12 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Kitten Fur: Warm and Fuzzies”

    1. Dear Bee, always lovely to hear from you. I didn’t realise that Boots have stopped stocking these. That’s a real shame as I think it’s nice to try a few before you buy. Do you have a favourite LOF scent?

  1. Love your review, I was curious how it would scent and I must really scent this! Great photographs of you and your cats. Really like the kitten photograph but then I have a weak spot for gingers having one myself 😊 Happy Easter, Sam!

    1. Hi Esperanza, how are you? Are you getting good weather in the Netherlands? I would love to visit Amsterdam one day. I’ve ehard it’s just beautiful. Anyway, we ginger lovers have to stick together. It’s hard to stop when you’ve got one isn’t it? I have two gingers and want more! xxx

  2. Cute pics and would love to try this fragrance sometime. Is it my imagination or are fragrance lovers more likely to be cat lovers too? IG certainly creates that impression. Thanks. R

    1. Richard- you’ve read my mind. It has often occurred to me that so many frag lovers are also cat people. I have most definitely found my tribe! xx

  3. I’m glad you clarified that the smell is less young kitten (which I do associate with cat litter and pee!) but more well groomed older cat. I love the smell of Molly’s fur!

    1. Hi Gail, yes kittens don;t smell great, but I love the idea of kitten fur. They are the most adorable things ever invented (apart from the smell!) xx

    1. Puppy Breath is a good one! I’ve also had a few friends ask for Puppy Paws too. However, I can see why nobody’s made one called “cat breath”. It wouldn’t be a big seller if it was based on my three bird eating carnivores.

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