Dreaming my Dreams with Avon Dreams Eau de Parfum


Avon Dreams is known as Prima over in the USA, so if you’re over there, you can read this as a Prima review.   Same thing.

primaAvon Dreams is a delightfully pretty scent that almost immediately reminded me of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and Narciso Rodriguez For Her.  I discovered Dreams in the last Avon brochure when for the princely sum of £8, I purchased a 50ml EDP, a 10ml EDP and a gel nail polish called Sheer Love, which is a sort of ballet slipper pink.  That’s what I call stretching your perfume dollar.

Dreams opens with a bunch of white flowers and acetone.  Don’t be put off- this is the note in Jean Paul Gaultier Classique that reminds me of the inside of ladylike handbags. I think this note is actually pear. Pear drops always remind me of nail polish. There is allegedly plum, but I don’t spot it.


lovely pic

The middle phase is all about the flowers in a huge big posy:  jasmine,  centifolia roses and iris.  The effect is impossibly feminine and ladylike.  The roses are especially noticable.   What I like best about this is that there’s no cupcakes or vanilla ice cream here- all the sweetness is straight from the florist.

After an hour or so this becomes a white floral musk with a hint of dusky woody notes.  There’s just the right balance of patchouli and white flowers to give this a clean white musk finish that’s wonderfully full bodied.    You can see why I thought this resembled SJP Lovely with its white flowers, woods and musk.

narciso rod

Avon Dreams has pretty good longevity- I tried this on in the morning and after just two  small top up squirts at lunch time, it’s been on all day.

Interestingly, over on Fragrantica, one reader claims that this has changed over the last few years, with too much cedar being added.  At the same time, I thought that Dreams strongly resembled Avon Rare Diamonds, which is now discontinued. I can’t help wondering if there’s been a mix up in the lab. Then again, I don’t care if there was.  Dreams is wonderful. I could insert lots of puns here about dreams come true etc, but I won’t. You’re welcome.


Dreams is available from Avon UK, or Avon USA as “Prima”. Prices change often, but are always very reasonable indeed.  Bottle is my own as are my opinions.


17 thoughts on “Dreaming my Dreams with Avon Dreams Eau de Parfum”

  1. Now that sounds quite lovely 😊
    I always enjoy reading your reviews, a nice bit of escapism. I’m quite intrigued by the Imari scent you mentioned a couple of weeks back. From the scratch and sniff in the Avon brochure it seems like it’s got a bit of substance, not the modern fruity avonade type scent of recent years. On your recommendation I’ve bought timeless, nostalgia in a bottle. So comforting😀

    1. Dear Lucie, I must apologise! i thought I had replied to your lovely comments. Please do forgive me. Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog. I only had a 1ml sample of Imari but it seemed great on skin. I’ve just ordered my full bottle for only £6. Such a bargain! So glad you like Timeless. best wishes Sam

  2. My go to scent for comfort is narcisso or lovely, though it’s a bit harsher. A colleague showed me Milton Lloyd’s cuba, which dare I say it smells just as good. I have already ordered this based on your review. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.

    1. I love both, but I agree Lovely is slightly hrasher. I wear it for all occasions- it suits the school run or a night out. I hope you like Dreams. I’ll feel responsible if you don’t! xx

      1. I wouldn’t worry at all, I’ve gone completely past the point of all responsibility for my perfume habit.

      2. Ooh. It’s here. And you’re bang on. Just like Lovely and Narcisso. Fabulous. And Avon prices so even cheaper than Lovely. Top tip. Thanks.

      3. I am so pleased you like it! i would have felt guilty if I’d misled you. The price is a steal, isn’t it?

  3. Posh handbag note is the perfect way to describe that weird but nice varnish smell in Classique! Just done a big Avon order (there’s a perfume sale on their website :fans self:) and looking forward to trying this. Aren’t their gift sets ridiculously good value with all the extras? It’s like a mini Christmas box. For yourself.

    1. SUCH good value and I’m so happy that I’m your bad influence. I just hope you like it or I’ll feel gu8ilty! xx

  4. P.s. Apropos of nothing, Sports Direct are selling off a load of Annick Goutal (yes, Sports Direct). Seven squid for 15ml EDPs! I promise I don’t work for them, I was just amazed. I’ve got the 15ml bottles from AG before and I know it’s naughty but since it’s an EDP, you can dilute it a little to make it go further. Well I do anyway, maybe this is a mortal sin in the perfume world and I just don’t know it…

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