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Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops

floral drops


I was on the fence about Dolce & Gabbana Dolce until I smelled it on my lovely friend Lynne recently.  It was gorgeously floral on her, but went fruity on me.  Now there is a flanker, Dolce Floral Drops:  and this first offshoot (of many I suspect), aims to suggest a dew covered flower. Does it succeed?

Initially when smelling the original Dolce, I got excited, as the opening is similar to Gucci Envy, and it still amazes me that nobody has stepped up to the plate and made a blatant rip off for me to buy yet, since Gucci aren’t budging on it.  However, after a few minutes Dolce stopped smelling like Gucci Envy and I lost interest a bit.

With Dolce Floral Drops, the opening is similar: green with a certain Envy like note of Lily of the Valley, but which is probably the neroli. When that beds down, the very dominant note of Amaryllis steps in, which is not good news for me as it always smell peachy on my skin.  Me and peach don’t go.  Now this might not smell fruity on you, but I think it’s down to my interpretation.  Maybe I smell peach because I am searching for it.  Perfume is so subjective.


The middle note goes a bit peachy and “yellow flowers” on me- (think honey and daffodils), and the base note, although it’s meant to be the wood-sandalwood-musk triptych, was a mash up  of faintly woody white flowers.

The verdict then is that on me, Dolce Floral Drops is not so good, but in a world of overly fruity, vanilla-drenched patchouli-swamped  new launches, this floral cutie is a breath of fresh air.

 Stockists:  I got my sample from my Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box,  but apart from the Fragrance Shop, you can also buy this from Amazon UK , Escentual and John Lewis to name but three.


Gucci Eau de Parfum: It’s Persuasive…


Having been in a huff with Gucci since 2007 (Have I not mentioned they discontinued Gucci Envy that year? I keep it very quiet. Not) I always approach their scents with a “this had better be good” look on my face (ask my kids if you can’t picture it). However trying Gucci Eau de Parfum today has meted this ice queen and I am happy to say that this really ain’t half bad.  You may notice I’m not falling over it with marriage proposals but that’s my skin: more of which anon. When I anointed myself with my Gucci EDP dabber sample, the immediate reaction was “Violets- Serge Lutens Bois de Violette!”.  You can imagine how pleased I was: I adore Bois de Violette. However sadly, this turned to Crayola wax crayons within minutes.

This has happened to me before with several other perfumes: (it’s my skin and may not happen to you), but I thought I’d bear with it as the phase often passes. Having looked up the notes on Fragrantica, I was surprised to see no Violets at all but Heliotrope instead.  I can see why I got confused as they are often used together.  The alleged Caraway note I did not really pick up on at all, although Fragrantica users voted it the most noticeable note.  Maybe I’m missing something, In any case, after an hour or two Gucci Eau de Parfum leaves me with a pleasant Incense-y skin Musk that still remains slightly waxy and with a muted Iris finish.

It’s one of those interesting scents that you can sniff and sniff and get something different from it each time. Apart from Caraway. Mine ran away.

Gucci Rush: I’m In No Hurry



In my much loved, dog eared copy of Perfumes TheA-Z Guide, Tania Sanchez raves about Gucci Rush. It gets five stars and a lot of love from her.  It was created under Tom Ford’s reign at Gucci and shows no sign of being discontinued.  Me being me, I can’t help asking the question:  if they can keep this from the Tom Ford era why couldn’t they keep Gucci Envy?  But that’s just me and hundreds of others thinking that. Pay us no heed. I was pretty under whelmed by Gucci Rush.  Within ten minutes it settles into its basenote phase and stays put.

photo by junipercakery.co.uk
photo by junipercakery.co.uk

In fact it’s irritating me and I might wash it off.  It’s not irritating my skin of course, just my nose. What is it that’s getting on my nerves about this?  Well it’s probably the dominant Peach.  Peach drives me away from scent like a little IScent repellent and it even came between me and my beloved Arpege in the end. What I have on my arm and wrist right now smells like powdery Milk and Peaches, and by Peaches I mean the perfume note rather then the real aromatic scent of a fresh peach, which I probably wouldn’t mind so much.

