Gorgeous and a Bargain: Avon Far Away Bella

far away bella

Avon Far Away is Avon’s best-selling perfume by a country mile.  Even the flankers are good.  You may recall my review of Avon Far Away Infinity and Avon Far Away Exotic.   Today I am reviewing Avon Far Away Bella, and let me just say that it won me over  as soon as I saw that it was wearing a little scarf.

So how does it smell? faraway Pretty darn good, especially when you think that I bought it from a recent Avon brochure for the princely sum of five pounds for a 50ml Eau de Parfum.

Did I mention longevity? Around six or seven hours, so a few squooshes in the morning should set you up for the day.   Incidentally, don’t expect this to resemble the original Far Away, which is a cosy feast of vanilla and coconut, because it doesn’t.


Avon Far Away Bella opens with a refreshing fruity note, namely oranges.  This lacks a sickliness that some fruity overtures can have.   So often the red berries and the pink pepper brigade can drown any notes to come, but this mandarin note is rather pretty and uplifting.  The middle goes floral, and we’re talking magnolia, so again, not too sweet, and not too far away exoticheady.  I definitely got a blast of jasmine too. The base is simply tonka bean. This is a hay like note with a faint background of almondy vanilla notes.  In Far Away Bella, the use of tonka instead of ubiquitous vanilla extract is an understated touch that I appreciated.  You may have gathered by now that too much vanilla turns me off, but this is a pleasant  sweetness blended with a light hand.

Over on Fragrantica, some readers are saying that it reminded them of Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia, no less, as well as Yves Saint Laurent Cinema Festival. I have smelled neither, so cannot comment, but these people usually know what they’re talking about.

My verdict is that Far Away Bella is a heck of a gem and a heck of a bargain.  It’s a light and pretty fruity floral that smells very current and holds back on the sugar.  I reckon the youngsters will go for this, as well as the 47 year old perfume bloggers.  Nicely done, Avon.

How about you?

How about you?  Do you have a favourite Avon fragrance?  Do let me know.  I always love to hear from you.


You can find Far Away Bella on Avon UK, or from your Avon rep, if you have one, or on eBay.   The current brochure price is £9 but this can vary from month to month, depending on offers.  I purchased my own bottle and opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “Gorgeous and a Bargain: Avon Far Away Bella”

  1. My current Avon favourite is Wild Bergamot from the scent essences line. Fresh and crisp and not overplayed. Perfect for day to day in the summer i keep hoping is around the corner. Mind you last time I went to order another bottle it seems it’s vanished, but i still have one in reserve.

    That marine scent you reviewed from 4160 looks divine- definitely on the summer sample list.

    1. Hi Jane and thanks for dropping by. I’m really glad you mentioned the Avon Scent Essence collection because I reckon it’s a range of fantastic little scents for very little money. The green ones are especially good. I have a Lime Verbena one and a Citrus Burst. I think they cost around £3 each and they are unbeatable in summer. So glad to have found a fellow fan!

  2. I’d really really love to know how much the raw juice per kilo of a scent like this is compared with a flabbergasta niche job with a hugely inflated price. If they can make a decent smelling scent for five pounds it really does make you wonder !

    1. Hi Neil, how are you? It’s an interesting debate isn’t it? I always find that niche scents have the best, most authetic smelling ingreidnts because the pefumer’s personal repuatatuon is on the line. However, many mainstream scents are sold on image rather than quality if you ask me (and you did! :-)). Look at how well celebrity fragrance took off- that was all about image, although many were good and have remained favourites. Whislt I don’t really want to encourage dupes, I am all in favour of affordable on trend perfumes and Avon are filling that gap and showing others that it can be done.

      Are still in Japanese Hospital? and is the food very bad?

      sending a hug


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