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Avon True Life: Unpretentious and Hard Working



You may recall that in previous Avon reviews, I’ve mentioned that the Avon basenote goes a bit “cardboard-y” on me. I have all but given up on many of their scents, and have started to buy a few of the excellent men’s fragrances instead.

However, it looks like things have turned a corner for me.  In the most unlikely form, one of Avon’s latest new releases comes in a fairly everyday bottle at a very everyday price. Avon True Life was bought for only £5 for 50ml and I have to say, I’m impressed.

I wasn’t expecting much for my five quid, but I liked the sound of the notes so I thought I’d take a chance with a blind buy. It worked.  This is what Avon says about it:

Lemon blossom and sparkly Champagne Rose Accord blended delicately with Peony and Iris, and alluringly finished with cashmere musks.

This is what I have to say about it:  I’m not sure about the alleged Lemon Blossom- when this first goes into my skin, there is an is initial vodka smell, bedding down into watery watercolour rose notes.  I’m not sure if its a “Champagne Rose accord”, but its certainly got something light about it that stops it from being just a Rose scent.  In a blind test I would have said this was a Rose and Peony combo with a Vanilla and Musk base.

What impressed me about True Life is that there is none of the cardboard like base note that I have had before with Avon scents.  It goes on as a light, watered down Rose scent and pretty much stays put for around seven hours, still giving little wafts of wet roses from time to time.  It’s perfect as an office or a daytime scent and is very pretty and light.  It would even make a good present for a younger perfume customer just starting out.  It’s not sexy or provocative, just something pleasant and floral for your handbag.  I hadn’t expected to like this as much as I do, but it’s a little gem.

However if you’ve read any of my previous Avon reviews, you’ll know I can’t end a review without saying this: “Bring back the Golden Oldies Avon.  Bring back Topaze, Foxfire, Odyssey, Timeless and Casbah.” I will buy them all!