There is noticeable Patchouli too, but it seems to me like a watery Patchouli that I don’t get on with, rather than a robust woody Patchouli that I often seek out and enjoy. I was on the brink of finding a compliment for Rush: namely that it is unique and in all the 380 reviews I have written I have never smelled anything like it.  However, I see on Fragrantica that there are at least five perfumes that Fragrantica readers are reminded of when smelling Gucci Rush, so it even loses points for originality.

In the spirit of Eurovision I award Gucci Rush trois points.  Out of ten.  I just don’t like the song it sings.

Look What Arrived In The Post!


Thanks to a tip off from one my commenters over on my article “Gucci Envy: It’ Madness I Tell You”, I am now the proud owner of the above bottle of Gucci Envy (Thanks for the info Kool22!). So busy was I bemoaning the lack of availability since Gucci mindlessly and unreasonably discontinued this back in 2007, that I was unaware a supply had popped up on Amazon. Over to Amazon I went.  Since I had still had some perfume money, sorry, birthday money left (thanks Dad!) I immediately paid the outrageously reasonable sum of £33.94 plus P and P and  was made a very happy woman several days later. I’m not sure how long this supply will last or how many bottles the supplier has, but I am nearly as happy as I would be if it were ever brought back. (Gucci, can you just give me a reason I can understand?  It’s like a break up with no closure.)

In case you were wondering, My bottle is authentic and smells exactly how I remember. The lesson I learned is never give up looking in the most obvious places, you might strike gold one day.

Incidentally, You can Tweet Gucci on @gucci and email them here clientservice-europe@gucci.it


The IScentYouADay Top Five of Everything


 Here’s my Top Five for the end of 2013. The list is not exhaustive, but if I had to list ALL my favourites, we’d be here all day and all night. I’d love to know your favourites, your “Never Agains” and your “Cheap and Cheerfuls”.

Oh and a very happy 2014 to my treasured readers! Thank you so much for reading and following my blog throughout 2013. Your support has kept me going. I have plans to carry on throughout 2014, more of which anon…

IScent Top Five Personal Favourites

Image(There’s actually about 30, but one has to show restraint)

1. Chanel Cristalle

2. Prada Infusion D’Iris

3. First by Van Cleef and Arpels

4. Balmain Jolie Madame

5. Tauer Incense Rose


Biggest Surprises of 2013: Perfumes I Didn’t Think I’d like, But Ending Up Loving.

Image1. Prada Infusion D’Iris

2. Miller Harris Terre D’Iris

3. Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac

4.. Dior Hypnotic Poison

5. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee


Best Celeb Scents

Image1. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

2. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

3. Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection:Dawn

4. Hilary Duff With Love (sadly discontinued)

5. JLo Deseo



Best Cheap and Cheerfuls: If I Only had a Ten Pound Note:


1. Coty L’Aimant

2. .Alyssa Ashley Musk

3. Parfums Gres Cabochard

4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

5. Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl




Top Five “Never Agains”

Image1. Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan

2. Thierry Mugler Womanity

3. LUSH Euphoria

4.  Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars

5. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck


Top Five Bring’em Back!

Image 1. Gucci Envy

2. Avon Eau Givree

3. Body Shop Japanese Musk

4. Monsoon Original

5. Yves Rocher Rose Absolue



Five Perfumes That I Had to Own As Soon As I Smelled Them For The First Time:

Image 1. Balmain Jolie Madame

2. Prada Infusion D’Iris

3. Eau de Cartier

4. Tauer Carillon Pour Un Ange (stocked up on samples until I can save for an FB)

5. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely


Top Five Date Night Perfumes (For When You Need Your Plan to Work)

Image1.  Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles

2.  Caron Parfum Sacre

3.  Body Shop White Musk (Will start a conversation but may remind them of their first girlfriend)

4.  Worth Courtesan

5.  Serge Lutens Feminite De Bois

Gucci Guilty: J’accuse!


