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dirty honey


Pure white blossom with the scent of honey that’s been dragged through the mud. The scent of Mexican orange blossom flowering in suburban London in springtime. – Sarah McCartney

Dirty Honey from 4160 Tuesdays is one of the scents from Sarah McCartney’s capsule collection Crimes of Passion. With a great name that should have been a heavy metal love song, Dirty Honey was inspired by the smell of Mexican orange blossom that Sarah McCartney stumbled across on the way to her London studio.

A good first sniff of this had me puzzling and I’ve worn it three times before attempting to review. This morning it came to me: Whisky. Dirty Honey opens like a good glass of Scotch. That bouquet of a good single malt as you sniff your snifter. Full of oak casks and boozy fermented rye mash: gorgeously, tinglingly aromatic.

As it dries down  there’s beeswax and wood, giving it a cosy warmth, and labdanum giving it a leathery, ambery tinge. There’s jasmine too, which seems at home here- just sidestepping its tendency to go indolic, but fully at home here because this has a nice whiff of human.

It’s a comforting scent, like dried spittle on lips that you have been kissing a lot, and that’s a compliment by the way, because I like that smell. The whisky/honey makes this feel like an intimate scent that demands an open fire and woodsmoke, and of course, a good glass of Glenfiddich. Wear this and drink Scotch because they “go”.

I love it.


You can buy Dirty Honey from the 4160 website.  If you don’t want to blind buy a full bottle, there are purse sprays and sample sets which I highly recommend.

2 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays Dirty Honey”

  1. I do love your reviews so much Sam. they always make me smile and i think quite often ‘she’s a saucy mare’. lol. On to the perfume – indeed this sounds like something i would like to have a ‘snifter’ of. Its full of many notes i love and i am presuming it is not too sweet. Re-reading, i have picked up on ‘its a comforting scent’…. so yes, this baby seems to tick all my olfactory boxes. 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you dear Patsi! I am so sure you will love this one.It really reminded me of your favourite Ginestet Botrytis. It’s not too sweet either, but nice and rich.

    warmest wishes

    Sam xx

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