Atelier Cologne: Bergamote Soleil: A Lasting Citrus

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This is the first time I have reviewed an Atelier Cologne scent and it won’t be the last. Founded in Paris by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel in 2009, the concept of cologne is made into something more resonant, using ingredients that anchor the scent for longer. I found a sample of Bergamote Soleil in my Perfume Society Eaux La La Discovery Box and wore it all day yesterday. I can report that this may be the longest lasting citrus fragrance I have ever tried.

Sylvie Ganton and Christophe Cervazel
Founders Sylvie Ganton and Christophe Cervasel

Bergamote Soleil is a cologne absolue and that means a 15% concentration: around three times an eau de toilette strength. Usually citrus has trouble sticking around, but not here. Coupled with bitter orange this is a stunning invigorating summer scent that won’t get lost as the day heats up. It’s no one-trick pony though: this has gentle musk from ambrette (a plant based sub for animal musk), jasmine, and a green, chypre finish with oakmoss, vetiver and amber. That bergamot never wavers and stays to the end, around nine hours later on my skin.

Atelier bottles, like Serge Lutens bottles, come with a removable spray so you can use your bottle as either spray of splash. This means you can add a few drops to your bath and give your bathroom that five star hotel aroma whilst you’re in there.

This Paris based perfume house made me stand up and pay attention, so you will be hearing more from me about this great perfume house in future.


You can buy Atelier Colognes from several UK stockists. Try Selfridges, Les Senteurs or John Lewis. You can also buy from the website, but check shipping Ts &Cs. You can buy the Perfume Society Eaux La La Discovery Box from The Perfume Society website.


8 thoughts on “Atelier Cologne: Bergamote Soleil: A Lasting Citrus”

  1. Hello dear Sam. Bergamot Soliel sounds wonderful and has been on my ‘to buy’ list for some time now. Perfect for this weather. One day… one day i shall own it! I have Atelier’s Pomelo Paradis which i adore – grapefruit, mandarin and blackcurrant – d.lish.ous! Atelier can do no wrong in my eyes! I look forward to your future reviews of this house. xx

    1. My dear Patsi, Once again we are in agreement! This is a fabulous brand and I will be going back to my post to edit the bit about longevity- it was around nine hours in the end! I hope to try more. I shall send you my sample. Sorry I’ve been so late. Half term kind of took over. xxx

    1. Hi Scentbound, and thanks for commenting. I agree with you. They have all the great qualities of colognes but with outstanding longevity. A great brand!
      best wishes Sam

  2. I have the Eau La La box too, and I’m enjoying reading your posts while smelling the samples! Bergamot Soleil is gorgeous…perfect for the summer that’s gone missing in the East Midlands this week

    1. Hi Anne and thanks for commenting. I love this box and will be reviewing the whole thing very soon!

      best wishes

      Sam x

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