I am still in a sulk with Gucci.  They discontinued Gucci Envy, for no good reason, and despite much clamouring from devoted fans, there do not seem to be any moves to bring it back. Our money is ready to leave our banks accounts in return for a bottle of Envy, but Gucci has taken its football away and gone home.

In the meantime, they bring out Gucci Guilty and expect us Envy fans to like that instead.

Gucci Guilty costs around 40GBP for 30ml of EDT.  It’s the EDT that I am sampling today.  I have given it two chances.  The first time, I didn’t like it and found it generic and uninspiring.  The second time, well, I tried it again and what do you know?  I found it even more generic and uninspiring.

It opens with Lilac, which normally would be a good thing if it weren’t so synthetic.  What follows is a kind of vanilla/white flower effect made with unapologetically cheap smelling ingredients.  It beds down into fake flowers and Peaches. There is a hint of light Patchouli and Amber in the base, but it’s not very nice, what with all the Peaches, Oranges and Pink Pepper going on.

It reminded me of Paco Rabanne Lady Million, and Jimmy Choo Flash, and Armani Si, as well as a whole bunch of generic Avon perfumes.

There is nothing remotely original or exciting about this and I honestly can’t think of anything good to say about it.  All I want to say is this:  bring back Gucci Envy!

PS I do quite like one of the Gucci Floras but I can’t remember which one.

Isabella Rosselini’s Manifesto: Any Time, Any Place, Any Where


Isabella Rosselini is a very beautiful woman. Oozing the class of her mother, Ingrid Bergman, but with a warmer, less glacial beauty, Ms Rosselini’s smile and wide set eyes have gazed down from many a billboard and movie screen during her long career as a model and actress. On retirement, she went into design and fragrance. Her fragrance Manifesto, was a hit, and although it’s playing hard to get right now, it’s still on Amazon, eBay and other stockists: not High Street, but still out there. (This is my way of trying to avoid saying it has been discontinued, as I cannot find out for sure).

My very first thought on smelling Manifesto was of Cinzano Bianco: the sweet and herby drink of my gilded youth! Must be the Basil and Green notes. Manifesto is delicate and light. Greener than Kermit, this almost fills the gap in my heart left by Gucci Envy.

It is everything you need on a hot sticky summer’s day. Basil, Bergamot, a light touch of Pear, gentle flower petals. It’s never overpowering, but as light and refreshing as mint leaves and ice cubes. As the opening green notes meld into a leafy herbal background, the Jasmine , Neroli and Rose come out gently. Even in the basenotes, it’s green as can be, and that suits me down to the ground (today was the hottest day of the year at 31C).

Manifesto is beautiful, and I love it, and I wish just one of the numerous new launches coming out every week would risk being the first to stick their toe in the pond and say “How about a nice green scent that starts like Cinzano Bianco and ends up a bit like Herba Fresca without the mint? We don’t have enough of those.”

The still beautiful Ms Rosselini is pure class, and with the help of  Nose Alberto Morillas, she has created a thing of beauty. Her Manifesto states that the best luxuries in life are the simple small things. In her fragrance, she leaves out the fanfare, and just keeps nature’s best ingredients.


Agent Provocateur: I’m Seduced


I picked up a sample of Agent Provocateur recently from a House of Fraser counter alongside numerous new launches and free tote bags. I had low expectations of it, to be honest. It seems that everybody is launching a new scent every week and I’d heard no particular buzz around this one. Well here’s some buzz: this is great.  It’s described thus: “Exotic. Floral. Chypre.”. With today’s eulogistic blurbs about perfume, even that could mean anything. However, I have tried my little 1.5ml bottle of Eau de Parfum and I love it. My happy thoughts regarding the opening notes could not quite be located at first until it came to me like a shot. It smells like Gucci Envy. At least at first anyway. I couldn’t find the Lily of The Valley that is so strong in Envy, so it must be her cousin Gardenia spreading the White Flower love around, and the Coriander adding the Green note.

