Perfume Questions? Ask Aunty Sam…


Dear beloved readers,

Lately I have been asked many questions by people with queries about perfume. These vary from “what smells like…?” queries to “Where can I get…?” queries. It got me thinking, my friends.  How about a little post that’s all about your perfume questions and queries?

Just email me or post your question below or on Twitter or Facebook and I will do my very best to answer them.  You can even be anonymous if you like!

So, fire away.  Do you want to know if there’s a smellalike to a long discontinued favourite?  Does a newly reformulated favourite resemble an old one?  Which are the best cheap and cheerfuls?  Tell Aunty Sam your scented dilemmas.  I’m  all ears and all nostrils!







4 thoughts on “Perfume Questions? Ask Aunty Sam…”

  1. I love Gucci’s Envy (like you) and have a small, ever shrinking decant. What do you think is good substitute for when it runs out?!

    1. That’s an intesrsting question Anne. May I use it in a future blog post? In the meantime, I rather like Isabella Rosselini Manifesto, Chanel Cristalle and Jo Loves No 42 The Flower Shop

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