The IScent Guide to the Best Celebrity Fragrances 2017


Over the past few years, I’ve encountered many people who wouldn’t dream of trying or buying a celebrity fragrance.  Either the quality is in doubt or they don’t consider themselves a fan of said celebrity. In fact, a Twitter user even asked me why I wanted to smell like JLo, which is hugely missing the point.

My only problem with celebrity fragrances is that they keep getting discontinued.  Out of my favourites from just three years ago, around six are impossible to get now.  The rumour on the grapevine is that celeb fragrances are on the way out, or at least on the way down, and I have mixed feelings about this. antonio_banderas_blue_seduction_for_men1Firstly, if all celeb fragrances were of the fruity floral fruitichoulil smellalike genre that so many were, then fine.  See ya.  No problem here. However, celebrity fragrances are like jumble sales.  Some of it looks a bit same old same old, but when you rummage, you unearth gold and treasure.


The other great thing about celebrity fragrances is that they are not expensive. They’re competing with other celebrity fragrances which are also not expensive, so they can’t risk sky high prices. That’s not their demographic.  Oh, and don’t forget that the celebrity doesn’t actually make them.

Celeb fragrances are made by liztemrespected houses such as Givauden, Coty and Elizabeth Arden. Some of the most respected noses in the business create the fragrances you see on the shelves.  Caroline Sabas, who created  Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Rihanna Reb’l Fleur and JLo Glowing also created Calvin Klein Downtown and Elizabeth Arden White Tea.  Meanwhile,  Steve Demercado, who created the superb Fancy Nights for Jessica Simpson, Queen for Queen Latifah and Paris Hilton Tease, is also responsible for Calvin Klein Escape and  Marc Jacobs For Women.

So if you ever visualised Beyoncé in a lab coat with a pipette moaning about the price of orris butter, you can rest easy that her fragrances are actually made by experts.

What follows below is an up-to-date, up-to-the minute round up of celebrity fragrances that you can definitely easily buy at the moment at the time of going to press, I promise.  Some are old faithfuls that have been around a while, and show no signs of leaving,  and some are new.  All of them are jolly good, at least in my opinion.

stasg long ad

  1.  Sarah Jessica Parker Stash SJP

This is my number one favourite.   SJP is rare in that she is deeply involved in the scents she creates and her own tastes influence what she launches.  In the case of Stash, I applaud her for taking a risk.  This smoky sandalwood and incense treat was never going to be a mass market crowd pleaser, but critics and fumeheads love it, as do I.  Here’s my review and here’s where you can buy it.


  1.  Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

I wear this regularly and now that my 100ml bottle is going down, I’m looking to replace it.  It suits just about everyone and to me, it has a wonderful 50s retro feel.  You can read my review here.  Many compare it to Narciso Rodriguez For Her.  You can buy Lovely in many places at varying prices. I bought mine from  here.


  1.   JLo Glow

A wonderfully clean scent that reminds me of freshly washed hair and clean laundry.  It lasts for ages too.   Launched in 2002, this shows no sign of going anyway and has become a classic for good reason.  You can buy it here. 


  1.  Britney Spears Curious

This was launched way back in ’04, which is a long time ago in the perfume universe..  I complimented a friend on this and asked her what she was wearing.  I was surprised when I found out it was Britney Curious as I’d written it off as mass market teen queen fodder.    Its use of magnolia and pear sets it apart from the usual pink sugary fruity florals and it has a lovely light feel to it with no stickiness.  Extra points for the beautiful blue glass bottle, and if you can get one with the puffy squeezy atomiser, even better.  You can buy it here.


  1.  Rihanna Rogue

Rogue made an impact on me because it didn’t go in the obvious direction that it could have. I t could have gone all pink pepper and red berries and vanilla, but it didn’t.  In fact, it reminded me of Serge Lutens Daim Blond, which is all about the unusual but genius combination of suede and apricots.  Here’s my review of Rogue and here’s where you can buy it.


  1.  Rihanna Reb’l Fleur

I have a full 100ml bottle of this.  I wouldn’t normally have thought of buying it, but my dear brother picked it out for me himself for my birthday. I was so touched. I hardly ever get perfume as a gift (violins!) and I was delighted to get this whopper.  Reb’l Fleur is a heavy hitting, patchouli rich fruity floral with a hit of coconut and vanilla.   Sillage is massive and longevity huge.  Two sprays in the morning and you’ll be sorted till tea time. You can buy it here.


  1.  Celine Dion Sensational

By a happy turn of fate, I stumbled across this in my local Lloyds Pharmacy when I was picking up my husband’s prescription.  There was a tester at the till and it was on special offer at 9.99.  I didn’t buy it  that day, and when I went back, it was gone.   However, I fell in love with it.  It lasted at least seven hours and was a delicious melange of pear, plum, freesia, lily of the valley and violet.  It opens like a juicy tropical fruit scent and segues into a stunning musky floral.  The nose behind it is the legendary Maurice Roucel.  This one is at the top of my Wanted list. You can buy it here.

liz t

  1. Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

This opens like an aldehyde and ends like a chypre.  Full of old school Hollywood glamour, this is bursting with all the rich white flowers: tuberose, jasmine, neroli.  It’s not really one for the young palate of today, but as a fan of classic chypres and big eighties sillage, this is right up my street.  It’s cheap as chips and widely available.  Round of applause for the diamante choker round its neck. You can buy it here.

