9 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Incredible Things”

  1. Incredible Things was a pleasant surprise for me too! My 11 yr old daughter loves Taylor, so I bought the gift set for her (with the shower gel and lotion included). Paid just over $20 for the set. I love it too! The shower gel is especially nice, but the fragrance smells great. On my skin, it lasts 10 hours or more as well. Nice job, Taylor!

    1. Hi Jada and thanks for commenting. I agree about longevity- it makes this very good value for money. I think this is the best one Taylor’s brought out so far.

      best wishes

  2. I finally got to spritz this one on my arm after your seal of approval. The suede is a nice counterpoint to the sweetness and for the price it is UNBEATABLE value for money. The bottle has been reaching out to me insistently, soooo pretty! Even though I am probably not part of the target group (agewise…) I may have to give in to Taylor’s siren call:)-

    1. Hi Bella, I know exactly what you mean. I don’t Taylor was making it for a 46 year old Mum in Wales, but I’m sure she won’t mind if I buy some anyway! What I like about celeb scents is that they are almost always really cheap, and the good ones, like this, are excellent value.

      best wishes
      Sam x

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