Lancome Poeme: A Riddle


Like a fragrance DJ, I do requests, and a request to write a review of Lancome Poême came from friend of the blog, Vivienne Tuffnell. Vivienne asked if I have ever reviewed Poême and it occurred to me that I hadn’t and I couldn’t think why not. The very next day I took myself off to my local House of Fraser and decided to try some. I won’t comment on the fact that there were seven testers of La Vie est Belle and nothing else. All right then, I will. Please put ALL the Lancome testers out!  How am I supposed to get my fix of Lancome Magie Noire if I can only see La Vie Est Belle?  The nice sales assistants had to get Poême out of a drawer so I could try it. Several hours later and the scent is still on my arm.

This is a complex scent that cannot be summed up concisely. It’s more of a riddle than a poem. It was created by legendary genius Jacques Cavallier, who deserves his status of Legend. For starters he made L’Eau D’Issey, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, and pretty much all of Stella McCartney’s fragrance line, except POP. Poême was always going to be good stuff.

Juliette Binoche. isn't she beautiful?
Juliette Binoche. isn’t she beautiful?

Poême opens with yellow flowers, but also gave me a hint of Beeswax a la Burts Bees. It has both a golden warmth and a clean laundry thing going on at the same time. This is clever stuff. There is orange blossom right from the start, and peaches and plum. The flowers come in around now: freesias, roses, mimosa. This is a pretty floral but at the same time, so much more.

Poême is a slippery character when it comes to sticking a label on it, and that’s no bad thing. This is a perfect scent for Spring, with its narcissus and mimosa, yet it has a warmth in the base that lends it to Autumn: namely amber, cedar and musk. Underneath the dainty spring flowers there is hard wood and polish ( that beeswax again!).

I rather like this lack of structure. I like people who shrug labels, and I like perfume that does it too. Poême had me foxed. Fragrantica has it down as a Floral Oriental, but I wouldn’t say it quite fits either category. Poême does its own thing in free verse.

Yellow and white flowers, peaches, beeswax, orange flower and back again. That’s Poême. I think.


I tried this in House of Fraser. Poeme is widely available. Try Amazon UK.


5 thoughts on “Lancome Poeme: A Riddle”

  1. I think it suits me rather well; am a bit of a riddle of a person too.
    I also think it’s perhaps going to be one of those that is a sort of signature scent for me ie it’s one I will buy again.
    Thanks for reviewing it; it’s wonderful!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Viv! It’s years since I’ve visited Poeme so it was nice to sniff it again with a bit mire experience. It’s an unusual scent that seems to defy genre. But i say hooray for that! x

      1. I like anything that defies genre or even thumbs its nose at it. Talking of which, did you ever try SuperworldUnknown from (now) Gorilla perfumes? A.Mazing! A real olefactory journey.

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