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Lidl Suddenly Diamonds: A Run For Your Money



 Lidl Suddenly Diamonds comes after the success of Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour: a decent duplicate of Coco Mademoiselle EDT.  Lidl are keeping it simple:  they are not trying to reinvent the wheel with their perfumes and they are clearly unabashed by the fact that their perfumes smell like duplicates of best sellers.

It does make me wonder why they chose Boss Orange as their next Muse for Suddenly Diamonds, but at the same time I am grateful it wasn’t Jimmy Choo Flash or Thierry Mugler Angel (which would be a runaway success by the way Lidl, if you’re listening).

I was kindly supplied with my bottle by the Lidl Press Office, after I wrote explaining that I couldn’t get hold of a bottle at a couple of my local branches. A big thank you to them, and a repeat of my disclaimer that just because I didn’t pay for this, doesn’t mean I have to gush about it out of politeness.  If I don’t like it, I will say so with honesty.

nd.5979 So what’s it like? Well it’s a bit like velvety Orange Blossom  and Red Apples when it first goes on, followed by a  general chorus of White Flowers. So far so good.  If I had been charge of this, I would have left out the Vanilla that makes the base smell a  little generic and I would have added some bitter Orange. However, they quite wisely did not put me in charge, and have ended up producing a very good duplicate of Hugo Boss Orange.

To give this a fair trial, I wore Lidl Suddenly Diamonds on one wrist and Boss Orange on the other and compared the two. Hold the front page- Lidl outlasted Boss Orange by around two hours. Yes indeed, the £3.99 new kid on the block outlasted its rival by 100%. Boss Orange only lasted two hours on my skin, but Lidl was there for twice as long.

So whilst I don’t like the Vanilla base, I do get that it’s a Must Have for the mainstream market right now. However, with Orange Blossom shining brightly at the heart, surrounded by a mass of White Flowers, you cannot go wrong at £3.99 a bottle. In fact, the bottle isn’t bad either: a nice chunky glass effort.

Over at Bonkers About Perfume, the lovely Vanessa also reviews Lidl Suddenly Diamonds and clearly shares my love of all things Lidl.

As for availability, if you see it buy it, there are no plans to restock. But Lidl- please keep making perfumes!

Lidl X-Bolt for Men: Grab Yours Now Before I Do


I don’t normally review men’s colognes, since I have enough to get through as it is with my one-a-day reviews (with occasional lapses due to children or migraines or both). However, gender is no bar to me and I often look through my husband’s fragrance collection and rifle what I can.

You may recall that I reviewed Old Spice on Father’s Day and enjoyed its spicy and clean notes, so as you can see, I am more than happy to wear so called Pour Hommes, even though I am  a Femme.

Dropping into my local Lidl two days ago, I couldn’t help but notice that they had their men’s fragrance X-Bolt in stock and at a princely sum of 1.99GBP, reduced from its usual price of 3.99.

Since I have reviewed Lidl’s Suddenly Madame Glamour, and since that review gets more daily hits than any other I have ever written, I thought it only fair to review X-Bolt. Besides which, my Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box arrived today and I couldn’t muster one iota of enthusiasm for it. (but that’s another story…)

Let’s start with the name. X-Bolt either sounds like XBox and is therefore supposedly named to excite men, or it sounds like something my sons would watch after Ben 10. Either way, the name’s not the best, but I’ve heard worse. The bottle is lovely: simple glass with a faux burnished chrome stopper with the juice being an appealing shade of elderflower wine.

Image X-Bolt is extremely similar to Hugo Boss Bottled. This may or may not be deliberate, I’m saying nothing. The smell goes like this: Apples, Cedar and Bergamot very strongly in the top notes. Middle notes are woodier, but still Apple-y, and the base is very Vetiver, with a bit of sandalwood and  a general whiff of Woods.

Long ago, I would never have considered that anything costing 1.99 would have been any good. However, when you realise that the cost of making many fragrances is a tiny single figure percentage of the overall price, it’s easy to figure out how much goes on branding, marketing, advertising and very often, a celebrity face. In other words, lose the prestige and companies can still afford to produce a half decent fragrance, if of course, you don’t mind that you bought from a notoriously cheap supermarket and threw it in your basket next to kitchen roll and bacon.

 XBolt does have a slightly 80s Sport feel to it, (as does Hugo Boss Bottled), a bit like manly shower gel, but it’s so good for the price that I’m going back for more, and not just for my husband, who smells great in it.

(NB Hugo Boss Bottled is sometimes called Hugo Boss No 6 in the USA)