box I ordered last month. (There’s another coming soon- more of which anon.)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a huge fan of The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes. Each box offers a carefully curated selection of perfume samples that would take even a sample hustler like me a good year and several cities to get under my own steam. Each box has a handy postcard with history, notes and discussion prompts. There’s usually a couple of beauty treats such as hand cream or nail polish too. It’s like getting a birthday present. So today I am reviewing the Perfume Society Scent With Love Discovery Box  and here’s what’s in it:


1. Agonist Vanilla Marble EDP

 I recently reviewed this beauty (see link here) and would heartily recommend it to lovers of vanilla, and more importantly, those who are not, because Vanilla Marble gives you the rich black vanilla pod without the sugar. I thought I had seen enough Vanilla but this comes at it from a  different angle and it’s very addictive.

incredible bottle

2. Taylor Swift Incredible Things

With so many Grammys to arrange on her mantelpiece, I don’t know how Taylor Swift found the time to collaborate on Incredible Things. The nice thing about this latest fragrance from her is that it didn’t take the most obvious route down fragrant Celebrity Street. There’s suede and vetiver that lifts this above the competition, and at a great price too. See my earlier review here.

elie saab rose

3. Elie Saab Rose Couture

I’ve yet to smell anything by Elie Saab that I didn’t like. Rose Couture is no exception. The orange blossom that is used so seamlessly in the original, is coupled with roses upon roses and rounded off with sandalwood and patchouli. This is a terrific scent for anytime of day. It manages to be both sophisticated and accessible. If you’re a sucker for a good rose, you can’t go wrong.

cherry blossom

4. Shay and Blue London English Cherry Blossom

I fell hard for this, which surprised me as I can usually take or leave cherry blossom. My glowing review is here so you can see for yourself how much I liked it. Perfect for Spring.

moschino fresh couture

5. Moschino Fresh Couture

I loved this one too: a post ironic take on the laundry fresh accord, but made invigorating with citrus and pretty flowers, and with a flourish of white patchouli. You can read my review here.

narciso rod

6. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP

I have long been a lover of this one. See my review of the EDT here. It comes as no surprise to find that the two legendary noses behind it were none other than Christine Nagel and His Majesty Francis Kurkdjian. If you haven’t yet tried it, this sample will be a portal.

sex goddess

7. 4160 Tuesdays Sex Goddess

I reviewed this one recently. You can find my review here. Sex Goddess comes from Sarah McCartney’s Crimes of Passion series and like the rest of the scents in the capsule collection, the ingredients and blending are, I believe, her best yet.

mure et musc

8. L’Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc

I was new to his classic but loved its combination of dark fruit- both sweet and bitter, combined with soft musk. Such a killer combination and yet so simple. You can read my review here.

i am juicy

9. Juicy Couture I Am Juicy

I Am Juicy is everything you want from the fruity floral genre. Raspberry and passion fruit segue into pretty sweet pea and roses, and its all rounded off with an amber-y musky finish. I even got a hint of rhubarb from it, which was very welcome.


10. Beauty Treat One: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm and Revitalise Dry Body Oil

I recently had an allergic reaction which left my hands dry like cracked desert earth. Soothing this on them was like finding an oasis. Scented with neroli and lavender and containing a shot of Vitamin E, my hands are starting to look normal again. It’s all organic too.

time bomb

11. Beauty Treat Two: Time Bomb Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream.

This beautifully scented hand cream, has been just what I needed lately. Evidence? It’s now empty and I miss it. However, in the Discovery Box, on the Time Bomb postcard is a discount code for 30% off a full tube.

scented letter

So there you have it. By turns playful, feminine and innovative, the Scent With Love Discovery Box gets full marks from this blogger.

Exciting news!

I have FIVE one year VIP subscription to the Perfume Society to give away. What does this mean? Well you can:

  • Attend very special one off Perfume Society workshops, launches and talks around the country (and one was even in Paris. Guerlain no less!).
  • Get big discounts on Discovery Boxes e.g only pay £10 for a £15 box and £12.50 for a £17.50 box. You also get first dibs on new Boxes that come out, before anyone else.
  • Get free access to the Perfume Society online magazine The Scented Letter (and discounts on glossy hard copies).
  • Oh and did I mention? When you get a VIP Subscription, you also get a free Discovery Box.

