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Celebrity perfumes are ubiquitous and since they take up such a large part of the fragrance market, it would be foolish to discount them. Some press reports state that sales are on the wane (although JLo’s total sales are estimated at over 2billion), so maybe the love affair has peaked. However, for perfume opportunists like me, this usually means a drop in prices.

Many celebrity scents I have tried are sadly the candy floss/vanilla/cupcake type and many are difficult to distinguish from one another. However, celebrity fragrances are usually very reasonably priced so if you can find a good one and you don’t care what it says on the bottle ( I don’t) then there are decent scents out there to suit every pocket. Discernment is advised, however.

I have picked my ten best celebrity scents for you. Do let me know which you like best. I always love to hear from you.

I last wrote about Celebrity Scents in 2013 and some of my favourites from three years ago are still my favourites now, but I reckon it’s worth an update. Fame is a fickle mistress.


Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

This remains my favourite celebrity scent. Sarah Jessica Parker was involved at every stage. This was no mere sniff’n’sign off. You can read about the development of Lovely Liquid Satin in Chandler Burr’s excellent book The Perfect Scent. Lovely is widely available and very reasonably priced. I loved it so much I have a permanent 100ml bottle on my dressing table. If you like Narciso Rodriguez For Her you will probably like this too. You can buy Lovely from, Boots and The Fragrance Shop.

Rhianna Rogue

I saw this in my local Lloyds Pharmacy and it was just 9.99. I sprayed generously only to find that it smells very similar to Serge Lutens Daim Blond. Who knew? You can read my review here. You can by Rogue from FragranceDirect.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

With a Vegas style bottle in green and gold, this was first brought to my attention by the wonderful Australian Perfume Junkies– one of my favourite blogs. With patchouli and papyrus, it somehow ends up smelling almost identical to Prada Amber EDP. I bought mine from and had change from eight quid. My review is here. 


Jennifer Lopez Deseo

The blurb for this is that JLo was inspired by a walk through her Floridian garden at night. It has mimosa, jasmine, yuzu, bamboo and a mossy/patchouli base. It’s a light, white floral with beautiful lasting power.  My review is here. I have just treated myself to another bottle from for 8.99. Gorgeous bottle too!


Intimately Beckham

With a name that unfortunately makes it sound like a hygiene product, this is a lovely light daytime floral that is very reasonably priced. You can read my review here. Intimately Beckham is widely available. You can buy it from The Fragrance Shop and FragranceDirect.


Madonna Truth or Dare

Madonna entered the celebrity fragrance with fashionable tardiness, but as usual, her entrance was worth waiting for.  Truth or Dare is a beautiful tuberose reminiscent of Fracas, but without quite the same depth. It’s an absolute bargain so get it while you can. My review is here. You can buy it from for a mere £7.45.

liz t

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

There are mixed reviews on this, but as a fan of white flowers, aldehydes and powdery oak mossy finishes, this was a hit with me. If you like the sound of it, you can buy it from ( believe it or not) Sports Direct for only £9.00 or from Fragrance Direct.

incredible taylor

Taylor Swift Incredible Things

I reviewed this recently (see link) and I was impressed.  It’s still a bit of a sweetie, but the addition of a noticeable suede note gives it a slightly different direction and I found it very long lasting too.  You can get a sample from the Perfume Society Scent With Love Discovery Box, or  a full bottle from Superdrug, or AmazonUK to name but  a few.


Queen by Queen Latifah

Opening with bright citrus, and ending up as a boozy vanilla, this is  a great fragrance. Some vanilla based scent can be very cake-batter, but this is rich and boozy liqueur- and no wonder- there’s cognac notes in it! . I liked it and you can read my review here. It reminded me of Christmas. You can buy it from


Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection Dawn

Dawn is part of The Lovely Collection, made up of three scents: Dawn, Endless and Twilight. My favourite is Endless, although it’s very hard to get now. Dawn is still widely available and is beautifully light and airy. You can read my review here. With light touches of violet and herby Angelica, rounded off by a white musk finish, this is a beautiful daytime scent that represents very good value. You can buy it from or AmazonUK.  It would make an ideal starter perfume for a young teen.


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Celebrity Fragrances”

  1. SJP’s Lovely has one of the loveliest girly bottles for grown ups. Unfortunately, the perfume itself was so not me that I sold it on. But it is very very good. Fancy Nights is a total dupe for Prada Amber! I just smelled this a few days ago and it did not take me long to come up with “yep, Fancy Nights, at several times the price!”
    My non-patisserie celebuscent is Eau de Gaga, lemony, dry with a hint of violet, very elegant black bottle, perfect in muggy summer weather.
    Your leathery reference in Rogue made me curious, I will have to try it now:)-
    Some of Ditta van Teese’s perfumes have also had good reviews but I have not yet tested them, they are also high up on my list. So much to sniff, so little time:)-….

    1. Hi Bella and thank you so much for dropping by!

      Yes Fancy Nights is so similar to Prada Amber isn’t it? yet only 8.95. It really is worth delving into celebrity perfume when you get hidden bargains like that. I very nearly reviewed Eau de Gaga but only had rooom for ten. I saw it recently in my local Superdrug for only £15 and thought it was a real bargain. I reviewed a Dita Von Teese a whole ago. They are getting harder to find. I also adored Hilary Duff With Love but that’s been discontinued and is going up in price on eBay.

      best wishes


  2. Lovely is one of my go-to fragrances, absolutely beautiful and I owned Deseo a good few years ago and really liked that too (I think it may be on my ever growing list of fragrances to re-purchase..)!

    1. Hello Bel and thanks for dropping by!

      Lovely is a permanent fixture in my house and I too got rid of my bottle of Deseo only to regret it and get another one. I love it and won’t make the same mistake again.

      best wishes


    1. Hello dear Megan!

      Always a pleasure when a talented blogger drops by. Celeb scents are like jumble sales: the treasure is there but you have to rummage to find the really good stuff. With these prices you don’t get post blind buy angst either!

      best wishes

  3. Fab post Samantha, you’ve reminded us to try Fancy Nights asap (we still haven’t!). Can we also give a shoutout to Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur, the mix of coconut, vanilla and peach is summer in a bottle – that fragrance surprises everyone 🙂 x

    1. Hello my friends!
      As you know, I’m a big fan of your site and a long time customer. I shall look out for Reb’l Fleur- it sounds fabulous for summer!

      best wishes and thanks for dropping by

      Sam x

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