4711 Nouveau Cologne: Don’t Hold Back

nouveau cologne

You know those days when it’s so muggy you want a shower every couple of hours? When skin feels sticky and hot? 4711 Nouveau Cologne is exactly what you need on such days.

You will probably be familiar with perennial classic 4711, which I love, but 4711 Nouveau Cologne is a modern take on that. It’s more of a “fraiche” version  and despite being a cologne, it was kind enough to hang around for a while: working its cooling, fresh magic on hot skin.

nouveau bottle

This is no one-hit wonder: there are many fragrance notes involved in this perfect pick-me-up, making it both complex and universal ( and unisex).  I can’t think of anyone that this wouldn’t suit.  It opens with citrus, as a good cologne should, (yuzu from the grapefruit family), but you will also find light floral notes: namely peony and a hint of heliotrope and spicy geranium (mild spicy, like black pepper, not hot spicy like chili). There is a faint hint of white musk in the base, which to my nose, is pleasantly soapy and clean. 

I don’t expect longevity from colognes: they are designed as an instant refresher, but this one lasted an hour or two, making it ideal for your handbag and for that lunchtime lift.

The price is spot on: this is  a bargain. I found it on Escentual for just 11.00. My sample was from Cologne and Cotton. Although I can’t find 4711 Nouveau Cologne on their website today,  you can check out their fabulous range, which includes several from the mouthwatering Acqua Colonia range. Opinions are my own.


You can buy 4711 Nouveau Cologne from Escentual, or Amazon UK.

3 thoughts on “4711 Nouveau Cologne: Don’t Hold Back”

  1. I went to their actual shop in Cologne a few years ago; bought a tiny bottle (I mean tiny) of the classic cologne and a bottle of their other type (vetivert and something) for a friend.
    I also sprayed myself in every inch of skin I could to try them all!

    1. The actual shop, Viv? That sounds like my idea of Heaven! I love a good cologne. I just wish they lasted longer, but then respritzing feels so refreshing!

      1. It was fab; it’s just off the main square where the massive cathedral is. I love cologne for those days when I can’t really decide *who* I am and may change several times a day. or for times when I am on a coach with 45+ other people and don’t want to choke everyone with a perfume that’s too strong and too lasting!

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