Perfume Society VIP Subscription Giveaway-The Winners Are..


Thank you to everyone who entered this fabulous giveaway. Big thanks also to The Perfume Society for supplying the  wonderful prize of five VIP Subscriptions.

The winners are: (drumroll)

Maralyn Smith, Alison Oddy, Margaret, Alison Fox Hay and Amanda Pritchard.  

Entries were picked via If you have won, please email me at and I will forward the details to The Perfume Society. Congratulations! This is a great prize and I just know that you will be delighted.

Here are the benefits the winners will be enjoying

  • A free Discovery Box, containing up to ten great perfume samples, two beauty products, and postcards on each item to help you get the most out of them.
  • Opportunities to join very special perfume events around the country: launches, talks and workshops all with like minded perfumistas.
  • Free access to the online Perfume Society magazine The Scented Letter and discounts on glossy hard copies.
  • Generous discounts on all Perfume Society Discovery Boxes e.g VIPs pay £10 for Boxes which cost £15 and £12.50 for Boxes which cost £17.50
  • First dibs on boxes before they launch on the site.
  • All this for one year!




scented letter



If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, there are more giveaways coming up on  IScentYouADay.  You can also buy or gift a VIP Subscription from the Perfume Society Website here for £25.


1. VIP Subscription

Maralyn Smith

2: VIP Subscription

Alison Oddy

3: VIP Subscription


4: VIP Subscription

Alison Fox Hay

5: VIP Subscription

Amanda Pritchard


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