After a few minutes, the scent becomes more Rose and Magnolia, reminding me a little of SJP Lovely. The smell is intimate, as if you are right up close smelling skin.  It’s floral but lacks that high pitched screechiness you can sometimes get with flowers alone. Agent Provocateur is softened by Musk and warm, white Magnolia which makes this both cosy and sexy at the same time. It’s lightened with the Coriander, just the right amount, but I must confess to not recognising the top note scent of Indian Saffron unless it’s in a Chicken Pilaff. This is a Magnolia Musk and a Powdery Rose, with enough Vetiver and Amber to make the basenotes warm and  rich. It had me at “Bonjour”.

Gucci Envy: It’s Madness I Tell You


Gucci Envy is one of the most exquisite perfumes I have ever smelled. I’ve never found anything similar and used to wear it all the time. The thrill of wearing it never wore off.  I used to replace empty bottles as urgently as I would replace groceries.  It was a must have, rather than a luxury.  Then suddenly it was no longer in the shops anymore.

envy adCreated by  Maurice Roucel  in 1997, with a 90s urban edge in mind, Gucci Envy was discontinued in 2007. It’s still available on eBay if you have surplus cash and gold hanging about, but you cannot buy it in the shops anywhere anymore  (EDIT– update it’s on Amazon UK  right now but be quick! )

So what made it so special that it makes me emotional just to smell it now? ( a very kind soul took pity on me and sent me a decant- an enormous thank you to her!). In tests, Gucci Envy was not rubber stamped until its panel of testers rated it  more highly, than Estee Lauder Pleasures .   At the time Pleasures was its main competitor and was very “now” with its typically 90s fresh, airy appeal. Once Envy’s approval rating had beaten Pleasures, it was released upon a grateful public.

gucci_envy_reklama3Opening notes are Lily of the Valley, Green notes, and Hyacinth.  In the middle there is a sort of clean metallic note, almost like a silvery chord gone wrong in the middle. This works very well with the combo of Lily of The Valley and Hyacinth ( and a breeze of Freesia). If it were a colour it would be light green. It was so clean and airy and fresh that it was ideal for daytime, and indeed I wore it to the office every day.

So why was it discontinued? Theories include internal politics. Tom Ford was there when it was created and is not there now. Did he steal the recipe and escape, whilst laughing a villain’s laugh and blipping a security guard on the head? Or maybe another more plausible theory holds water: that of insanity and a disdain for making money.

I’m sticking with theory two. I wrote to the Gucci website with faux bafflement, asking why I couldn’t find Gucci Envy. They replied

 “Please note that Gucci Envy is no longer in production as we always look for new combinations of scents that the market has not explored yet. For this reason we invite you to visit one of our stores to experience the fragrances available and choose the right one”. (sic)

In other words, they cannot make a perfume I definitely love and definitely want to buy because they are too busy making perfume I might love and might want to buy. Does that make sense? No.

Recently I entered the Perfume Shop and asked to try  Gucci Envy Me, hoping against hope there may be some similarities. There weren’t.  Envy Me is pleasant and clean smelling, like a pile of fresh laundry, but Envy it is not. Nor is Gucci Envy Me 2.  In fact why create two flankers when you have stopped making the Real McCoy?

I am not alone. Posters on Basenotes want it, posters on Fragrantica want it, and perfumistas on Mumsnet want it back.   Sales were not dropping off.  It was not going out of fashion.  It was not impossible to make.

So it just leaves me weeping over my precious decant, asking a cold shouldered corporation “WHY? Did someone have a bowl of crazy for breakfast? Don’t you want my money?”

I don’t think they’re listening.

PS If you’re missing it, I have found three scents that will do as a stand in until Gucci sees sense: Isabella Rosselini Manifesto, Jo Loves No 42 The Flower Shop and Issey Miyake A Scent.