Share your #smellfie for #nationalfragranceday!

Yes, it’s National Fragrance Day 2017, although if you’re a fumehead like me, ( and you probably are if you’re reading this blog) then every day is Fragrance Day.  Taking a #smellfie is all the rage on this special day , and I felt I must run with the pack.

However,  being a bit of a luddite and not having fathomed out the selfie stick I had for Christmas, I  was forced to use the least worst shots of a lengthy smellfie session. Plus I seem to either stare or blink- no middle ground.

BeFunky Design triple smellfie

Dear reader, you can see the conclusion I arived at.   The scent I chose, by the way,  is Mary Greenwell Fire.  I bought it last year from The Fragrance Shop for the princley sum of £19.99 and it’s become a firm favourite.  Do not ever throw the lid at anything fragile though, unless you are trying to escape from a  dangerous animal.   The lid weighs a ton and could smash a phone box.  Remember phone boxes? That’s a #scentmemory I’d rather not revisit.

How about you? What would you take a smellfie with? Your SOTD or your favourite ever? Do let me know. I always love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Share your #smellfie for #nationalfragranceday!”

  1. Hi, Happy National Fragrance Day! I’m a regular reader of your blog and I enjoy it very much! I bought Mary Greenwell Fire and Lemon from the Fragrance Shop. Love both, but SOTD is Gucci Rush. I am technically challenged so didn’t dare post a smelfie, even though I wanted to. Regards, a fellow fumehead.

  2. Dear Bina, what a lovely message! You have great taste. Fire is such a fabulous fragrance. As for Gucci Rush- it was a slow burn, but once I “got” it, I could see its genius. It’s extremely good stuff.

    Mind you, I haven’t forgiven Gucci for discontinuing Gucci Envy!

    I do hope you will keep finding intesrsting things on my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

    best wishes

    Sam xxx

  3. Long time lurker here! Thanks again for your Baccarat Rouge recommendations! My love affair with roses has been revisited, and the one that stole my heart is Tobacco Rose by Papillon. ❤ I wear it when I’m not around the bf, his nose is very sensitive and that particular scent seems to affect him rather adversely😞. The man can smell garlic on a person even when they ate it yesterday. It’s almost frightening. 😂

    1. Hello Mia and thnak you so much for making the leap from lurker to poster1 You are very welcome. make yourself at home. There are biscuits in the tin. Move the cat. You have great taste- I adore Tobacco Rose and rate it as a work of genius. Have you smelled the other Papillon fragrances? Anubis is very good and it always astonishes me that it was perfumer Liz Moores’ first ever perfume. It’s truly excellent. Your BF should sniff more perfumes. If his nose is senstive, he already has a head start. It could be quite funny. I love getting my kids to sniff testers and seeing their faces!

      Do drop by again. You were no trouble!

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