adam levine

9.  Adam Levine For Her

This is a real gem that often goes under the radar.  Lisa Jones let me borrow her bottle and I was very impressed. This comes in a smart white box in a bottle that’s shaped like a microphone. This is a woody, slightly spicy scent with a long, langorous sandalwood base.  It is so cheap I was suspicious, but I can vouch for its fabulousness.  Plus you know, Adam Levine.  Cor.  You can read my review here and buy it from here for less than ten quid.  Oh, and it’s totally unisex, so ignore the “For Her” label.
  1. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

This has featured on my previous best celeb scents list and it qualifies for this one because it is still available and still cheap.  It has patchouli, papyrus and amber, and many say that it is a dead ringer for Prada Amber ( and it is!).  Still available on Amazon for under £20 for a big bottle.  Here’s my review.

jlopez_deseo-perfumeThe ones I miss

The following celeb fragrances are either available but three times the price they were, or impossible to find.  Reader, I mourn them: JLo Deseo, Hilary Duff with Love, Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection- Dawn, Endless and Twilight, Queen by Queen Latifah, Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini.

celeb discont

The ones I want to try

Antonio Banderas’s vast range (he has been launching scent since 1997), Drew Barrymore’s new ones, Joan Collins’ new ones for Marks and Spencer, Sofia by Sofia Vergara and Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia and Passion, which I still haven’t tried.

 How about you?

What celebrity fragrances do you like to wear? Which ones do you miss?  Which do you want to try?  Do let me know. I always love to hear from you.


21 thoughts on “The IScent Guide to the Best Celebrity Fragrances 2017”

  1. I agree celeb fragrances are a bit of a mixed bag. While most are sweet gak there is the odd beauty to be found as long as you can get past the idea of aligning yourself with some celeb or other, (though once its sprayed who’s to ever know?).

    I agree with SJPs perfumes. I have Lovely and it is comforting and lovely lavender. I strangely liked Covet, but haven’t managed to get my paws on Stash yet to smell.

    The other celeb scents I have and adore are Still by J-Lo, supposedly tea scented, but smells all jasmine and white flowers to my hooter, and then Eau de Gaga, which is fresh lime and all dazzling and perfect for summer. I also love the Eau de Gaga bottle. It’s like By Kilian for those on a budget, or just desperately awaiting the next pay cheque.

    1. My dear Rachael, I quite agree, although as far as aligning myself goes, I still refuse point blank to ever try anything Kardashian. That’s a step too far for me! Funnily enough when I first tried Hilary Duff I had to Google her as I had no idea who she was, but I fell hard for With Love, which really is/was a cut above usual sleb far. xx

    2. Oh, and I quite fancy the sound of JLo Still and might even buy it blind. I forgot about Eau de Gaga- that’s a really good one. xx

  2. I bought the Adam Levine one you recommended a while back. I liked it, although the saffron sat a bit too bitter on me, so I handed it off to a friend. I’d like to try all the frags named here, tbh. I’ll keep an eye out the next time I’m in boots, and once my sinuses have settled down! 😀

    1. My dear nicht, you are not alone in having trouble with the saffron. I think this would be more popular if it were toned down a little. I hope your sinuses get better soon! xxx

  3. I miss Boyfriend by Kate Walsh! Hilary Duff was really good, especially since my tween at the time liked it and it was something I could tolerate her wearing lol.

    1. I’ve never heard of boyfriend by Kate Walsh. Its clearly discontinued so don’t tell me how gorgeous it was! Typical, isn’t it? Your tween had good taste to like the Hilary Duff- such a shame it’s not made any more!
      Thanks for dropping by xx

    1. Only $8?? I think you win! That’s an amzing price. I did try this a while back and wuite liked it. I think it had tea in it? Rachael ( see above) is right in saying it resembles a Killian bottle. Thanks for dropping by! xxx

  4. This is a great round-up. I have overlooked a lot of these. When I am out and about tomorrow, I will give some of these a whiff. Elizabeth Taylor is still the benchmark for celeb fragrances. R

    1. Thank you Richard, it was hard to stop at 10. I nearly ended up doing 14! Elizabeth Taylor started the avalanche, although funnily enough, Cher was first, fact fans. Thanks for dropping by xx

  5. Just bought Stash yesterday. 20% off in Superdrug! It’s completely wonderful – everything I hoped it would be, and perfect for Autumn. I have the Adam Levine which I enjoy and it cost £2.99, but it drew much revulsion from family members so I’m afraid to put it on. Contrary to this I have received lots of complements when wearing Fancy Nights. Think it must be something to do with it’s ambery dry down.

    1. Hi Lorna, always a joy! 20% off you say? Hmm. I may have some points to use up. Fancy Nights is sooo like Prada Amber, isn’t it? I couldn’t tell them apart. Shame they didn;t like the Adam Levine. Some people have trouble with the marigold and saffrom in it. To me, it was all about the sandalwood. Plus, you know, Adam Levine. Cor!

    1. Thanks so much. I don’t think we can get them here in the Uk, but I’m a big fan of hers. She’s brilliant on Modern Family.

  6. I really respect SJP scents but have not had luck wearing any well. I did receive a small sample of Covet Bloom that might work better for me.
    They don’t get a lot of love but I adore Beckham scents. Loving Intimate and especially Intimate Nights, I wish I had bought more when they were on the Marshall shelves a few years ago. Signature for her is one of my favorites too. Intimately Yours was a good quality one I had to sadly swap because of the strong Frangipani note (one I can’t tolerate).

    1. I love the Beckham fragrances. I often recommend david Beckham fragrances to people buying for their husbands, sons and boyfriends. Intimately Beckham is a wonderful daytime floral and you’re right, it doesn’t get enough love! Glad to meet a fellow fan xx

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