My Guilty Pleasure, Sorry Not Sorry: Avon Mesmerize Red for Her

I’ve been strangely drawn to this beauty of late. I say strangely because fragrances like these are not usually my cup of tea, but I can’t seem to leave this one alone.

Maybe it’s a reaction to the fact that I am wearing tame day time scents now that I have re-entered the world of full time work again? Maybe I just love the fact that this was only £7 a bottle and I can therefore spray to my heart’s content and still afford school shoes and dinner money? or maybe I’ve changed my curmudgeonly mind and decided that actually, I rather like a fruitichoulil with a playful fruity edge?

Avon Mesmerize Red for Her had me at hello when I saw the glossy crimson flanks of its red glass bottle. With a filigree gold pattern and a co-ordinating box, this is clearly meant to add a bit of eastern magic to your dressing table.

Scent wise, it goes thus: red berries, flowers (I would say jasmine at a guess, although it’s not listed) bergamot to keep it zingy, spices, aldehydes (you heard me) and then a woody patchouli fruity sort of base that lingers beautifully on my pyjamas (cleavage spraying is an unbreakable habit of mine.)

The overall effect is a fruity and sweet floral, without the syrup or stickiness or (praise be!) the ubiquitous caramel note that dominates everything from hand cream to high streets these day. Deep sigh. Mesmerize Red packs a spicy patchouli punch with enough florals to keep it girly and pretty.  Fragrantica members reckon it smells like Cacharel Amor Amor and it does, although its not a dupe.

Now although Avon can’t, at this price, use world class high quality ingredients, it’s worth remembering that they often use world class noses, and world class fragrance institutions. For seven quid, I don’t think anyone can do better. This stuff is fabulous.

What can I say? Avon does it yet again.


You can buy  Mesmerize Red For Her 50ml EDP from Avon UK. It was £7 when I bought mine. Prices vary .


7 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure, Sorry Not Sorry: Avon Mesmerize Red for Her”

    1. I think the postage is pretty quick when you order online. My Avon lady is lovely but it still takes three weeks to get my stuff. The up side of that is that I always forget what I’ve ordered so it’s like getting a present from someone who knows me really well!

  1. Sam, you are THE person to ask seeing as you’re the Avon Aficionado😉. I would love to know the name of my first ever perfume but I can’t remember what it was other than Avon. I recently spied the bottle in a pic on eBay but it was in a job lot so it is either called Here’s My Heart or Charisma. Can I paste the link in here? Or would that be allowed? It’s not a live ad as the item is sold. Someone might know its name even if you don’t (but I bet you will).

    1. Both of those are Avon classics, which I wish they would bring back. I reckon there’s a huge appetite for Avon heritage! In this link, Charisma comes in lots of different packaging so it could be tricky to guess from a photo. I had a giraffe shaped bottle of Occur! because giraffes and perfume go so well together… xxx

      1. It’s not any of the pictures shown there, but my bottle was a mini of about 10 or 15 ml equivalent, so it could well be it. I’m going to read up the notes and hazard a guess which one it was, though I’d have to hark back about 45 years (I can hardly remember what I did yesterday). Thanks so much for going to the trouble! I will keep my eyes peeled. Avon did indeed put perfume into some daft shaped bottles, there’s an empty one here somewhere that was in my hubby’s house in the shape of a pheasant!

      2. Woohoo, I found a pic on ebay, and it’s definitely called Charisma. Now why didn’t I just search on both names to see what popped up? Duhhh, haha. It’s the same darling little bottle.

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