Lalique Amethyst Eclat 2014 Review

lalique eclat

Lalique Amethyst Eclat is the 2014 flanker to the original Lalique Amethyst from 2007. With delightful packaging and a scent I loved straight away, this might well be going on my “I need a Full Bottle” list (which is looooong).

My first impression of Amethyst Eclat was purple fruit and violets. In fact, there are no violets ( there is violet woodsorrel, however, which is sometimes known as sour grass). I can’t help it though! I found violets. Fine by me- I love them. The notes are as follows:

Top notes: Blackcurrant, raspberry, pear

Middle notes: Peony , rose, magnolia

Base notes: Blackberry, musk, violet woodsorrel

The fruit is sharp and sweet and aromatic. No stickiness here. The flowers make this fusion one of lightness which makes this very suitable for summer. Peony is, in my opinion, the prettiest and girliest scent note of any flower and here it is teamed with another of my favourites: magnolia.

Amethyst Eclat is a clean scent, reminiscent of that just bathed feeling before you put put freshly laundered clothes on. Blackcurrant can sometimes smell a bit like cat pee, but here it is is rich and bitter, softened by flower petals and musk. Fans of L’Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc may find something to like here. This is a fruity floral with a difference. It’s delicate and well balanced. No single note is allowed to dominate. To me, it smells like a beautiful summer garden with a hint of white musk soap. Beautiful!


I obtained my sample from The Perfume Society Eaux La La Discovery Box, which you can buy from the Perfume Society website. You can buy a full bottle from Amazon.UK or

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