Annick Goutal Rose PomPon 2016: Roses Come Out To Play

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With a name like Rose PomPon you might expect a pretty, playful fragrance, and you’d be right. Annick Goutal Rose PomPon is a delightful rose scent that is made green and quirky with the addition of both raspberries and blackcurrants. Sometimes blackcurrants can smell like cat pee, but not here. Here their bitterness and greenery is brought out alongside creamy centifolia rose until I was reminded more of fresh tomato leaves than Ribena.

The flower petals add to the feminine feel of PomPon: rose and peony make it their own. I always think peony is the textbook note when “light and girly” is required and this is no exception.

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The base is long lasting and has hints of clean white musk and faint woods. There is patchouli here, but it is only a whisper.

With the combination of raspberry, blackcurrant and the ubiquitous pink pepper (a berry, not a spice), this could be placed in the fruity floral category. However, the roses and peony are allowed to dominate, whilst the fruit makes both even greener and lighter, skipping any hints of fruit cocktail or overpowering sweetness. It’s not typical of the genre: it has a lot more to offer.

This is a rose for a modern girl. If I had to sum it up I would call it a rose fraiche. I wouldn’t turn a bottle down any time soon. The only thing about Rose PomPon that isn’t pretty, is the greed it brought out in me. There have been so many Must Buys lately that 2016 is shaping up to be a superb year for fragrance and a terrible year for my bank account.

Wear with a tea dress.


I got my sample from the Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box. You can buy a full bottle from Escentual, Harvey Nichols or House of Fraser.


6 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Rose PomPon 2016: Roses Come Out To Play”

  1. Sounds sooo pretty. That reminds me, I’m sure it’s about time I treated myself to another Perfume Society box!

    Just one little point – isn’t it Pompon (i.e. French derivation), rather than Pompom?

  2. Dear Vicky

    Thank you! and you are absolutely correct. I shall edit that change in. Thanks so much for letting me know. I really recommend this Discovery Box. Go on- you deserve a treat!

    best wishes

    1. Hi Portia, always a delight to hear from a perfume blogging legend! Pompon is lovely. The bottle is lovely. Everything about it screams “Sam, please buy me!” All these great scents at the moment. It’s wreaking havoc with the old bank balance!

      warmest wishes as ever

      Sam xx

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