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Bronnley Eclectic Elements Collection Exotic Embers EDT



Stumbling across this cute capsule collection in Boots, I was drawn to the bottle of Exotic Embers and plastered the tester on earlier today. All the way home my nose was glued to the wrist. This delightfully spicy scent has a lot to offer a woman like me. I am always on the lookout for a good Autumn scent, and was ripe for temptation as I actually left the house without perfume today ( school run, cat food, long boring story).

Exotic Embers had me thinking “This is familiar and it’s on the tip of my tongue but I just can’t place it” and then it hit me. This is what Yves Saint Laurent Opium would smell like if it had more citrus and was greener. This is spice with all the weighty base taken away.

Top notes  bergamot, orange and galbanum

Middle notes Tuberose, ginger and nutmeg

Base notes Labdanum, cedarwood and amber.

exotic-embersIn fact this shares some similarities with my beloved Mary Greenwell FireFire combines spices with nutmeg and grapefruit, just as Exotic Embers does. This means that if you, like me, enjoy both orientals and cologne style fragrances, this gives you the best of both worlds.

Exotic Embers is more floral than Fire and has a softness that reminded me of flannelette sheets, but I can’t think why. It leaves a peppery trail of roses on my skin and has a faint sweetness that isn’t vanilla, but might be the combination of nutmeg and ginger ( but isn’t gourmand). I love its combination of spice and lightness and its lack of vanilla and sickliness: none of that here.

I’ll definitely be trying more from the Eclectic Elements range, not least for the beautiful packaging. You can also buy purse sprays and an eau fraiche version. Today I was testing the eau de toilette.


I tried this in Boots where they stock the whole range. Prices start at £15 for a 30ml bottle of eau fraiche.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privée

rose privee

L’Artisan Parfumeur has launched Rose Privée, created by legendary nose Bertrand Duchaufour and Stephanie Bakouche.

I have been wearing it for a couple of days exclusively and have fallen in love with the stuff. Rich or poor, rain or shine, you can get a rose fragrance any old day, so these days a rose scent has to make the discerning perfume purchaser sit up and take notice.

Rose Privée does just that and comes at the classic rose, (in this case Rose de Mai), at a different angle. By turns sour, then sharp, then rich, then peppery, Rose  Privékept me interested by pricking my preconceptions for a good eight hours.

Notes: basil, lilac, geranium, green mandarin, beeswax, blackcurrant, hay, chypre accord, magnolia, May Rose, patchouli, amber and violet leaf.

The rose comes out straight away with a sourness that is most likely that green mandarin note, but there is a peppery dryness about it too- almost like a tea note. This reminds me of those rose petals you find in pot pourri- they may be dried and papery but they have a vintage-y rose waft about them still. This could be dry grass feel of the hay note. The flowers come through strongly, with little scents of rose and magnolia drifting around me pleasantly throughout the day. I always find Rose de Mai quite exotic compared to other rose scents. Rather than going Turkish Delight, May Rose seems to go a bit tuberose on me- its heady and creamy.

The whole shebang is rounded off pleasantly with some earthy patchouli, some more of that hay we talked about, and the faintest girly trace of violet leaf and lilacs.

It’s a beautiful rose with faints hints of spiciness and heat that lends itself perfectly to Autumn.


L’Artisan Parfumeur Rose Privée is available from the L’Artisan Parfumeur website or from Sephora, Luckyscent  or Amazon UK or Amazon.Com, although it is currently sold out on Amazon at the moment.


Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea: A Cologne with Bite


 Despite not actually liking the Green Tea note in Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, I am a fan of several of it’s flankers.  For example, Green Tea Revitalize reminds me of Clinique Happy, with the Green Tea firmly in the background and smelling more like Bergamot than Tea anyway.  Spiced Green Tea is another excellent scent that is much beloved of this Green Tea Dodger. I see that a Green Tea Camellia flanker has come out, and I long to try it.

 Today’s review is about Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea, created by the legendary Francis Kurkdjian. This reminds me of Clarins Eau Ressourcante: they are both fresh colognes with a little spice.


The notes in Spiced Green Tea include Rhubarb (which I can’t smell), Green Tea, of course, which is not dominant, then Ginger, Lemon and Incense.  And don’t forget the Lemon Verbena, which really makes its presence felt.

This goes on light but settles to an airy, spiced Patchouli. The Lemon keeps it fresh and crisp, never going over to the sultry side. Despite being cologne-like I find I prefer this in winter, when strong spice feels too heavy under a blazing blue Autumn sky, but this feels just right somehow.

Priced at under £30 for 100ml, I consider this excellent value, and I am surprised that many bottles are on eBay as I have been going through a Spiced Green Tea phase lately where I haven’t wanted to wear any other fragrance: very unusual for a fragrance tart like me who’ll try anything and move on within a day.

Mr Kurkdjian triumphs again. When does he ever not?

Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang: A Perfect Balance


 I have been wearing Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang today and I am more than satisfied with this tender golden treasure.  Sometimes I want some heat and spice, but not too much. Yesterday I went overboard with the very robust La Fumée, and today I wanted to tone things down a bit.

Amber Ylang Ylang does what it says on the tin.  However, it doesn’t end there. The genius here is not just in matching these two, but in the expert blending so that one enhances the other without taking over.

Amber is one of my favourite notes for Autumn: it’s the gentler side of the Oriental genre. Ylang Ylang is one of those flowers that rarely overpowers.  Estee Lauder wisely held back from using dominant Jasmine in this one and played a gentler card alongside the rich Amber.

Longevity is very good.  I tried this not long after 9am and it’s there, although close to skin, eight hours later. It reminded me of sparkling ginger ale in that it is both spicy and refreshing at the same time.

There is Bergamot in the opening notes, which probably gives this its sparkle, whilst Cinnamon, Incense and Sandalwood warm up the Amber without getting heavy handed.

Overall, this is a delightfully warm and cosy scent, but what makes it stand out for me is the restraint used.  It’s an Oriental Lite pleasant enough for daywear.  In fact, daywear should be positively encouraged. I would love more people to wear this.

Histoire d’Eau by Mauboussin


The weather today is my all time favourite: chilly and breezy but with a sky that is bright blue and sunny. Everything feels as if it is in glorious Technicolour and the trees are starting to go gold.

Histoire d’Eau by Mauboussin is the perfect scent for today. It is rich with spice and wood and even a hint of tar. The Amber notes reflect the golden trees and the leathery finish is perfect for Autumn.

 Mauboussin is a prestigious French jeweller: right up there with Tiffany and Cartier. Since 1870 Mauboussin has been producing fine jewellery and watches, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that they stepped into the fragrance market.  And I am so glad they did.


The notes for Histoire d’Eau are as follows:

Top notes: Mandarin and Ylang (both noticeable),

Middle notes: Nutmeg, Pepper and Cardoman,

Base notes: Leather, Myrtle, Amber and Musk.

The combination of these toasty Autumnal notes is spot on for a chill wind. The Amber and Spices give heat to the sexy Leather.  The Orange makes things Christmassy and the Musk is barely a whisper, preventing this from being too girly. It would be perfect as a masculine or a feminine and reminds me of burnt tar on a fence.  This is a good thing, since I also rather like the smell of creosote in perfume.

Despite the hot tar and the slight cough mixture accord, this is prettier than it sounds. This is almost what Serge Noire would have smelled like on me if our chemistry had been right.  Histoire d’Eau is smoky, spicy and just what the doctor ordered on this bright, cold day.