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Sarah Jessica Parker Stash SJP



When people tell me they would never bother with celebrity scent, I refer them to Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely.  It’s a superb scent in its own right and still going strong ten years after its launch. There are not many celebrity scents that can say the same. Parker’s interest in its development is well documented in Chandler Burr’s book “The Perfect Scent”. Sarah Jessica was involved in every stage, far more than many celebrity rubber stamp sign offs.


To me, her new scent, Stash SJP, is more reminiscent of her earlier experimentations prior to Lovely. SJP used to mix three fragrances to get a scent she loved and Stash resembles that scent more than Lovely. The three were: Bonne Bell Musk, Comme Des Garcons Incense Series Avignon and  an Egyptian scented oil that she bought from a street vendor. When I tried Stash SJP, I felt like I had an idea of what this previous mash up might have smelled like. The word I’m looking for is glorious.

Stash SJP opens with a masculine swagger of black pepper and grapefruit. Somehow I also got juicy figgy fruit which segued into dark, incense infused woods. Like Avignon, this reminds me of the smell of oak pews in an ancient church. The woody accord comes from massoia woods, vetiver and cedar. The frankincense infuses it with spices. Sage and vetiver add a herby, dried grass flavour.  The overall finish is one of spiced woods, patchouli and a freshness from the grapefruit that keeps it sharp.

stasg long ad

This could hardly be more different to its counterpart – it’s the bad sister to goody two shoes Lovely. I think it’s wonderful, although I could have sworn it was full of sandalwood. Stash reminds me of Hilary Duff With Love- now sadly discontinued. With Love is one of my favourite fragrances because of the wonderful dark guaiac woods in it.  Stash SJP has a similar feel, but if anything, is better.  It gives me all those dark woods and that old church aroma I’m always chasing,  along with some zingy citrus and spice to boot. The hashtag is #ComeandFindIt and find it you must, dear friends. This is too good to pass by. Stash SJP has the potential to become a classic. I’ll be getting a full bottle for sure.


Currently, this can only be found in selected branches of Superdrug and Boots. Prices start at £28 for 30ml. Rumour has it that an oil version is coming later. Find out more at  SJP Beauty.


The IScentYouADay Top Five of Everything


 Here’s my Top Five for the end of 2013. The list is not exhaustive, but if I had to list ALL my favourites, we’d be here all day and all night. I’d love to know your favourites, your “Never Agains” and your “Cheap and Cheerfuls”.

Oh and a very happy 2014 to my treasured readers! Thank you so much for reading and following my blog throughout 2013. Your support has kept me going. I have plans to carry on throughout 2014, more of which anon…

IScent Top Five Personal Favourites

Image(There’s actually about 30, but one has to show restraint)

1. Chanel Cristalle

2. Prada Infusion D’Iris

3. First by Van Cleef and Arpels

4. Balmain Jolie Madame

5. Tauer Incense Rose


Biggest Surprises of 2013: Perfumes I Didn’t Think I’d like, But Ending Up Loving.

Image1. Prada Infusion D’Iris

2. Miller Harris Terre D’Iris

3. Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac

4.. Dior Hypnotic Poison

5. Guerlain Apres L’Ondee


Best Celeb Scents

Image1. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

2. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

3. Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection:Dawn

4. Hilary Duff With Love (sadly discontinued)

5. JLo Deseo



Best Cheap and Cheerfuls: If I Only had a Ten Pound Note:


1. Coty L’Aimant

2. .Alyssa Ashley Musk

3. Parfums Gres Cabochard

4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

5. Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl




Top Five “Never Agains”

Image1. Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan

2. Thierry Mugler Womanity

3. LUSH Euphoria

4.  Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars

5. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck


Top Five Bring’em Back!

Image 1. Gucci Envy

2. Avon Eau Givree

3. Body Shop Japanese Musk

4. Monsoon Original

5. Yves Rocher Rose Absolue



Five Perfumes That I Had to Own As Soon As I Smelled Them For The First Time:

Image 1. Balmain Jolie Madame

2. Prada Infusion D’Iris

3. Eau de Cartier

4. Tauer Carillon Pour Un Ange (stocked up on samples until I can save for an FB)

5. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely


Top Five Date Night Perfumes (For When You Need Your Plan to Work)

Image1.  Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles

2.  Caron Parfum Sacre

3.  Body Shop White Musk (Will start a conversation but may remind them of their first girlfriend)

4.  Worth Courtesan

5.  Serge Lutens Feminite De Bois

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights: Papyrus and Patchouli and Other Non Sequitirs


 I was dead against trying this, having read Luca Turin’s review of “Fancy”, (he labels it apple pie) and believing it to be in the same vein. It very much is not. What persuaded me to buy’n’try Fancy Nights was an amusing and charming review by Katrina of Australian Perfume Junkies who described an evening wearing this scent. On asking her husband what he thought of her fragrance, he mistakenly thought the smell was the taxi they were in. A celeb scent that smells like a new taxi? I’m there! Where do I sign up?

Some further praise from Katrina led me to believe this could be another celebuscent surprise, much in the vein of Hilary Duff With Love: a wonderfully maverick non fruity floral, that frankly, has balls.

The second thing that made me buy this was the ridiculously cheap price of£14.95 on Amazon.co.uk.

Today my bottle of Fancy Nights arrived. With it’s dark green glass and faux gilt lid, it’s Arabian Nights Vegas Style. The smell is great. Not a blueberry in sight. Not so much as a whiff of candy floss. This is grown up and not all that commercial, and thank Goodness for that! (We have Steve Demercado, the creator, to thank for this refreshing restraint).

The top note is Papyrus, possibly where the “new cab” smell comes from. I have never come across Papyrus in a scent before and I can tell you that there is a definite “new office” or “modern bookshop” whiff about it. For someone who loves the smell of fresh paint and new carpet, this was somewhat of a kinky find.

The drydown kicks in with milky Patchouli and Sandalwood, leaving a dusty and milky spice trail. I didn’t quite get the Jasmine and Rose notes that this supposedly has, but the hint of Bergamot was there, and rather nice in among the Amber and Sandalwood.

All in all, this is new books, a bit of patchouli and a kind of milky, quiet spice.

The blonde, ditsy, sexy starlet did well. I am reminded of a quote from Dolly Parton: “I don’t mind when people call me a dumb blonde, because I know I know I’m not dumb, and I also know I’m not blonde”

Fancy Nights joins With Love in my Inexpensive Celebrity Scent “Hidden Gem” Hall of Fame.

PS If you like Prada Amber, then this is exceedingly similar, but you didn’t hear that from me.  I wasn’t here, OK?