Four Candles: The Best Candles at Christmas

Or is it Fork Handles? (If you like the Two Ronnies you’ll be nodding.) I’m going a bit off piste here and writing a post that’s not actually about a bottle of perfume. It’s still about fragrance though, and I’m dying to add a joke about waxing lyrical, but I won’t. Yes, my dear scented chums, today I’m writing about my absolute favourite candles. Do join me. There’s tea in the pot and a cat will be on your lap in just a moment. After this, I want you to tell me what your favourite candles are so I can tell Father Christmas to get me some too.

Crabtree and Evelyn White Cardamom

Crabtree and Evelyn can always be relied upon to produce fabulous scented goodies in irresistible packaging and this beautiful candle is no exception.  I chose White Cardamom. The thought of cardamom in a Christmas candle really appealed to me and this does not disappoint. The candle burns cleanly with no flickering or spitting and after a few minutes, a distinctly clean and spiced waft permeates the room. When I say spiced, I’m not talking about the mulled wine or mince pie kind of spice, but a kind of aromatic, nutty woody spice with a faint pine tree nuance. Actually, it reminded me slightly of my recent trip to the Celtic Manor spa. The aroma there was a waxy, clean, pine scent very much like this one. Delicious.  Also, you can get a room spray and a reed diffuser in the same range. Try the website.

Safety warning: If you spill a reed diffuser and you have cats, make sure it doesn’t get near their skin as it can really cause them some damage.  Keep our fluffy friends safe from seasonal harm! Also, don’t burn candles near tinsel. I’ve only done it for the photos and it made me nervous.


Parks London Gingerbread

This stood out as my absolute favourite. When I hear the word gingerbread I  always think it will smell like rich dense cake. Gourmand scents don’t particularly appeal to me for fear of smelling as if I’ve been cooking all day ( which I often have). Parks of London Gingerbread, however,  manages to take all the best bits of gingerbread i.e the warmth and the uplifting gingery spices, and add a dash of smoky woods to keep everything both spicy and fresh at the same time.  You can buy them here.

True Story: When this arrived in the post I put it on the mantel piece, unlit. When the kids got home the response was thus: “what’s that nice smell? Have you made cookies?” “What’s in the oven?”. This was before I had even lit the candle. It is the nicest candle I have ever owned.

photo from Clive Christian


Clive Christian 1872 

What a treat! Clive Christian candles! Due to budget anomalies, I can only admire this brand with my nose pressed against the glass, but I’m a big fan.

I recently received the 1872 top notes candle as a no-strings gift, but of course, I can’t resist telling you about it anyway. Clive Christian 1872 (see my review) smells very similar to the eau de parfum, but has a thicker quality to it, almost like a scented wool blanket. I’ve been keeping the candle next to my bed (again unlit) and the whole room smells as if I wear Clive Christian (I wish). The most prominent notes are the white florals and the mossy herbs and that’s before you light it. When lit, it gives 22 hours burn time and the floral notes come out on top. Utterly gorgeous. You can get these in a trio from here.

True story This may be the second time I’ve mentioned this, but I was lucky enough to meet Clive Christian’s daughter, Victoria at the FiFi’s in May. She was warm and engaging and smelled unbelievably gorgeous. She was wearing her initials: Clive Christian V and Clive Christian C.

Baylis and Harding Pink Prosecco and Cassis

From Clive Christian to Baylis and Harding, there’s something for all budgets here. This pink prosecco and cassis may sound slightly gimmicky (prosecco slogans are everywhere this Christmas) but actually it makes for a lightly floral and fruity scent that would go perfectly next to your bath. And a glass of prosecco. The candle is white and come in a glass jar.  I got mine from Amazon UK

Answers on a postcard If you have ever succeeded in using a candle jar as an actual jar after the candle has finished, please tell me how. I am convinced it is not possible.

Over to you

So that’s my favourite four candles, what are yours? How do you scent your home at Christmas? Do let me know. I always love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Four Candles: The Best Candles at Christmas”

  1. My Grandaughter’s friend made her a nice jar for her birthday.
    \it was 1 empty candle jar….different widths of shiny patternd wound round it…lovely purple shiny bow round the neck….1 tea light.

    It looked really nice

      1. I’ve just checked with my Grandaughter. It was actually a large coffee jar…stupid me !!! I think you can find out how to make them on various websites. It was really pretty.
        I’m going to Google….getting wax out of candle jars. Hope it tells us how. I’ve seen loads of empty Yankee jars for sale on E Bay so there must be a way.

  2. Hi Sam,
    I am currently burning a Nest candle called “holiday”. It is indeed, holiday smelling: orange, cinnamon, clove, pomegranates, vanilla and pine. Lovely.
    As for the empty candle jars, I toss them into the recycle glass bin. Don’t know what to do with them!

    1. Sarah, that combination sounds glorious! Please excuse my late reply by the way. I must have missed this comment. I do apologise. I think I will be doing as you do and recycling them!

  3. You have a great selection!

    For me, White Company Winter/Crabtree and Evelyn Noel/anything TK Maxx has that looks interesting (ie anything promising orange and pine and clove or any combo thereof, I am such a traditionalist/stick in the mud)

    Diptyques biggish frankincense Christmas candle from a few years ago (present from a friend…., I know how to choose friends!) is dragged out every year as the container is lovely and what is left still smells like Christmas. I know they cost a bomb but the quality is so good and their candles burn beautifully. When someone makes me Empress of the Known World or I win the Lottery, I think it will be them all the way.

    Returning to earth, I used to LOVE the dreaded Yankee Candles “apple and pine needle”, a really strong true scent that was not at all sweet-now sadly and inexplicably discontinued. It was so different to most of theirs, which I find sickly.and fake. I have one votive hoarded for this year….

    1. Dear Laura, always keep a friend who buys you expensive candles! A few years back my friend Lisa bought me a Miller Harris Geranium Bourbon candle and the scent was out of this world! I am on the brink of getting addicted in the same way as perfume.

      I don’t know why Yankee gets bad press, although like you I do avoid the sweet candy cupcake icing sugar vanilla ones. I’ve had a few small ones and the scent was wonderful. The mini sets are quite affordable.

      Thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment. It’s so appreciated.

      Happy New Year!

      Sam xxx

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