VIP subscriptions cost just £25, so if you don’t win, you can still buy one from the Perfume Society website.


What You Have To Do

Just name which one of the above items from the Scent With Love Discovery Box appeals to you most. You can comment on Twitter @iscentyouaday, my Facebook page, or here on the blog. The giveaway closes at midnight on Thursday  25th February. Sadly, it can only be sent within the UK because of postal regulations.

Moschino Fresh Couture

moschino fresh couture

Moschino are having fun again and supplying a cheeky wink with your fragrance.  Moschino Fresh Couture looks like a bottle of Febreze ( which I love), complete with handy spray gun.  However, that doesn’t mean the juice inside isn’t to be taken seriously as a good fragrance, because it is very good indeed.

Moschino Fresh Couture is a beautifully light and uplifting fragrance. Opening with eau de cologne style notes of mandarin and bergamot and banana-y Ylang Ylang ( if bananas had petals, that’s how they would smell), there is an immediate feel good vibe going on.

Middle notes are dominated by the playful combination of raspberry and peony, making this pretty and feminine. Base notes are white patchouli, which gives this a pleasant oomph, matched with Ambroxan and woody notes, which I did not really discern.

linda evangelista

This is right up my street for Spring and Summer. Unsurprisingly, there is a pleasing fresh laundry accord, and with the citrus, raspberry and pretty peony, this so light and refreshing that you are sure to get compliments. It’s impossible not to feel its optimism and playfulness, and not just from the post ironic bottle.

I obtained my sample from the Perfume Society Scent With Love  Discovery Box, which seems to have a plethora of fruity florals. Once upon a time I would have pulled a face, but somehow the raspberry and peony blend so well together, this could sway the surliest of curmudgeons into wanting to ditch work and fly a kite.


You can get a sample of this, along with many others, from The Perfume Society Scent With Love Discovery Box, or buy a full bottle from Selfridges or Amazon.

The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box: Part Deux


(Because Part Deux sounds more perfumey than Part Two). Now that my boy has turned six and eaten the sweets and done the soft play party and blown out the candles, I can wade through the debris to my trusty PC and write the second part of my review of the Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box.

Here’s what else was in the little white box:


Agonist No 10 White Oud

This fragrance opens like an extrait version of Body Shop White Musk ( and I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a classic), and then kind of gets more expensive smelling by the minute. The oud is more of a nuance than a main player and I like that. What I did NOT get were all the flowers that are listed such as May rose, violet and lily of the valley. The note that did come out quite strongly, however was Nagarmotha, or Cypriot oil which was used so effectively in Bruno Fazzolari’s wonderful Lampblack ( it reminds me of soot and ink). Number 10 White Oud is a gentle and cosy oud for those who like oud but don’t want to leave a big trail in their wake.


Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris

Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris is my first ever Ormonde Jayne sample and it was worth waiting for. I dislike too much vanilla and have a love/hate relationship with iris, but this combination of the two takes the best points of both and blends them seamlessly until you cannot separate them. It gives the grown-up-lady feel of iris that I like coupled with the cosy warmth of vanilla that I enjoy. My problem comes when Iris is too cold and vanilla too sweet, but together they get on so well that I reckon they should get married and have kids.

Beaufort London Male grooming Eau de Parfum Leo Crabtree photographed by Andrew Ogilvy Photography
photographed by Andrew Ogilvy Photography

Beaufort London 1805

The point of a Discovery Box is to discover not just what you like, but what you definitely don’t like. It hopefully takes you out of your comfort zone too. Well Beaufort London 1805 took me out of my comfort zone and sadly, gave me nothing I liked. It smelled like the enamel covered saucepan that I almost set fire to recently in my quest to make hearty soup. It’s a terrible scorched vinyl scent that’s bound to suit someone, but that someone ain’t me. If you like smoky scents, it’s worth a  try.


Connock London KuKui EDP

I tried this four times to be sure and it won me round. It opens with glorious blousy white flowers: lilies, white jasmine and gardenia. It’s beautifully feminine and I could waft about in it all day. However, it then morphs into a woody floral. There was a moment when it could have teetered over into Coco Mademoiselle territory if it wasn’t careful, but thankfully, it stayed on the jasmine/gardenia path and is all the better for it. There is sandalwood and amber in the base and it gives this beautiful floriental a warmth that is welcome in this chilly weather. The Connock London Kukui eau de parfum came about when customers of Amanda Connock kept asking for a fragrance to match the scent of Connock’s body products. I’m glad they asked. This is the gorgeous result.


