Retro Perfecto: 4160 Tuesdays Paris 1948

I’m a sucker for a good chypre. The greener, the mossier and the older, the better as far as I’m concerned.  Serendipity twinned me with a bottle of Paris 1948 today, and reader, a bit of magic took place. Love was in the air and cupid shot me.

A few years back, I tried Paris 1948 and decided it wasn’t for me. I also tried Lady Rose Lion Monkey Unicorn and decided that wasn’t for me either. However, today I received a full bottle of Paris 1948, and by chance, a sample of Lady Rose Lion Monkey Unicorn, and whaddya know? They don’t half go! One complements the other in the way that Guerlain Apres l’Ondee brings out something new in Frederic Malle L’Eau D’Hiver. (Try it, you’ll see. Thanks Lisa!).

My first impression of Paris 1948 is of fresh cut grass in an aged bottle. Have you ever opened a really old bottle of fragrance that has ambered with age and has that sort of bitter powdery thing going on? That’s what Paris 1948 reminded me of.  To me, the dominant note is, believe it or not, basil.  This is a note that is also really prominent in 4160 Tuesdays Lady Rose Monkey Lion Monkey Unicorn, which is why they seem to go together so well.


With my brand new 4160 Tuesdays phone sticker.

Paris 1948 opens with citrus, specifically grapefruit, and peaches. Now, I used to have a problem with peaches until the penny dropped and I realised that many of the Grand Dames of fragrances carry peachy nuances: think Lanvin Arpege and Madame Rochas to name but two.  Once this made sense to me, peaches always gave me a

Photo of Paris in 1948 by Edouard Boubat

friendly sort of retro yoo-hoo when they pop up. They certainly make their presence felt here, and that could be one of the reasons why I didn’t like this first-time round.  The basil has a sweet, herbal thing going on that almost borders on the medicinal, but not quite. The flowers come out after the citrus has calmed down a bit and let them get a word in: roses and orange flower and leathery labdanum.

The base to my nose, at least, is a peachy, mossy (VERY mossy) herby, slightly medicinal chypre.  I’m sorry I can’t make that sound more catchy, but it’s true. Call me an addict. Call me a fan.  This is a permanent fixture.

Jacqueline de Francois “Mademoiselle de Paris” 1948

Stockists: I bought this from 4160 Tuesdays and you can too.  If you buy it before tomorrow afternoon (October 27th 2017) then it’s half price. After that it’s still jolly reasonable. This is not a sponsored post.


9 thoughts on “Retro Perfecto: 4160 Tuesdays Paris 1948”

  1. Lovely to receive an email leading me to your most recent review. Most of my emails tonight have been updates on petitions which are not good news, elephants haven’t been freed, there are horrible things going on in this world, no wonder we need a bit of escapism and your always enjoyable reviews. Keep up the good work we all need them. 😀

    1. What an absolutely wonderful thing to say. The world feels like a very dark place at the moment and smell can have such a restorative effect when everything else is in chaos. Thank you so much for taking the time to say such a lovely thing to me xxxx

  2. Was it Doe in the Snow that was meant to resemble a certain classic Guerlain beginning in M and ending in O? It didn’t to me…perhaps this one is on that road, as a ‘deeper’, mossier and more old style chypre… it does sound truly lovely!

    4160 is a great company and never less than interesting, IMO



    1. Hi Laura and thanks for dropping by. I believe it was 4160 Tuesdays Lady Rose Lion Monkey Unicorn that was described as “an inverted Mitsouko” by Luca Turin. I agree about how lovely they are. It feels like being in a friendly club!

  3. This prompted me to dig out my sample and give it another try. I’d forgotten how nicely grassy and herby it is. That said, I think I still prefer Lady Rose Lion Monkey, which was one of the first bottles I bought from 4160 Tuesdays.

    1. That’s so lovely that this prompted you to dig out your sample. I’m glad to hear Lady Rose Lion is getting some love. Paris 1948 helped me understand it better and it deserves a lot of love and respect. xxx

    1. Thank you Rich. That’s really kind of you. It is SO grassy and herby and Sarah has made it smell old in a good way. xxx

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