First impressions of First Instinct For Her by Abercrombie and Fitch



Until this week, I had never tried any fragrance from Abercrombie and Fitch.  In fact, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t even know they did any.  I guess I’m not their targeted market,  being a 47 year old with a serious charity shop habit.  No matter.  With perfume, age means nothing, and it will ALWAYS fit, even after Christmas.

On my skin,  First Instinct  For Her opens with magnolia and orchids. Now,  I always have a problem with orchid.  No matter who makes the fragrance,  orchid always smells like plastic to me.  Unfortunately, the case is no different here.  However, the magnolia rallies and a touch of grapefruit lifts it a bit higher.  The passion fruit adds a faint hint of tropical taste, a bit like Lilt, and the orange flower comes in to give this a heady white flower  blanket that complements the magnolia and makes it even richer.  The base is warmed with some cosy sweet tonka and amber.

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Unfortunately, the overall impression this gave me was white flowers, vanilla and orchid.  It reminded me of so many other fragrances that I just couldn’t get excited about it.  However, another way of saying it  is that it’s right on trend at the moment and there is clearly an appetite for fragrance of this genre.

If you like this, you may also be a fan of Paco Rabanne Olympea, or Avon Far Away Infinity or Avon Incandessence (very orchid-y) or Christian Lacroix Bijou for Avon.


You can get a sample of this ( among others) from The Perfume Society Latest Launches Discovery Box, or buy a full bottle from The Fragrance Shop UK online or instore, or from Escentual.


10 thoughts on “First impressions of First Instinct For Her by Abercrombie and Fitch”

  1. Nice review, it’s good to know this stuff for Christmas and birthday pleasers. I personally find a this white flower – orchid mix in vogue a bit sickly (didn’t realise it was the orchid note) but when I whiff it on other people it can smell lovely, especially if it’s been done with a light hand. I have a sample of Olympea that just made me think of a gloopy version Far Away Infinity (which I actually like a lot more and think smells more expensive) but on my co-worker Olympea smells very pretty indeed. Is it chemistry or some things just more attractive on others? An enduring mystery.

    1. I know exactly what you mean Maria. I can’t bear either Angel or Black Opium but have complemented two people who were wearing it beautifully. By the way, I agree with you about Avon Far Away Infinity. It smells better than Olympea and lasts ages. Not bad for six quid. You know, Avon really should sponsor me or something. Maybe they will read this one day!

      1. Definitely! This blog has sparked my Avon obsession and I’m going through their fragrances at a rate of knots. You should take royalties for them. I keep trying to chase down a local Avon lady to give all my money too, but they are weirdly elusive up north. Smelling Far Away for the first time was a revelation – so THAT was what every single one of my primary school teachers was doused in. Weirdly, Far Away and Far Away Infinity score highest on the bloke scale – men seem to really like them. I think it’s the non threatening vanilla.

      2. You’re right. I got seriously man-
        sniffed once when wearing Body Shop vanilla perfume oil. It’s one of the few vanillas I like, but I was quite taken aback by its popularity! Avon Far Away is so popular round here. i smell it everywhere. in fact, i really ought to review it. I’ve reviewed lots of the flankers but not the original. I need a notebook to keep track of the stuff I haven’t written yet. Always a joy to hear from you dear Maria! xxx

  2. Lilt. You couldn’t ask for a better description and saying what you want to say without saying anything at all. That’s really made me chuckle.

  3. About 7 years ago, I got to visit the actual shop in London. I had some Italian students in my care and having done the obligatory tour of the main sites, they begged me to escort them there. They had the address but I had NO idea whatsoever. I spent thirty seconds inside the shop before fleeing (to avoid being asked to leave!) to the relative calm and quiet and sanity of the pavement outside. My students came out about half an hour later, much poorer but incredibly happy, bearing bags emblazoned with semi-naked men and the logo. Needless to say, I am not the demographic for the shop, even when I was a bit thinner than I am now. I got *cool* points from my students for taking them there, though.

    1. So the stories are true! I heard Hollister is the same. You have tobe a 17 year old supermodel in a bikini before they’ll let you in or something and they play loud music to scare old people away.

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