Mood Scent 4: Uplifting Fragrances

Welcome to MoodScent 4! Throughout the year, myself and my three Moodscent colleagues write a post on the same fragrant theme. There’s me, (Sam) in Wales, Tara in London, Esperanza in The Netherlands and last but not least, the ring leader and our inspiration, Megan in St Maxime.

You may have read our earlier posts about what scent we would wear as a wedding guests, or what our favourite mainstream fragrances are, or even our rainy day favourites.  Today, we are all  looking at uplifting fragrances.  You know  how certain scents can just make you happy even when your day is going wrong? Those.

It was quite hard to choose only five since I could bang on about perfume until  we all grow beards and get wrinkly, but I managed to whittle my choice down to five that never fail to lift my spirits.

Writing about how scent can lift my mood is obviously going to be subjective. There’s no right or wrong in perfume. One woman’s Tweed is another woman’s Poison, so I don’t expect your list to be the same as mine.  Do let me know what you’d choose though.  I always love to hear from you.

Photo by Thomas Dunckley for Papillon Perfumery

Papillon Perfume Dryad

I have a full bottle of this holy grail mossy green chypre made by the wonderful Liz Moores from Papillon Artisan Perfumery.  It smells as if it were made in the late 40s or 50s and as if it were a vintage chypre in perfect condition, but with pagan edges.  The effect it

Me making the other mums jealous with my smell.

has on me is transformative.  I can be dolefully embarking on the school run, in the drizzle, in my mac and my boots and jeans, but once I catch wafts of Dryad, I walk taller and feel like one of Dior’s New Look model, with hats and gloves, sashaying down a Paris rue, smelling of vintage style oakmoss and narcissus.  I leave the house as a red-faced Mum, rushing and jangling keys, and I strut home as Barbara Mullen. Now that’s what I call a mood elevator.

Chanel Cristalle

We’ve been through a lot Cristalle and me. We were together for twenty years and this beautiful citrussy green chypre ( can you see a pattern yet?) saw me though my single days, my sad days, the day I got sacked, the days I got jobs, the day I got dumped, the day I got chatted up, and later still, the day I got married. We’ve sort of parted company now but that scent brings back a rush of memories like a fast-moving montage of film clips, full of scenes I’d forgotten about. Beautiful Cristalle, we’ll always have Paris. And London. And Berlin. And Pontnewydd.

Eau de Cartier

Eau de Cartier makes me feel like I need to wear full length white nightie and float about the house feeling all pure and ethereal. It has the perfect symphony of lavender, violet and bergamot and smells as pure as a snowflake. The nose behind it is Christine Nagel, and I label her a genius for this. Incidentally, if you’re looking for the perfect cure-all hangover scent, this is also good for that too.

Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse

There’s something happy and feel good about grapefruit. I seek it out in fragrances, and in all my fragrant adventures, I’ve yet to find a better grapefruit scent than Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse. Tragically discontinued (“Whyyyy?” I sob on my knees) you can still find this online before it runs out. Miller Harris like their customers so they might bring it back if there’s enough demand. Maybe I should start one of those petition things? Le Pamplemousse is full of petitgrain and herbs and oakmoss, so it’s pretty much everything I love in a bottle.

Aedes de Venustas Pelargonium

Last but not least is this floral beauty from New York firm Aedes de Venustas.  The fiorst time I smelled this, I loved it so much I got emotional.  That doesn’t happen all the time in this game, believe me. Pelargonium knocked me sideways (in a good way). With its velvety petals, soapy iris musks and mossy drydown, this is a floral that peaks into richness in a way that made me fall in love and greed with it.  It’s not cheap, but it will be mine one day. Oh yes. It will be mine.

Check out my fellow moodscent colleagues here. I’m excited to read them myself as we never know what the others are posting until we all go live.:

L’ Esperessence

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Over to you

What’s on your list? What are your go-to feel good fragrances? I’d love to know. Join the discussion. xx


17 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4: Uplifting Fragrances”

  1. He he! ‘One woman’s Tweed is another woman’s Poison’. Love it! I suppose I regard Aromatics Elixer as uplifting; I don’t own it now, but it got me through many a difficult time in the past. Suppose it is ‘fortifying’, rather than uplifting…

    1. Hi Lorna- I love Aromatics Elixir. It’s a classic. Fotifying is an excellent quality in perfume. I know exactly what you mean! xx

  2. I love how personal your choices are, Sam.
    I’m very curious about Eau de Cartier. I must remember that one when summer rolls around again. I’ll also give Pelargonium a try next time I get the chance.
    Isn’t Dryad a stunner?
    As for the Miller Harris, there are always those newspaper stories about grapefruit perfumes making you appear younger. Maybe I should get one…:)

    1. Hi Tara, thank you for your kind words. I am slightly obsessed with Dryad at the moment and will wear nothing else. Eau de Cartier is the utimate floaty, clean pure fragrance. I just love it. As for grapefruit making you look younger- how I wish that were true. *sob* I am 50 in 2 years time. xx

  3. Love this, especially your reaction to Dryad! I’m supposed to receive a sample of it this week and can’t wait! Oddly, Penhaligon’s Blasted Bloom has become a go-to for me when I want to feel ready to sally forth confidently into the world (usually on a workday). Scents that evoke pure joy for me are some of my muguets: Decou-Vert, Muguet Blanc, Muguet Porcelaine; and other green florals: JM Blue Hyacinth and Penhaligon’s Ostara (more yellow than green). This week, though, I am rejoicing in something that is a true comfort scent for me: Anne Klein II, long discontinued and hard to find (and expensive when one does), but I got a mini in a reasonably priced lot on an auction site. It is classed as an Oriental floral, but to me it is like wearing a lovely cashmere sweater. I wore it a lot in the 1980s; it is the only fragrance I’ve ever worn that caused complete strangers to compliment me, including on the New York subway.

    1. Your taste is so similar to mine! We must be scent twins. I am mad about Lily of The Valley and Hyacinth. I even use a hyacinth disinfectant around the house.

      It’s a shame your favourite Anne Klein got discontinued. I hate it when that happens, but I love that you even got compliments on the subway! Thanks so much for sharing that. I loved reading it xx

  4. Dryad is a perfect choice Sam 🙂 My go to feel good fragrance, has got to be Shay and Blue’s Salt Caramel. It’s inspired by Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Truffles. To my nose, there is also an amazing popcorn note. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile.

    1. Hi Barry, always a joy and always great to hear what other people reach for. I’m a bit on the fence about gourmands as they always make me smell like I’ve been baking all day, but I’m coming round slowly. You’ve made me want those sea salt truffles now, Barry! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by. You are so lucky to have a full bottle of Pelargonium! It was instant, passionate love the second I smelled it. Dryad is a work of genius. xxx

    1. My Spam filter is so over zealous I have to even approve comments I wrote myself! Couldn’t figure it out for ages. Thanks for bearing with me xx

    1. Hi Megan, I do enjoy doing this collaboration with you. Thanks so much for a fabulous project. Cristalle beats Gabrielle hands down, doesn’t it? Gabrielle is like a Guivenchy Dahlia Divin flanker and should only cost around £25 in my opinion! Pelargonium floored me. I can’t afford it but I have a 10ml sample I’m too scared to wear in case it runs out. xx

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