Missguided Babe Power fragrance giveaway!

babe power giveawayBecause I’m nice  and because  I have more than one, I thought it only fair to run a giveaway for this fabulous fragrance.  Missguided Babe Power is a juicy burst of a scent:  full of  cherries, vanilla and jasmine. You can read my recent review here.

Not only does it smell good, but it comes in a can like an energy drink. Don’t worry though , it’s a spray not a splash.   As you can see from the photo it’s a generous 80ml bottle of eau de parfum.

How to win

The name of this scent is pretty divisive.  Some like it and some don’t. So here’s the question:  if you could invent your own fragrance what would you call it?

Ts and Cs

Please be aware that due to postal regualtions I cannot post fragrance outside the UK, so to avoid disappointment, please only enter if you are UK based. I’m as frustrated as you, but them’s the rules.

Send me your answer by Twitter @iscentyouaday, or Facebook or in the comments below.

The closing date is five days from now so Sunday the 11th June 2017 at midnight. I will announce the winner on Monday 12th June.

Good luck!



12 thoughts on “Missguided Babe Power fragrance giveaway!”

  1. I would call it Florence. A beautiful city and also my daughter’s middle name. She loves perfume too so we would share this. 😊

    1. Hi Lynn and thanks for dropping by. Please do excuse my late reponse. I love the name Florence for a perfume and for a person. Have you ben there? I’d love to go.

      warmest wishes

      Sam xx

  2. Hullo I Scent You a Day! Long time reader of blog. Actually you are one of the main olfactory dons that I can thank/blame for getting me into the world of perfume and expanding my horizons beyond Arden’s ‘Red Door’ (gifted every Christmas since I was 14, worn maybe twice a year. Now my dressing table is being taken over by a slow, relentless march of samplers, sprays, and smellies – I take inspiration from thy blog in that you can find lovely stinks on high and low, and am currently alternating between Avon’s Far Away Infinity and Annick Goutal Musc Nomade).

    Since it took me a pathetically long time to realise your blog title was a pun, I would like to submit “J’odor” in tribute 🙂

    More seriously, I think ‘Aura’ could be a simple but effective name for a perfume as something that describes, in English, a a beautiful radiance (which is how a good perfume should feel around you) but also in Latin means ‘scent’ and ‘air’.

    All best!

    1. Dear Marla,

      What a lovely comment. That really does mean a lot. I love to hear that I’ve been a bad influence! 😉 I love Avon Infinity- I think it smells very similar to Paco Rabanne Olympea: the price is the biggest difference.

      Ah yes, the blog name was oiginally because it was my intention to review a perfume a day, but sometimes, what with two kids and freelancing on the side, it gets tricky. I love J’Odor!

      I am pleased to tell you that you won the giveaway. Can you email your address to iscentyouaday@gmail.com


  3. ‘Spiegel’, the German word for mirror.

    Because, perfume is meant to mirror something about yourself that can’t be put in to words, it’s sense based, and it can also be part of the whole smoke and mirrors thing, boosting confidence and trying new sides to yourself with new scents.

    Mostly though, I have to admit just love saying the word.

  4. I absolutely love orange blossom – almost all my faves have ‘neroli’ either as a top or a base note ingredient. And since I love gourmand perfumes as well, I’d probably call mine… Neroly Poly 🙂 – sweet yet zesty, fun and carefree, loves the sunshine just like me.

    Ps. I’m going to a Perfume Society workshop as per your recommendation, very much looking forward to it! Thank you. xx

    1. Dear Kirstie,
      you can indeed call it Behind The Scent. Whilst I’m here, may I congratualte you on a wonderful blog? I’m all signed up and following you as we speak. That would sound creepy before the digital age, right?

      best wishes

      Sam xxx

    1. Dear Becky,

      What a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning! Thank you for teaching it to me. I would love to wear a scent called Ælfscyne. I reckon it would be mossy and mysterious with wildflowers in it.

      Thank you so much for dropping by. I really so appreciate it.

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