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4160 Tuesdays Mrs Gloss’s Lemon Sherbet

Photo from 4160 Tuesdays
Photo from 4160 Tuesdays

If you wear this perfume and someone says, as they probably will do, “You smell nice, what are you wearing?” you will then answer “four one six oh Tuesdays (OR four thousand one hundred and sixty Tuesdays- both are correct) Mrs Gloss’s Lemon Sherbet” and you may get looks, because the compliment giver was probably expecting something like “Lemon Dream” or “Citrus Sparkle.”  When you’re a 4160 Tuesdays fan,  you get used to giving admirers a gob full of whimsy in answer to their compliments,  but that’s how we roll.

4160 logo
photo from 4160 Tuesdays website

Mrs Gloss’s  Lemon Sherbet came about after Sarah McCartney (all her fault, again) collaborated with the hugely popular Facebook group, Mrs Gloss and The Goss. The group is very friendly and exchanges beauty and fragrance advice in a warm environment where women bare their souls and post make up free selfies and new hair dos.  It’s like a bunch of cyber sisters, basically.

A Mrs Gloss splinter group spent the day at the 4160 Tuesdays HQ and made a scent called Mrs Gloss Made Me Do it, which was named by Sarah because Mrs Gloss made her do it.  Willingly, I should add. There were no ligatures or blackmail involved.

The result was such a success (I haven’t smelled it so can’t comment) that offshoots, or flankers were created.  One of them is Mrs Gloss’s Lemon Sherbet and I am wearing it today.

Photo from the Mrs Gloss and The Goss Facebook page
Photo from the Mrs Gloss and The Goss Facebook page

Here’s the Goss on Mrs Gloss (Lemon Sherbet version)

Mrs Gloss’s Lemon Sherbet opens with the kind of lemon that seems to go in two directions.

Firstly there’s a fizzy sherbet scent, which will be familiar to those who like the sweets,  but shortly after,  limes come in and make this a refreshing lemon/lime drink with ice cubes on a hot day.  As this citrus note melts down onto your skin,  it melts into a citrussy vanilla.  Now, I like this because the vanilla is warm without being sweet. The lemon and lime stick around, but they’re softened and their edges are fuzzy now.  The scent is refreshing but not cold: clean but not sterile, sweet but not sticky. The lasting impression is a musky vanilla with that lovely hint of lime keeping it summery.   Perfect for Summer. Or Winter.  Or Autumn.  Or Spring.

Fig 1 (photo from RetroTuckShop.com)
photo from RetroTuckShop.com

Stockists- You can buy this from 4160 Tuesdays here, along with many other treats.   Prices start at £15 for a 9ml EDP purse spray.  Samples are also available for a small fee.   Prices correct at time of pressing “Publish”.

My sample was included with an order for which,  many thanks.   Opinions are my own.


Monotheme Book of Citrus Boccioli di Limone: Get Thee to Marks and Sparks!


Marks and Spencer have really pulled it out of the bag as far as fragrance goes.  Not only is their own-brand fragrance good quality, nicely packaged and affordable, but they are stocking some truly fantastic stuff that you won’t get from the likes of The Perfume Shop.

Even the smaller branches, such as my local are now (finally!)  stocking a stunning selection from the Fragonard range, as well as Roger & Gallet and Monotheme.

It is a Monotheme scent that I will be reviewing today and I would like to thank, once again, friend of the blog and friend of little old me, Lisa Wordbird for the loan of the bottle.

I shall be returning the bottle with just a few squirts missing, but in fact this is so good I wanted to drench myself in it.  Yes, it’s November, and this is perfect for summer, but sometimes you want to keep a bit of summer back for nostalgia.


Monotheme Boccioli di Limone comes in a gorgeous and generous 100ml bottle and smells very sharply of lemons.  I could end it there, but there are lots of nuances between lemon scents that set the good apart from the bad, or the sheep from the goats as it were.

There is a knack to citrus scents and many fade once the drydown has kicked in and become vaguely fruity and sour, but this one hangs in there, being astringent and zingy.  However, what I noticed a couple of hours later is that the scent trail it leaves becomes a sort of light lemony floral that smells impossibly feminine and addictive.   Even though this is an eau de toilette, it is done in the cologne style, but the scent doesn’t burn off quickly and longevity is around five hours.

This is an all round, hard working, great quality lemon scent and at a mere 22.50 for a big 100ml bottle, it looks far more expensive than it is.  Thanks Lisa! The Marks and Spencer Fragrance department has just become my favourite perfume pitstop.

Dear Father Christmas…brace yourself, it’s a loooong list.

Eau de Sisley 1: The Ultimate Summer Fragrance



If you had to make a cologne, you would naturally ask for some citrus fruit, maybe Grapefruit,  maybe some nice Herbs, and you’d probably end up with something pretty cologne-y.  Eau de  Sisley 1 has done all of this, ticked all the boxes and gone a step further.

What’s the most refreshing drink you can have on a sunny day?  Maybe a sparkling Gin and Tonic or an Iced Tea?  Sisley has included both.  Yes indeed, Eau de Sisley 1 has juniper from Gin and refreshing notes of Tea along with the requisite  astringent Grapefruit giving this cologne a sparkle you will never tire of on even the most humid of days.

photo by foodcracks.com

Cutting through the heat, this is bright and sparkling from the word Go and  the hints of Juniper and herbs (Thyme to be precise) make this  a botanical revitalizing delight.

Even the base note stays zingy, which is no mean feat where citrus is involved.  In fact, I thought the base of had a lot of Vetiver in it, but in fact I was mistaking it for  a combination of Herbs and Musk.

Lasting power  is also pretty good for a cologne, I would say around five hours.  Cost isn’t cheap (around 62GBP for 50ml), but you wouldn’t wear this out in Winter, so it would last you around a year if you rotated it with other scents.  It’s unisex so you could always buy it for Father’s Day and “borrow” it , she wrote with a sly wink.  (Innovative or shameless? You decide!)

My warm gratitude goes to friend of the blog meganinstmaxime for very kindly sending me this and many other wonderful hard-to-get samples.  Thank you Megan!