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lynx t and amb

I always get excited by a bargain and today I am very excited about a fabulous men’s fragrance that kind of came at me by surprise out of the supermarket. Picking out my husband’s usual anti perspirant order,  I stumbled across a daily fragrance range from Lynx.  Not a body spray, not an anti perspirant- a fragrance.

The one I bought was Lynx Urban Daily Tobacco and Amber for the princely sum of £4, leaving enough change from a fiver to add some Green and Black’s chocolate to the basket. I was very pleasantly surprised.oud vanilla

Tobacco and Amber is ridiculously sniffable. There is a background of cosy pipe smoke vanilla and just a hint of woody tobacco. Lob some warm amber in and- Voila! A great fragrance that I will be definitely be unapologetically thieving from his chest of drawers. I have smelled men’s fragrances for ten times the price that I haven’t liked as much as this.


There are two others in the range and I take my hat off to Lynx for not going for the obvious mainstream “Sport” vibe. There’s Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla and also Iced Musk and Ginger. At £4 a pop, I might get them all.

So it’s just a quick one today but I couldn’t resist writing a review even if just to make the point that good fragrance can pop up in the most unlikely of places. I am seriously gladdened to think that the young males of today might soon be wafting Oud and Vanilla and Tobacco and Amber under our noses. What a nice surprise that will be.


Cheap as chips- you can get these from Asda for £4 each for a 100ml boxed bottle but that might be an introductory price.

13 thoughts on “Lynx Urban Daily Tobacco and Amber”

  1. Indeed Bee. Such a nice surprise that the younger demographic might-just might- swap the dreaded Paco Rabanne 1Million for this nice Tobacco and Amber stuff.

  2. It happened to me as well. I was in the supermarket getting stuff for myself and then suddenly there they were. i sniffed oud and vanilla and bought it for myself! (I am a woman). Have used it daily ever since. Surprisingly good and up there when compared to my collection of niche fragrances….

    1. Personally I would use an unscented anti perspirant with this one as it is packs a punch. It is more of a cologne than a deodorant. My husband wore it all weekend and it was fabulous on him. The vanilla was toasty and wonderful!

      1. Hi Jody and thanks for dropping by. I didn’t know so thanks for telling us on the blog.

        best wishes

  3. Are you kidding me? My brother has this and it’s the actual worst. It literally smells like weed. Please don’t force this torture on more innocent siblings!!!

    1. Hi Mary- you did make me laugh! I genuinely do like the Tobacco and Amber, but as for the Lynx Dark Temptation anti perspirant? I could certainly do without THAT one! Thanks for dropping by. xx

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