Prada Candy Kiss: I’ll Kiss You



Prada Candy Kiss is the new Prada Candy flanker.  I came across a sample in my Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box.  The original Prada Candy was all about caramel and, incongruously, the cough-mixture like note of benzoin.  Being a caramel dodger (in scent at least, if not in gastronomy), I surprised myself by liking it.  The two of them together make a great team and you can read my review here. Prada Candy Florale was a revelation, adding a surprise note of Limoncello and I liked that too. My review is here.  Well it looks like they’ve got a hat trick with me, because Prada Candy Kiss also has my vote.

Although Fragrantica lists the same notes as Prada Candy, reading the blurb on the sample, it’s a very different story to the caramel/benzoin combo of the original. Several Fragrantica reviewers claim that this is the same formula as Prada Candy, except for having kisses on the box.  I have to say that I beg to differ.  I fell for Prada Candy Kiss after one squirt, despite its name preparing me for a fruity floral vanilla concoction, which it is not.

Prada Candy Kiss opens with orange blossom. It’s sharply green, yet creamy, with a high pitched jasmine-y note.  There is clean laundry and white musk in there too. It’s clean and feminine and the orange blossom had me sniffing and re-sniffing in appreciation over and over again.  There is vanilla in there, and at the risk of repeating myself I’m not a fan of overly sweet vanilla, but it is used lightly here, only bedding in towards the end. Longevity is good at around six hours, but really this is a showcase for orange blossom so if you like that, you’ll like this.  I did not find it a dead ringer for Prada Candy at all, and  now there are three,  I would happily buy the lot.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to my preconceptions. This is a great collection, and they are available affordably in 20ml bottles: ideal for holidays or testing the road before plunging into buy a bigger one.  Out of the whole Prada Candy range, this is actually my favourite, despite me privately declaring once that anything with “candy” in the title would not be my cup of tea.


My sample was from the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box. You can buy a bottle of Prada Candy Kiss from The Fragrance Shop, House of Fraser and Amazon UK, to name but a few.



4 thoughts on “Prada Candy Kiss: I’ll Kiss You”

  1. For me, Prada Candy was a bit ‘meh’; Florale i really liked and this one, ‘Kiss’ i shall wander past the perfume shop to see if i can get a squirt of it – to see what i think, I wish more retailers would sell in 10 or 20ml bottles – i think i would buy more! Thanks as usual for a great review Sam (and apologies – i owe you an email – coming soonly). xo

    1. Hello dear Patsi!
      Always a pleasure when you drop by. I agree with you about smaller bottles. Recently I noticed that Avon are selling more purse sprays for just £4 and it saves a lot of blind buying! At the moment you can buy Mary Greenwell purse sprays at the Fragrance Shop for £7.50. We say “more small bottles please!”

      best wishes
      Sam xx

  2. Oh? Orange blossom? I do have a soft spot in my heart for any perfume with orange blossoms, with a bit of a clean, laundry smell? Oh yes, please. The next time I am at the shops, I shall give this a sniff. Now if only someone could make a perfume smelling of rhubarb, I’d hand over my money!

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