Celebrity Perfume: Still by Jennifer Lopez

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 You may have seen my recent post about celebrity perfumes in which I nailed my colours to the mast. I’m a fan. Celebrity fragrances are made by experts and priced to sell.  What’s not to love?

stillToday I am reviewing my new bottle of Still by Jennifer Lopez. It was recommended to me by friend of the blog Rachael, who is a fan of Still and told me she would love to read a review.  Like an olfactory DJ, I’m always happy to do requests. Rachael, this is for you.

Still opens with Earl Grey Tea and oranges,  giving this a lovely fresh and clean opening straight away.  My first thought is that this would make the perfect work scent.  It’s light and clean and surely would offend nobody.  The light opening pretty much stays put throughout, just gathering some lily of the valley, fressia and jasmine along the way.  None of this becomes rich or cloying; the orangey citrus notes keep everything light and zingy.

The base is allegedly sandalwood, amber, musk and pepper, but this really doesn’t end up as rich and spicy as those notes might suggest. In fact, I would say some nice clean musks, like freshly shampooed hair, and the faintest tang of clean spices, like a chai tea for example. still amazon

All in all, my bottle of eau de parfum was jolly good value at just over £10 for 30ml from Amazon UK. This would make a great gift for a teen since it is no way provocative, but clean, light and pretty.  Don’t worry if your teenage years are an embarrassing distant blur of cringiness- you can wear this even if you’re, ooh, I don’t know…47?  (Ahem).

JLo Still is absolutely bang on the money for summer, for work or for a young perfume recipient.  Or an attractive older woman.  From Wales.


You can buy this from Amazon UK like I did. Opinions are my own and I bought this for myself.


8 thoughts on “Celebrity Perfume: Still by Jennifer Lopez”

    1. It was the legendary Michel Girard, who also made Paco Rabanne 1 Million, and worked for Azzaro, YSL, Givenchy and many others. I tell you celeb scent snobs are missing out!

  1. This is my long time best celebrity fragrance. Or actually one in my top ten. I keep coming back on the rainy days, the days when I need perfume for work but don’t want to annoy anyone. Thanks for reviewing this little hidden gem!

  2. How good is this?!! Thank you so much.

    Just reading this review makes me like it even more and has helped me smell the individual notes better.

    You’re right, it works well as an office scent because it’s not too loud in anyway. I used to wear loulou and I don’t think that was fully appreciated in a small office, but Still works perfectly for me for all occasions. The only worry now is that if celeb scents are going out of fashion will it continue to be around for me to wear?!

    Thanks again for reviewing this. It’s made my year. You are fabulous.

  3. My dear Rachael,
    You’ve no idea how chuffed I am to read your beautiful comment. I love getting recommendations and after buying this on your word alone, I am delighted to have it on my dressing table. As I have just discovered, it was made by Michel Girard who has also created scent for Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Burberry, YSL and Nina Ricci. Next time anyone tells you they never wear celebrity fragrance, you can tell them that they’re missing out big time! Sam xxxx

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