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IScentYouADay means I review one perfume a day and then tell you about it.  It may be a fragrance you want to try, or it may be a fragrance that makes you run for the hills screaming with horror.  My opinions are merely subjective. You may be largely lustful for Leathers or violently dislike Violets.  Perfume is like poetry: there’s no right or wrong.


This is a true journey for me in so far as I am a passionate pilgrim, learning as I go. I would love you to share my discoveries as I explore the endless landscape of the Perfumed World, often bravely ending up in a dusty discount chemist, or epically scrolling through fragrance websites long after I should be in bed. 

I also want to prove that having a perfume obsession can be done affordably, without shelling out for 365 bottles. I will borrow bottles, unearth bargains, syphon samples and try not to bankrupt myself, or you, in the process.

Watch me as I either repulse or attract my husband, gasp as I greet the postman with joy as another box of tiny samples arrives,  and when all else fails, pity me as I trudge to my local perfume store and ask to be squirted.  One day I will get to keep that Guerlain bottle.

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I use affiliate links on this website, specifically Skimlinks. This means that I get a small percentage of sales made via some, but not all, hyperlinked products I mention.  Links to independent and niche perfumers are not affiliated, so all your money goes to them, and quite right too!  I love to support small businesses.

Clicking on affiliated (Skimlinks) links is optional and you are under no obligation to do so.  This affiliation in no way sways my opinions, which are all my own, at all times.  I also have Google Ads installed on my site.  Both of these schemes help me to be able to keep the site going and I do hope that neither spoils your enjoyment.

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20 thoughts on “I Scent You A Day: 1001 Days of Perfume”

    1. Hello allthingstashia and welcome! I think I have done 66 posts so just 299 to go. I am using samples and borrowing from a very kind friend so that it doesn’t cost too much. I try and post every day but a couple of times I haven’t been able to. However, I won’t stop until I’ve done 365! I hope you enjoy the blog. Let me know if there are any fragrances you would like me to review. I am always open to requests!

      1. Perfume regrets? Gosh yes, I’ve had a few “howlers”! Halston Catalyst, Ambre Sultan, Iris Poudre, Kylie Minogue Couture, Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Rubies…in fact I think I’ve disliked as many as I’ve liked! I would be happy to review Baiser Vole. Watch this space! Thanks again for your kind input.

      2. I hated the Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds and Rubies. The others, I have never heard of before. If you have an Ulta, they give lots of perfume samples. I will keep a watch out for the your future reviews. 🙂

      1. Okay, I’ve added a subscribe button now. Thanks for pointing this out- I didn’t realise I didn’t have one! Happy New Year

  1. I’ve just spent a really enjoyable hour reading your blog, I’ve been trying to find a replacement for very Valentino and now I’ve got loads of ideas to try – thank you

    1. Thank you so much Jo! I can’t tell you how pleased I am to read that. I am touched! Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it and took the trouble to tell me so. 🙂

  2. I stumbled upon you blog, while searching in vain for a replacement for my Marc Jacobs woman. Sadly discontinued, i had to venture to the extend of purchasing half used bottles sold on eBay : ( and to make things worse… the half used bottles have lately all but gone. In the midst of bidding i realised that there were about 5-6 more of ‘me’ out there crazily trying to get our hands on the last drops of our signature out there.

    Gucci envy was my follow up scent when i was looking for something a little more ‘night’ then Marc Jacobs woman. Your post resonated with me…

    If you know a scent as rich and enveloping and lasting as Marc Jacobs woman, pls give me some suggestions, as i have reached the point of not wanting to wash my clothes which still carry it’s lingering scent… and as that fades, my heart weighs heavy and i just want to fall into an abyss of ice cream and pizza wishing to be pulled out by a familiar and loved scent.

    1. Hi Lyn and thank you so much for dropping me a line. If you are in the UK, you can buy Marc Jacobs Woman on Escentual.com. Oddly enough I couldn’t find it on Fragrantica which is a great database of “smells like XX” if your favourite is running low. I hope this helps, but even if it doesn’t, do keep enjoying the blog.
      Warmest wishes Sam

  3. Just wanna say about the new Loewe Aura Magnetica – I think it’s gorgeous! Starts off sparkly and green, like a crystal-clear stream running through flower-bedecked meadows, very soft, nothing sharp about it. Later it becomes more powdery but still fresh. Six hours later, faint but still interesting. I like very much.

    1. Actually Loewe is one of the brands I’ve been quietly impressed with, barring the dreadful fruity Quizas Quizas Quizas Pasion. Their other stuff is classy and very wearable. I shall look out for Magnetica. Thanks Miranda

  4. Wow you are a great find !!, ok what’s is your take on this … if you can’t smell a perfume on yourself is that good or bad , I wear Tom ford black orchid , it turns heads and gives comments but I can’t really smell it on me , thanks and what’s your day job , are you a snifter by trade or just an enthusiast .? Either way it’s great .

    1. Hi Chris, what a lovely message- thank you! My day job is freelance copy and blog writer which I fit around wrangling my two sons who 7 and 10. I’m an enthusiast rather than a professional and I’ve learned a lot in four years of blogging. I still feel I only know about 1% of what I need to though, so I’m always learning, sniffing and reading.

      As for your question- I’ve always thought that not being able to smell your own fragrance means that either it has disappeared, or it’s so perfect for you that you are “as one” with it. There’s no scientific data for this, only anecdotal. I reckon if otehrs can smell you then it suits you and you’ve just got used to it. Good choice by the way!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your lovely comments

      best wishes
      Sam xx

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    1. Have you tried Lucky Scent in the USA? They have loads of good stuff. Also, if you tell me the names of any you like, I bet I can look into it for you. I share your pain though- it’s very difficult to get fragrance out of the Uk and tricky to get it in too. xxx

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