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Fragonard Soleil: The Sunny Side of The Street



Fragonard has yet to make a fragrance that disappoints me.  With consistently high quality, great packaging, good longevity and fair prices, it is to me, the perfect brand.  Fragonard Soleil is no exception.

From the name and the gold sun on the lid, you might expect something of the coconutty/sun cream genre, but in fact what you’re getting is a rather bold bouquet of white flowers that trip over themselves to make you smell impossibly feminine and pretty on a hot day.

My mini bottle

The strongest note to my nose is the Freesia.  Freesia sometimes gets lost in translation.  In fact, this initially reminded me of Avon Today, which opens similarly, but falls flat on its face not long afterwards (see my earlier review).  With Fragonard Soleil, the freesia opens quite dominantly and then the other white flower notes ( most notably orange flower) crowd in shortly afterwards, making this both rich and summery at the same time.

On hot skin, this is radiant.  I know because I wore it down the park yesterday and it was boiling, but I could smell those summer flowers drifting up to my nose from my forearms. NB I don’t put perfume on my wrists as I wash my hands a lot and it comes off, but on the front of my forearm?  Well that only gets washed once a day!

Fragonard Soleil allegedly beds down into sandalwood with an ambery finish, but I found that the orange flower, freesia, and slightly peppery wisteria just stayed put the whole time.  This is great on the beach and equally great in the bar afterwards.  Yes there are colognes to cool you down, but actually flowers like this  are sort of perfect on a hot day.


You can buy Fragonard Soleil from the Fragonard website ( one of the prettiest websites in the world! IMO) or from Marks and Spencer online or instore.

My 7ml splash bottle is from the Perfume Society Summer Scentsations Discovery Box.



Monotheme Book of Citrus Boccioli di Limone: Get Thee to Marks and Sparks!


Marks and Spencer have really pulled it out of the bag as far as fragrance goes.  Not only is their own-brand fragrance good quality, nicely packaged and affordable, but they are stocking some truly fantastic stuff that you won’t get from the likes of The Perfume Shop.

Even the smaller branches, such as my local are now (finally!)  stocking a stunning selection from the Fragonard range, as well as Roger & Gallet and Monotheme.

It is a Monotheme scent that I will be reviewing today and I would like to thank, once again, friend of the blog and friend of little old me, Lisa Wordbird for the loan of the bottle.

I shall be returning the bottle with just a few squirts missing, but in fact this is so good I wanted to drench myself in it.  Yes, it’s November, and this is perfect for summer, but sometimes you want to keep a bit of summer back for nostalgia.


Monotheme Boccioli di Limone comes in a gorgeous and generous 100ml bottle and smells very sharply of lemons.  I could end it there, but there are lots of nuances between lemon scents that set the good apart from the bad, or the sheep from the goats as it were.

There is a knack to citrus scents and many fade once the drydown has kicked in and become vaguely fruity and sour, but this one hangs in there, being astringent and zingy.  However, what I noticed a couple of hours later is that the scent trail it leaves becomes a sort of light lemony floral that smells impossibly feminine and addictive.   Even though this is an eau de toilette, it is done in the cologne style, but the scent doesn’t burn off quickly and longevity is around five hours.

This is an all round, hard working, great quality lemon scent and at a mere 22.50 for a big 100ml bottle, it looks far more expensive than it is.  Thanks Lisa! The Marks and Spencer Fragrance department has just become my favourite perfume pitstop.

Dear Father Christmas…brace yourself, it’s a loooong list.