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Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, ignore it, or just get a takeaway with your husband like me, it’s the perfect excuse to bag more perfume. ( Do we need one? I think not.)

Our chums at Library of Fragrance have come up trumps yet again. They truly do have a scent for every occasion, except Halloween ( although I wore Library of Fragrance Bonfire last year).

Valentine’s Day can mean cuddly toys, chocolates and candy hearts, but Library of Fragrance has gone all classic for this one and presented us with a florist’s bouquet of jasmine, honeysuckle and white roses.

valentinehgwite roses

It’s bursting with white flowers to the point where I initially assumed it was tuberose. I wasn’t miles off the mark, as jasmine has much in common with its heady, creamy cousin.  White flowers at high volume can be almost medicinal and sort of peppery/celery-ish. ( There’s no dictionary word for peppery and celery-sh so that will have to do). Here the jasmine almost goes as far as that, but not quite. The jasmine is rich and loud and  extravagant. The honeysuckle is all present and correct,  and coupled with pale feminine roses to make this a beautiful choice for Spring.

This really reminded me of the glorious opening notes of my beloved Annick Goutal Matin D’Orage which is delightful and a lot more spendy that this £15 high quality bargain.

Valentine is perfect just as it is ( as we all are!), but you could add extra roses with LOF Bulgarian Rose and I am very tempted as ever to add a bunch of Violets into the mix. To “green it up” you could layer with LOF Four Leaf Clover, or really go White Flower nuclear with LOF Orange Blossom– all of which are available from the Library of Fragrance website


I have a bottle of Valentine to give away to one lucky winner (UK only please- this is due to postal regulations not favouritism- you are ALL my treasured chums). Just tell me about something little that you love. For me, its my cats and cups of tea.  Add a comment below, or on the Facebook page, or on Twitter ( @iscentyouaday)

What little thing makes you feel good about life?

The winner will be announced on Februray 11th  in time for me to post it 1st class.

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15 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Valentine: Be Mine!”

  1. I love the 5 mins of quiet between the alarm going off and the pounding footsteps of the 5 year old coming in the bedroom to start the day!

  2. I love being driven around!

    If i won the lottery i would hire a handsome chauffeur with a hat and uniform. He would carry my huge bags of perfume to the Rolls Royce and then join me in the back seat for erm…… a glass of bubbly! 🙂 – sorry, did i go off on a tangent there….. lol

    1. Patsi, I still have flashbacks from my two failed driving tests. Driving is not my favourite past time. I hope you get that Lottery win and I hope your chauffeur will be a reality one day!

  3. I love receiving packages in the post! Even if its something I’ve bought for myself, and I know exactly what it is, I still get excited!

  4. I love the first glimpse of snowdrops pushing their brave noses through the earth. It signals that spring and all its delights are just round the corner.

    1. A huge honour for me to have you visit my humble site Mark! Halloween sounds fab. Thank you so much for dropping by . Best wishes Sam

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