Boss The Scent For Her: New Release for 2016

boss for her


Hugo Boss fragrances for women have impressed me very much in the past. Boss Jour reminded me, albeit briefly, of my beloved Gucci Envy and Boss Ma Vie was a joyous symphony of freesia and green notes (cactus to be precise). I therefore squirted Boss The Scent For Her with optimistic abandon this morning on my post summer holiday sojourn into town.

Initial thoughts: Peaches. Lots of them. A whole peach farm in Peach Land, governed by President Peach and his wife Peachy.  My next thought was, bizarrely, tropical fruit: namely the Mango. (In fact, it may be the osmanthus, which is apricot blossom).

After an hour of wearing Boss The Scent, and on arriving home with glamorous supermarket bags of glamorous cat food and school jumpers, I gave Boss The Scent another sniff.  By now the peaches had gone very gourmand and vanilla-like. This is a shame because, despite my initial dodging of peaches in scent, I have since come round and a peach fragrance done well, can be a pleasant surprise( hello Lanvin Arpege!).

However, I found that the addition of vanilla ( actually Cacao) puts this straight into the generic gang that consists of fruity/floral vanilla scents. You know the ones. There’s loads of ’em.

Shame, because Ma Vie and Boss Jour were pretty darn good.

Disclaimer- Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean you won’t. Have a little try if you see it. You might get a different story.


You can buy Boss The Scent For Her at The Perfume Shop or The Fragrance Shop on your local High Street. Prices are around £44 for 30ml at the time of posting this review.


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