Atkinson’s Rose in Wonderland

The rose in Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland made me think of perfect Mary Poppins nursery rooms. The rosa centifolia is a definite childhood nostalgia sort of rose. It smells of breath sweets or rose creams. This is a clever scent though because just as you’re enjoying that fresh, almost zingy rose, it changes and becomes those papery rose petals you find in pot pourri. This is the combination of dry grassy vetiver and peppery geranium and it all contributes to a delightful English Country Garden feel.

So that’s all of them, in mini bite sized reviews. And you’ll never believe what arrived in the post yesterday- yes, the latest Perfume Society Discovery Box. This one is called Putting on The Spritz. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Keep sniffing, my dear readers!


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available from the website and you don’t have to be a subscriber to buy one, but you do have to be in the UK  to receive one due to postal regulations. They make great Christmas presents exactly as they are.

secret scentsations1

The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box.

secret scentsations1

I can’t help it. I’ve ordered another one. I think I’ve got them all now ( and one on the way) except the Prada one. Yes I’m talking about those tempting treasure troves of perfume samples and goodies- The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes. This time I’m writing about the Secret Scentsations Box.

The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box contains the following items. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Agonist No 10 White Oud spray 2ml
  • Pierre Bourdon La Dame en Rose spray 2ml
  • Annick Goutal Vent de Folie spray 2ml
  • Living Lalique EDP spary 2ml
  • Neela Vermeire Pichola splash 2ml
  • Comme des Garcons Floriental EDP 9ml
  • Connock London Kukui EDP 1.5ml
  • Beaufort London 1805 EDP 1.2ml spray
  • Sisley Eau du Soir splash EDP 2ml
  • Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris 2ml
  • Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland 2ml
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis 2ml
  • Sarah Chapman Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster

It’s an incredibly generous haul and these samples would be almost impossible to find on the High Street.  The goodies arrive in a trademark Perfume Society white box. Postage is free and my box cost me £12.50, which is the subscriber price. VIP/subscriber memberships costs £25 a year and gets you all sorts of perks, not least discounted Discovery Boxes.

Now with one of my youngsters turning six this week, I am up to my eyes in cakes, invitations and wrapping paper, but I can disclose my first impressions of those I have tried in the fleeting minutes I had to myself recently.


Living Lalique– My favourite by far. I have looked up the price of full bottles despite my groaning dressing table. Airy and crystalline at first, it beds down into such delightful nuances of orris butter and woods that the blending seems seamless. A dream of a scent.

Eau du Sisley– as a fan of hesperides this cute mini bottle won me over instantly.  This is another one I would buy a full bottle of without hesitation. This opens like a cologne and ends like a chypre.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis– If you’re looking for Christmas in a bottle, stop here and buy one. With chestnuts, coffee and booze, cosy winters are yours.

Annick Goutal Vent de Folie– lighthearted and playful: this is raspberries and sweetpeas and roses. Another gorgeous hit from Annick Goutal

Neela Vermeire Pichola: This one I wasn’t so keen on. The tuberose absolu went all celery on me and the spices smelled off centre. I’m interested in smelling more from the brand though- this was my first. Never say never.

Pierre Bourdon La Dame en Rose –Like a grown up version of Yves Saint Laurent Paris, this opens with roses and violets and then goes all sophisticated. Playful by day, seriously gorgeous at night, like moi.

Comme des Garcons Floriental: Smoky and dark, this was more oriental than floral, but I was too busy sniffing with my eyes closed saying “Ahhh!” to do a Venn diagram about it. A great winter unisex scent.

Okay so that’s as far as I got. There are six more scents to write mini reviews about, but I ran out of arm space so I’m going to sleep in one and try as many as I can tomorrow.

Do come back fro Part Two, dear readers.


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available on the website to members and non members, although members get discounts and first dibs. They make great presents and thank you gifts too.


Library of Fragrance Salt Air: Holiday Time!

World of Oddy Photography
World of Oddy Photography

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m a big fan of Library of Fragrance.  It allows us to be grown-ups and mix and match our own choice of scents when we want to go rogue i.e. when we don’t want to buy the latest over the counter launches that don’t suit our personal taste- or at least that’s why I buy them.

