5 thoughts on “Perfume Shopping: The Best of the UK High Street”

  1. I *so* wish you hadn’t said that about TK Maxx.. L’artisan and Penhaligan’s are some of my all time faves; I’m currently hoping that book sales will pick up and I can reward myself with a proper bottle of Penhaligan’s Hammam Bouquet (I have a nice wee sample). When one book passed a certain significant milestone, I treated myself to some L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse.
    I bought myself the Amber from the Monotheme range and love it, but it may wait till winter now for using; seems wrong during warmer, lighter days.
    I may have a peep in the Perfume Shop in Norwich next time I am there unsupervised; never dared go in before!

    1. Hi Viv!

      I hope those book sales roll in so you can spoil yourself! Monotheme is a very good brand. i like how they keep it simple, but do it well.

      Sorry I’m so late in replying, for some reason, they didn’t show up on my dashboard, but all solved now.

      best wishes

  2. Whatttt. Friedemoden in TKMaxx? Amazing news. I would presume that we may just get what is left over from what you guys across the water don’t want. LOL. I must investigate – though i have seen L’Artisan in there before Xmas, so here’s hoping. I tend not to go ‘into town’ much but i do check M&S regularly and will be back to TKMaxx. Thanks for keeping us all updated on what is out there – you are, in a way, our own personal enabler! I have a gift card for Boots but i keep changing my mind what i want – i obviously have too much perfume, or perhaps it is that i like my gratification delayed……….. 🙂 xx

  3. Hello dear Patsi,

    There was one part of your post I didn’t understand. What do you mean “too much perfume?” There’s no such thing! It’s a myth! What you meant to say was “there’s still room for more perfume in my house and if there isn’t, I’ll build a shed.”

    It’s probably just as well you don’t go into town too often. I’ve had a couple of accidents lately where my money has landed in a till and perfume has landed in my hand before I could do anything about it. Ooops!

    Sorry for the late reply. I do appreciate your lovely comments

    Sam xx

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