Top Ten Perfumes Under Ten Pounds 2018

If you’re anything like me in January, your credit card won’t be speaking to you and you’ll be searching coat pockets for loose change and forgotten fivers. It’s as traditional as losing the scissors when wrapping presents.

If you’re a perfume fan and feeling frugal, I bring glad tidings. There are perfumes out there that cost under ten quid and smell good. You heard me. It’s true. In fact, the majority of perfumes I reach for on a day to day basis are often cheap and cheerfuls that I don’t mind running out of and can be easily replaced.

So, my friends, clutch your tenners and follow me as I tell you about my top ten fragrances under ten pounds.

  1. Coty L’Aimant.

My £5.99 bottle reminds me of my late grandmother, who was such a lady and never went shopping without a brooch and a scarf.  She was class all the way and loved Coty L’Aimant. She was born around the time it came out in 1927 and wore it to dances in the war. It was made in similar style to the newly launched Chanel No 5 which had come out three years earlier in 1924, and smells very similar. I also adore the Art Deco bottle and deep pink box with the gold edging. All this for under ten quid.

  1. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Whether you opt for the pillar scent (which is a classic) or any of the excellent flankers, the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea range is a safe bet. Light, feminine, inoffensive, floral and citrussy, they make ideal summer or office perfume and almost always cost under ten quid, unless you see them in Duty Free where they cost a lot more. I particularly like Green Tea Revitalize and Green Tea Exotic

  1. Alyssa Ashley Musk

This is a perfect pocket money perfume that smells amazing, gets compliments and has a subtle but pretty sillage.  It was particularly popular in the 1970s but has a lot to offer the woman of 2018. It’s a warm, light, cosy musk that makes people want to nuzzle you. You can buy it here.

  1. Bronnley Eclectic Elements range

This range of fragrances was created to attract a younger crowd to Bronnley, and I’m certainly a fan of both the classic stuff and the Eclectic Elements Range.  In other words, I’m a dream customer. Bronnley gets my seal of approval for making rollerball fragrances. Although rollerballs are plentiful in Europe and the USA, they’re harder to get in the UK, so I’m hoping more brands will do this. The rollerballs are priced at under ten pounds, but if you go onto today and sniff out their sale, you can find 50ml eau de toilettes at £10 too, although that’s sale price, not usual price.

  1. Yves Rocher Plaisirs Nature Range

My SOTD today is a little 20ml bottle of Yves Rocher Orange Flower-Lavender- Petitgrain EDT. It cost me £7.99 and I got two for the price of one. It’s wonderfully uplifting and pretty and combines white flowers with juicy nuances of orange and calming lavender. I also have the Mandarin, Lemon and Cedar, which is equally good and equally cheap. Check out my review here.

  1. Trust Yardley

The Yardley Collection of simple floral eau de toilettes are hard to beat. I own Yardley April Violets, Yardley English Rose and Yardley English Lavender. I wear them alone or for layering and I get compliments every single time I wear the rose.  The violet helps me “violet-up” fragrances that I feel are missing that…well, that violet note. I also recommend the Lily of The Valley and the Freesia. You can buy them here or in Boots.

  1. Avon Calling!

Of course, I can’t write about bargain fragrances without mentioning my old friend Avon.  Avon is my Go-To guilt free brand. I own about six and my favourites are Avon Perceive OasisFar Away Bella and Rare Platinum, which is a gorgeous tuberose and grapefruit combo. Every brochure has a bargain and I never need to wait long until my favourite is £6 or £7. I’ve converted several friends too. The list of perfumers who have worked for Avon reads like a Who’s Who of the Industry: Christine Nagel, Olivier Cresp and Christopher Sheldrake are just three that I can think of off the top of my head.  It’s a guilt free win/win pleasure. Here’s the link.  Products vary seasonally so if your favourite isn’t around this week, come back and check again.

8. Go Old Skool 

By old school, I mean take a second at what your Mum wore growing up.

If I told you that Tweed reminded me a little of Jicky, would you be shocked? It does.

How about if I told you that Taylor of London Chique is a fabulous earthy, woody chypre that has much in common with Estee Lauder Knowing?

Neither are dupes, but both deserve more love and recognition. I’m also a big fan of Panache and I’ve only now finished a £3.99 bottle that gave me twelve hours longevity after two morning sprays. I have found all of these bottle for well under ten pounds, and even under five pounds. Try or Fragrance Direct.