Library of Fragrance

But that’s just one angle when it comes to the purpose behind Library of Fragrance.  The other thing they manage to do so well is to produce scents that are evocative of a time or place or scene.  Not only do they produce a wide choice of scent for day time or evening wear, but there are many of us, and you might be one too, who sometimes want to smell like the beach or the garden or Christmas, and that’s where Library of Fragrance comes in.

Today I have been wearing Library of Fragrance Salt Air, (well actually the last couple of days to be precise, I’m addicted). Salt Air successfully encapsulates the exact holiday smell of when you’ve been on the beach all day.  There is a salty tang and an uplifting ozonic scent that doesn’t veer into imitation L’Eau D’Issey territory as ozonic so often can.  Salt Air is the tang of salt, the fresh surf of the sea crashing onto the shore, and a whiff of something clean, like sun cream without the coconut, or that fresh smell of holiday bed linen as your salty sea sprayed head hits the pillow on the first night.

World of Oddy Photography

Sea Air is gorgeously clean smelling and uplifting and is very much a Feel Good scent. Longevity is surprisingly good- remember that these are colognes, but they always have much better longevity than you would expect from a cologne. On me, Salt Air lasted over four hours before I needed a little top up.  It’s totally unisex too and would smell equally good on a male or female.

Salt Air is one of my favourite Library of Fragrance scents- and I have reviewed many of them, because, what can I say?  I’m a fan of the brand.

Pop Salt Air into your holiday luggage, or better still, wear it when you’re not on holiday for that seaside feeling all summer long.

World of Oddy Photography
World of Oddy Photography


Library of Fragrance Salt Air is available from the Library of Fragrance website and Boots also carries a selection in store.  My sample was from the fabulous Perfume Society Jet Set Discovery Box, which you can buy here very soon.


All seaside photos are of Whitmore Bay ( aka Barry Island) and taken by my very talented friend Alison Oddy of World of Oddy Photography or check out the Facebook Page here.

The Perfume Society Summer Scentsations Discovery Box.



Yes I’ve done it again.  I’ve shown no restraint at all and before I’ve reviewed even half of what was in the last Discovery Box, I’ve ordered another one.  And I’ve got another on the way!  Is it too much?  Nope.

The Perfume Society Summer Scentsations Discovery Box contains the following items, all in a trademark Perfume Society white box.  Postage is free and my box cost me £10, which is the subscriber price.

Here’s what’s in it:

  •  7ml splash bottle of Fragonard Soleil
  • 1.5ml splash of Atelier Cologne Cedrat Enivrant
  • 2ml spray sample of Balmain Extatic
  • 2ml spray sample of Parfum Divin by Caudalie
  • 2ml splash sample of Yardley London Jade
  • 1.5 ml spray sample of Prada Candy Florale
  • Cute little tube of L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • 1.5ml splash sample of Vaara by Penhaligons
  • 2ml splash sample of Orla Kiely EDP
  • 1.2ml splash of L’Occitane en Provence La Collection de Grasse Neroli & Orchidee
  • 30ml bottle of The Body Shop Smoky Rose EDT

Not bad for a tenner.


I am quietly working my way through the box, but what is emerging is that I am finding out what I don’t like as well as what I do.  It’s important to establish your own taste, although I have also learned lately to never “outlaw” a note.  This was a lesson taught to me by two 4160 Tuesdays scents.  What Katie Did on Friday Night  ( which is now known as Fruits of The Tree of Knowledge) smells of tart cherry jam , but also has cucumber and melon in it- two notes which I elaborately sidestep- but not any more.  Then there was 4160 Tuesday New York 1955 from the 4160 Vintage Cities Range.  I fell in love with it after sniffing a sample and now have an 18ml spray bottle.  It’s only full of ice cream and vanilla and candy floss!  What am I doing wearing that?  Well it seduced me with a bunch of violets so I forgave everything.


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are excellent for learning a few new tricks and finding out those must have fragrances that you can’t live without.  In every box I have favourites and turkeys, but I love the whole experience.   The courier likes me because I always say “ooh lovely! I know what this is!” whenever he calls.


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available on the website to members and non members, although members get discounts and first dibs. They make great presents and thank you gifts too.