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It’s hot in the UK today and we’re totally unprepared.  After wearing three layers to bed and three layers and a coat to do the school run,  I found myself struggling to find summer clothes in the sudden mini heatwave that hit us.

Although Wales, where I live, is my favourite place ever, there are certain weather anomalies that one must learn to endure. You can have rain all summer anda singular freak hot day in October, or a nine-month winter and a heatwave nobody’s ready for, which I think is what’s happening now.

photo from Russia Beyond the Headlines
photo from Russia Beyond the Headlines

A nice cold, ice cold fragrance feels like an essential rather than a luxury today so I thought I’d tell you a few of my Go-To scents on this sticky summer day.

When the weather’s hot, I want eau do cologne. This is not just because the high alcohol content cools down skin on contact but because the classic ingredients of herbs and citrus remain to this day the most refreshing combination you can get.  Most of the bottles I reach for have cologne elements in them.

Niobe from Cologne  and Cotton


On my dressing table is a large glass bottle of Niobe from Cologne and Cotton. It has the herbs and the citrus and surprisingly in a cologne,  even good longevity.  I have decanted it into a mini travalo for when out and about and I always get compliments.


Le Jardin Retrouve Citron Boboli: It was a photo finish between Citron Boboli and Verveine d’Ete.  Both are perfect for hot weather and the citrus will really put a zing in your step and take away the hot fussies.  You can read my review here.


Avon Little Black Dress Eau Fraiche: This one is going down fast. Lighter than the original, but still recognisably its flanker, this pale green bottle isn’t always available, so when it is, do grab it. My bottle was a fiver from the Avon brochure a few months back. I reviewed it here.


4160 Tuesdays Doe in the Snow: I adore this fresh peachy chypre and have a little travel bottle. In case you were wondering why I never reviewed it,  it’s because I cannot match or surpass this description “citrus fruits, flowers and woods, stirred with an icicle.” That’s exactly what it smells like and it is beautiful.  EDIT- I have since reviewed this and you can read my verdict here.

Copy of sparklycitrus


Avon Scent Essences Sparkly Citrus: I bought this for just £2.50 when it was on offer.  It’s a 30ml eau de toilette that does what it says on the tin and smells a lot more expensive that the price I paid. In a similar vein, do try Crabtree and Evelyn West Indian Lime.  I tried it in winter and it was good in cold weather, but it’s fantastic now.

orange sanguine

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine; I was sent a decant of this by my dear friend Patsi. Hi Patsi!  Atelier Cologne take all the things you love about the lightness and sharpness of cologne and add outstanding longevity.  Orange Sanguine is no exception. I also recommend Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil.


Yardley English Lavender is always uplifting, but never more so than when you keep it in the fridge and squirt your hot cleavage with it.  I’m hoping the words “hot cleavage” won’t direct the wrong sort of traffic to my site, but you never know,  the hot cleavage seekers might learn something.

Over to you

What’s your favourite Cool Down scent in hot weather? Do you keep any in the fridge?  Do let me know, I always love to hear from you.



23 thoughts on “How to Cool Down and Smell Good”

    1. Hi Jada, I had never heard of Florida water until you mentioned it. I looked it up on Amazon UK and there it is! Watch this space for reviews! I am indebted to you xxx

  1. Hi Samantha, fantastic article as ever! I’m mostly reaching for Jasper Conran Woman (amazing unisex citrus scent to be had for a bargain price), it has good longevity and reminds me a bit of my husband’s Pour Monsieur in the dry-down. Today I put on Weleda’a lavender body oil with SJP Lovely to carry on the lavender vibe. X

    1. Hi Lorna, and big thanks for your very kind words. A friend of mine was wearing Jasper Conran woman recently and smelled fabulous in it. Great choice! Oh, and good idea to mix your lavenders. I love Lovely! xx

      1. Was looking through my collection and pulled a few other good ‘uns: shalimar Eau Legere (fantastic complex citrus, sadly discontinued, wore all the time when I lived in Australia), Osmanthus (the Different Company, and Bvlgari Eau The Blanc. Xxx p.s also really interested in other readers’ suggestions – the Florida Water appeals – have been eyeing it up on Amazon uk.

      2. I love the eau legere! I think I reviewed it about four years ago. I was interested in the Florida Water too. I can feel a review coming on! xx

  2. I rotate through Florida Water (I live in Fla), 4711, & Jean Nate. All are great from a refrigerated spray bottle.

    1. Hi Julie, you and fellow commenter Jada ( see above) both enticed mt to look up Florida water and I’ll be ordering some soon. The bottles are so pretty too! Thanks for the tip xx

  3. Brilliant post. I always thought of lavender as a more cold weather scent, for all its cosiness, but I’ll definitely be trying that.

    I agree with the eau de cologne. I’ve been wearing a lot of acorelle’s tea garden, supposedly EdP but wears like cologne​, and L’occitane the vert & bigarade. Plus, I love Avon’s sparkly citrus and wild bergamot from the scent essences range.

    Quick question- how do you decant perfume from a spray bottle? It seems like you’re just randomly spraying your perfume to nothing. What am I missing?

    1. I’d never heard of Acorelle Tea Garden. I am learning so much today! I shall look inot this brand more. Good prices and I can find them on Amazon UK.

      As for decanting- I have a Travalo style spray. You take the nozzle bit off your chosen bottle and pump it up into the botton of the travel spray. Do you mind if I use this question in a futire Dear Aunty Sam piece? I could do mini demo. xxx

      1. That would be incredibly helpful. Thanks. I’ve been wondering how to decant stuff for ages to make it more amenable to carrying around. I have a tendency to buy ‘bargain’ 50 or 100ml bottles and then don’t want to lug it everywhere with me, particularly in hot weather, when you need extra top-ups, but carry less stuff!

      2. Thank you Rachael. I’ll do it early next week. My cameraman is off school that week! xx

  4. Know all about the hot weather. We have just had a very warm week in a supposedly wintery Johannesburg. What a great mix of cheapies and niche-ies here. I am a big fan of Atelier Cologne. These Avons sound so good. R

    1. Thank you! I didn’t realise you were in Johannesburg. It must be weird having winter in June, but I suppose you’re used to it. The Avons are fab and great to carry round as they are 30ml bottle but do the job nicely. I forgot to list Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Celestia, but this article was mainly about the ones I reach for, and I only have a small sample of that one. Enjoy your sunny winter! xx

  5. There’s a few that I like to spray on lavishly when the temperature rises. Roger & Gallet Fleur D’Osmanthus is really refreshing with a top burst of citrus, and for a cologne has fantastic lasting power and decent sillage. Payot Eau de Soin is very delicate and pretty, but not quite so lasting, but comes in 100ml bottle so spray with abandon. Lalique Encre Noire is a fantastic vetiver which packs a punch. Now all I need is some hot weather!

    1. Dearest Cassieflower, I haven’t tried Fleur d’osmanthus but I will now you’ve recommended it.Eau de Soin is a new one to me, will look out for that. Anything by Lalique is full marks in my book. They’ve never let me down. Warmest wishes Sam xx

  6. Some wonderful suggestions here – I will be whizzing over to Amazon shortly to check out the Florida Water! One of my cheap and cheerful favourites for a hot weather spritz is from good old M&S. Their Azure Breeze is beautifully refreshing when you first spray it on. Admittedly it doesn’t last very long, but it fades away to a gentle floral musk which is also very pleasant x

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