  1. Al Aneeq, Crown Perfumes and Al Rehab.

These are all brands that sell rollerballs of high quality, no alcohol fragrance.  I own the White Musk and the Al Aneeq Violet, which is a big generator of compliments. (“Yum. I smell Parma Violets!”). Prices start at £1.99 for the delectable Choco Musk, and my trusty 10ml (very strong) violet rollerball was 3.99. Find them on Amazon or eBay. Great for handbags.  Prices vary.

  1. Marks and Spencer

And so, we arrive at the perfume shelves of Marks and Spencer. Your ten-pound note will serve you well here.  First of all, there are delicious 10ml  and 30ml purse-size sprays such as Autograph Blush (light roses and violets, powdery finish, ultra-feminine, not too sweet) or the new Belle.  I’ve also seen White Orchid and New York in purse spray sizes in store too. Then of course, there’s the classic pillar fragrance Florentyna, which I reviewed last year. Both flankers are worth a look too and any of them will give you change from your tenner.

How about you?

What are your favourite cheap and cheerfuls? Do you have any under a tenner? Do drop in and tell me . I always love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Perfumes Under Ten Pounds 2018”

  1. I have a bottle of Avon Imari Seduction that I really enjoy. Most of my other cheapies are from TJMaxx which means not always easy to find – but I found SJP Covet there which is still in my top 10 in my collection.

    1. You can’t beat an Avon for every day use. I never have to ration them as they are so cheap to replace. TK Maxx is like a fantastic jumble sale. Sometimes there’s nothing of interest and other times there’s treasure that you feel a need to grab and pay for quickly before someone else gets it! xxx

  2. You’ve just reminded me of Panache and Chique, I wore them both in my younger teenage years. They were gorgeous, and totally different from each other in style. Panache was full of what I now know to be aldehydes, and was at the time under the Lentheric label, along with another beaut, one of the most curiously and hilariously named perfumes, Tramp. I think that might have been a quite tongue-in-cheek name as it was the furthest thing from what the name might conjure up – it was totally skank free. Chique was rather more grown-up as it had a dry and citrus feel. I must seek these out to see if they still bear any resemblance to what they were back in the 80’s. Gawwwwd, but I’m getting old, waaaaah!
    Have you tried the Al Rehab White Full yet? It’s a really pretty jasmine with great longevity, but without the indoles.

    1. Hello Cassie, always a pleasure to hear from you! Panache was the favourite of one of my friends. She used to drench herself in it before going out for the night. It really reminds me of Rive Gauche, actually. I haven’t smelled Tramp in ages, but you can still buy it online from Fragrance Direct I think? Chique is brilliant, despite its dull grey and red packaging like an Eighties office suit! Fabulous scent. I’m glad I’m not alone in having tried these! Sam xx

      1. I have most of the ones above, and often reach for L’Aimant and Panache. Interesting about Tweed/Jicky, I’ve always sensed something very un-tweedy about Tweed..must be the skanky element of Jicky!
        Bloom Mandarin, Lime Basil (Superdrug- a fiver for 50ml last week) is fab, and more than holds its own against similar sounding posher perfumes…

  3. I I love La Rive Cute which I bought for around 6 pounds. Reviews says it smells like Chloe, but I think it’s similar to Gucci Envy Me. Sweet and fresh, it’s easy to wear for work and lasts ages. I’m going to try more of La Rive. Heard good things and they’re inexpensive!

  4. Great post as always, lots of good recommendations. I also rate Next Cashmere- a good substitute for 212 or NR Poudre when funds are low. I see you’re about to review the Perfume Society’s Velvet Collection – we have a popular perfumista group on mumsnet and we’re about to do a big synchronised sniff of this box. Come and check us out on the Style and beauty board if you’re interested in following along.

  5. Panache is almost Estee by Estee Lauder. Truly! Same oakmossy green.

    I love your approach to scents. Especially the bargain end. Well, thanks to you, I now have a stash of my mum’s Avon collection she was going to throw out. Little Black Dress and Far Away Infinity are my current loves.

    My bargain besties are: Stash and Covet by SJP, Incredible Things by Taylor Swift, a 30ml bottle of My Name by Trussardi, Truth and Beauty by Calvin Klein.

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