Mary Greenwell Lemon: Niche Style Chypre on the High Street

lemon bottle

You may have gathered by now that I am a big fan of Mary Greenwell fragrances. I have previously reviewed Plum and the superb Fire, and today I will be reviewing Lemon.

Lemon is chock full of citrus when you first spray it on.  Not just the eponymous lemon, but bitter orange and sharp limes too. This is a beautifully fresh, astringent, cologne style opening.  Unlike a cologne, however, this lemon has staying power, which is no mean feat. It gets even better though. The middle notes are floral and light. There are spring petals in there: namely lily of the valley, hyacinth and  jasmine.  The lemon stays true throughout whilst sidestepping any temptation to smell like lemon meringue. Incidentally, if you like lemon meringue scent, try Boucheron Trouble or Marks and Spencer Gabriella, both discontinued but still alive and well on eBay.


This really reminded me of O de Lancome– one of the most perfect summer scents ever, but this has more tart, bitter lemon.   What Lemon does so beautifully though, is merge from a zingy citrus into a lemony, green chypre. There’s oakmoss in abundance,  a touch of warm amber and a noticeable flourish of woody notes. It lasts around five or six hours and is one of my bargains of the year. It’s classy packaging and quality ingredients belie the £7.50 I paid for my gold 7.5ml purse spray. This is high end , low price chypre chic and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


The Mary Greenwell range is available from The Fragrance Shop in store or online. Prices start at just £7.50 for a purse spray.


10 thoughts on “Mary Greenwell Lemon: Niche Style Chypre on the High Street”

  1. Thank you so much for the tip on Mary Greenwell frags – such a great price I went a bit mad and bought them all. My favourite is Fire though I do like Plum and Lemon a lot – not so sure about Cherry which goes a little ‘doll’s head’ on me. Best ever ‘lemon meringue pie’ fragrance for me was Max Mara which still turns up on ebay but at silly prices.

    1. Hi Bee and thanks for dropping by! I’m so glad you like them too. Cherry is the only one I haven’t tried. Thanks for the heads-up! best wishes Sam x

    1. Also,

      I’m not even going to apologise! 🙂 Keep reading for more naughty enabling posts!

      best wishes

      Sam xx

    1. Hi Priya and thanks for dropping by. You are most welcome. I love Yardley and I love citruses, so that’s a really good tip. I shall definitely try it out! Thanks you
      best wishes

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