Hollister Wave For Her


Yesterday I popped into my local Superdrug. I like it in there. They always have lots of testers and many half price fragrances. I spotted Hollister Wave For Her and had a thorough try of it: coat sleeves and all. It lasted several hours, I’ll give it that, but left me underwhelmed.  I know that I’m not a member of the Hollister demographic. At forty six, I’m about thirty years too late, so I simply sprayed and went to catch the bus in my comfy boots and sensible handbag.

Hollister Wave For her opens with synthetic flowers. I recognised orchid, since I almost always have a problem with it. It’s used in some Avon perfumes and I always find it jarringly fake and plasticky.  After the orchid came some generic synthetic fruity notes: quince and star fruit. I didn’t like those either. It’s rounded off with sandalwood, amber ( yes, I got a bit of that) and here’s a new one me: solar notes. I looked it up on Fragrantica and it came in under the genre of “natural and synthetic, popular and weird.” I don’t really know what the solar notes added, but this was a very generic fruity floral. So generic, I’m sure I’ve smelled it at least a hundred times.

However, as I said up there ^, this wasn’t made for the likes of me. I like mossy chypres. I was never going to like this, was I? That doesn’t mean to say it won’t be a big seller and very popular.  It does mean that it will never make it to my agreeably overflowing dressing table.


You can buy Hollister Wave For Her from Superdrug from £19 for 30ml.





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