Marks and Spencer Florentyna: I Took Another Look

florentyna bottle and box

Marks and Spencer Florentyna has been there for so long that it was almost off my radar. I tried it many years ago, declared it old fashioned and never bothered again. Until today. With a new attitude, I took another look at Florentyna, and if you’ve ruled it out, as I did, then I encourage you to re-sniff with new eyes- or should that be nostrils? Because, my dear fellow sniffalots, Florentyna is actually pretty good stuff.

florentyna 10ml

For years, I was convinced that this was mainly a rose scent. I’d even heard people say it smelled similar to Estee Lauder Beautiful. It sort of does-ish, a bit. Slightly. In fact, I went into my nearby House of Fraser and tried Estee Lauder Beautiful for comparison. I would say they are the same family, but not close relatives.

Florentyna opens with big, white, creamy, feminine Gardenia. Almost immediately all the other white flowers burst in then: jasmine, orange flower and lily of the valley. The base note is musk, but a clean laundry musk, not a sexy animalic thigh-sweat musk. This is so respectable it should wear pearls.

Oddly, tuberose, the Queen of the white flowers, is missing. Now this is actually an appropriate omission in the case of Florentyna, because, as much as I like tuberose, it can take over, and when it’s really strong, it can have that vegetal/celery note which I love, but not everyone does. Here, all the “naice” white flowers are included. That’s a deliberate misspelling by the way- you’re saying “nice” in a genteel voice with your pinkie finger sticking out as you hold your bone china tea cup.

florentyna ma and s shelf

The background and frame of these white flowers is a beautiful and very noticeable white soapy note.  It’s good old fashioned pure white, very posh, thrice milled luxury soap, and along with the  bigwhite flowers, it smells terrific.

Thinking about it, it reminded me of an eighties fragrance- remember how Dior Poison was all giant tuberose and  Givenchy Amarige was all big jasmine and green soapy tobacco? Well this is massive too.

As for longevity? Well, three squirts should last you an entire weekend. florentyna


Florentyna is worth a second look and worth a lot more than its small price, but please keep that price where it is M&S!

Stockists: You can buy Florentyna from Marks and Spencer.  I also recommend Florentyna White, which I reviewed here. Florentyna is available at prices starting at £3.50 for 10ml.


4 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Florentyna: I Took Another Look”

  1. I’m sooooo happy to see a positive recognition for Florentyna! I like it a lot, I’ve been wearing it on and off since I was in my early twenties. It’s so prim and powdery and comforting. Really nice on towels and sheets or on drawer liners too.

    1. Thank you Maria! It’s so lovely to find a classic that’s actually not only fabulous but cheap too. I bypassed this so many times without considering that my taste has changed since I first sniffed it over a decade ago.
      You have great taste ( of course) xxxx

  2. This is by far my favorite perfume! I have worn this for the past 20 years. Not an easy task mind you as I live in the US! They won’t ship beauty products here 😢
    I used to be able to get from the Brit superstore but that don’t carry it anymore. Every once in a while it can be found on EBay. Whenever I know someone going across the pond I try to have them bring some back for me. The opportunity rarely presents itself anymore. I am afraid I will have to find something that is similar if I can here in the US. If you have access to this wonderful scent take advantage. I get compliments regularly.

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