“It Smells Like Sky” Perfumes for White Floaty Days.

edward robert hughes
Heart of Snow by Edward Robert Hughes

Back in the 1980s there was a fabric conditioner advert on the TV that had a small child sniffing clean laundry and proclaiming “it smells like sky.”  I know exactly what that child means when I smell certain perfumes.

klimt in white

There are days when we need something pure and clean and ethereal, especially after, shall we say, overindulgence?  You don’t need a reason, sometimes you just feel all  floaty.

The perfumes on the following list have been selected for those sorts of days. When you just want to be all mindful and press the reset button in your overloaded brain- and what generation before us, has ever had to remember as many passwords and pin numbers? Poor us, we deserve some soothing scents that say Shh…there, there.

amazin grace

Philosophy Amazing Grace

This has to be the leader of the pack when it comes to smelling as if you live on a cloud. Pure and clean and smelling like you’ve been freshly laundered and dusted with Angel’s blessings, Philosophy Amazing Grace will suit just about anyone.


Eau de Cartier

This was my go-to hangover scent back when I could drink more than two glasses without needing an early night and bed socks. Created by genius Christine Nagel, Eau de Cartier is a harmonious symphony of lavender, violet and bergamot. It’s so gentle, it almost make you feel better just by wearing it.


Library of Fragrance Clean Skin

Library of Fragrance has a spotless record in my book. They always do what they say they’ll do, and they provide excellent quality scents, that despite being colognes, often outlast many eau de toilettes on my skin.  Library of Fragrance Clean Skin  has a purity about it that made me feel like I’d just stepped out of a regenerating spa bath without so much as a blemish on my character.

lalique lamour

Lalique L’Amour

Lalique makes superb light and airy scents. They just make me want to pour the whole bottle over my head.  Lalique L’Amour  is no exception. This is all gentle watercolours. With neroli, bergamot and jasmine, even the sandalwood and musk base enters the room on tip toe.


Cacharel Noa

Cacharel Noa smells like clean, freshly washed hair, with a bloom’n’fade coffee bean in the middle of it. Trust me, the coffee bean seems to pin it down and stop it floating away. I love Noa and I call it excellent value at around £15.

pur blanca

Avon Pur Blanca

The harshest thing that people ever say about Pur Blanca is that it’s “boring.” Well, I don’t find it boring. Sometimes I want to smell like piles of white linen and white soap and fluffy towels, and that’s why I like the bargain that is Avon Pur Blanca.


JLo Glow

I won’t hear a word against celebrity scents as long as JLo and Sarah Jessica Parker are churning them out.  JLo Glow was created in 2002. It’s long life, especially for a celeb scent, is testament to its universal appeal.  Glow opens with grapefruit and neroli and  segues inot jasmine and roses.  It’s light as a feather  and makes me want to wear something diaphanous. There are many flankers, but I still like the original one best of all.

aqua celestia fb

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia

My most recent review prior to this one, was Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia. Totally unisex, with mint and bergamot, nothing says clear, crystal waters more than this heavenly scent.

painting by Edward Robert Hughes
painting by Edward Robert Hughes

How about you?

Do you agree with my list? What’s your favourite scent that says “I want the world to go away today and I’m staying under this lovely white duvet”?  Do let me know. I always love to hear from you.


all white

19 thoughts on ““It Smells Like Sky” Perfumes for White Floaty Days.”

  1. Lovely idea for an article! Couldn’t agree more with Noa. My other ‘floaty’, no brainer fragrances include Infusion de Iris Absolue and another by Library of Fragrance called Fresh Linen (a great bedtime scent). Xx

    1. Hi Lorna and thanks for commenting. I adore the Prada infusion D’Iris line- so delicate! Have you tried the otehr infusions? I think there’s an Amande and an Iris Cedar, but I really liked the Infusion Fleur D’orange. I’ll try that LOF Fresh Linen- such a fab range! best wishes Sam xx

      1. I don’t like almonds, and was underwhelmed by the Orange Blossom one, but the Iris Cedar sounds just up my street. Will try and get hold of a sample, thanks!

    1. Hi bellissimoal- ah yes! the beauty of White Linen. I dodged it for years before realising how beautifully oakmossy and floral it is. A classic. Best wishes Sam xx

      1. Ahh white linen! I was given a small bottle that my mother (who was allergic to most perfume) got as a freebie. At first whiff I was underwhelmed, but decided to try again and loved it’s oakmossyness :).x Amy x

      2. Dear Amy- same here! It was not love at first sniff for me, but a few years into my chypre obsession and the penny dropped. White Linen is a classic. xx

  2. Some lovely choices there Sam. Unfortunately i could not stay under my white cloud of a duvet but i chose to wear Byredo, La Tulipe today – beautifully fresh, and spring like – giving optimism and hope for the days ahead and the impending back to work sadness! xx

    1. I have a sample of that in my drawer of mystery. I shall scoop it out to see what you mean. I do love a good tulip. xxx

  3. Lush’s Breath Of God reminds me of a night time, snowy sky as I walked down a street at the foot of the Alps in Germany many years ago..one whiff of This, and the opening strains of Linger playing, and I’m there x Amy x

  4. From your list I know (and love) Amazing Grace and Aqua Celestia. I find these light and airy too
    Frederick Malle l’eau d’ Hiver
    Byredo gypsy water
    4160 Tuesday Invisible Ben

    1. Ah! L’Eau d’Hiver! Great choice. Have you smelled it alongside Guerlain Apres L’Ondee? They really bring the best out in each other.

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