Avon Imari: It’s Coming to the UK

Photo from Fragrantica. Design may vary for the UK introduction

My dear Avon Lady Jill gave me a little perfume sample when she dropped off  a late item yesterday.  I’m used to this now- Avon launches wide and often, which is fine by me.  However, when Jill said “This one’s called Imari” I stopped in my tracks. “Just a minute,” I thought, “that one’s only available in the USA.”

Dear reader, and fellow Avon fan (probably if you’re reading this) it is true.  Imari is coming to the UK.

sweet honestyThis has got me very excited because if they can bring Imari to us, then what else can they do?  I have always thought that if Avon did a heritage range of old favourites, then the people in my age group, i.e. late forties (but we look younger) would snap them up before you could say Foxfire.  Dare I hope for Eau Givree? For Odyssey? For Charisma?  My wishes are not impossible dreams. They did after all, bring Timeless back when customer clamour deafened, and jolly good it is too.

But did you know for instance, that the USA Avon brochure has Sweet Honesty, Odyseey, Candid and Night Magic?  Dare I hope we’re getting them too over here in the UK?


So what’s Imari like?

Well it opens with citrus for a clean, bright opening.  There’s a nice bit of soapy aldehydes in the beginning, before this lurches into rose and patchouli territory, with some big noticeable white flower notes. It’s all rounded off with a bit of musk, incense and amber.  Despite calling itself a chypre, this lacks the mossy note that qualifies it as one, but I’m not going to nit-pick, because I want more.  There is a touch of vanilla in the finish,  but its warm and cosy rather than sweet and cakey.

imari 2

Avon has a particular talent for channelling into what’s hot on the high street and providing its own, more affordable take on current trends.   What delights me about this one is that Avon is looking beyond its younger demographic.  After all, they have all the vanilla and fruity florals and praline combos they could ever dream of.  What joy then, to get something for me and my tribe of fellow grand dames of a certain age (but look younger).  Imari was originally created in 1985, and we know how great all those fragrances were.

Avon Imari will be in the next brochure and you can queue behind me if you like. It won’t be expensive.  Avon UK, if you’re reading this, please bring the others over too!


9 thoughts on “Avon Imari: It’s Coming to the UK”

  1. Dear Sam

    I must take issue with this post! “But why?” you may ask. Well now, us dames of a certain vintage don’t just look younger. We look much younger.
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.😉

    1. Cassieflower! I stand corrected. We grand dames of course, are the last word in gorgeous and we invented everything that’s now a classic. Thanks for pointing out my omission! xx

  2. Haha, of course I was being facetious. But it’s Friday, so that’s allowed, right? Hope to give this one a try, though my Avon lady never has samples, and it’s sometimes difficult to gauge how something will smell on skin, as opposed to the little smelly disc in the catalogue. Nothing has really taken my fancy from the Avon line since Rare Rubies. Now there was one great fragrance.

  3. Hello IScent! I have used Imari in the past and it is a nice, somewhat spicy fragrance and its not the kind that will clear out the entire room. It is somewhat powdery, and it is one of Avon’s “classics” . its been here in the U.S. for a number of years, and I am so surprised that y’all are just now getting it. Although there is a bit of irony; y’all have Mesmerize Black For Her and we don’t :(. Anyhoo, I certainly hope that u enjoy Imari as I know you will. Mad love from Chicago 💗

  4. I bought Imari in October 1985 and several more bottles there after..I remember it to be a beautiful amber (my bottle was the plum colored one shown up top and I am pretty sure that the entire bottle was plastic).

    I would love it if Avon brought back Ariane….that was my favorite Avon of all time…second runner up would be Sweet Honesty although my nose hasn’t smelled that one in forty years!

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