Babe: It’s back


Babe-that old favourite from the 70s and 80s has been brought back by Beauty Brand Development, and they have the everlasting gratitude of Babe fans everywhere.

In the same vein as Aqua Manda and Tribe, although smelling very different, Babe is one of those perfumes that can take you back and make you remember exactly what you were doing when you were wearing it ( and with whom!).  I love that about perfume.

Like Tribe, I never tried original Babe so I cannot comment on its authenticity. I can tell you, however, that the original formula was used and wearers of original Babe were consulted during its relaunch. The final creation was put in the trusty hands of Givauden and the result is pretty good.


Babe opens with lavender and hyacinth and has a typically 70s whiff of powdery femininity. Today’s modern perfume wearer might dodge this on the grounds that it would smell old fashioned to them, and it certainly veers far from what today’s youth would wear.

The notes are as follows: Top notes: lavender, aldehydes, hyacinth, Middle notes: rose, ylang, violet, orris and lily, Base notes: sandalwood, ambrette (aka musk mallow) and moss.

It really reminds me of something and I think its Jacinthe et Rose by E.Coudray, which I didn’t really take to.

The dominant notes are lavender, aldehydes and hyacinth, which left no room at all for anything else. The aldehydes give it a powdery, soapy background and the lavender never quits.

I can’t say I love it, but I was pleased to smell a whiff of classic 70s scent again and for that I applaud Beauty Brand Development for their innovation. A tsunami of caramel and sweetie shop scents over the past few years has left me hungry for the past, and the success of Babe and Tribe make me think I am not alone.


Babe is available from the Babe website and from these stockists. It is reasonably priced at 24.99 for a 50ml bottle.

3 thoughts on “Babe: It’s back”

  1. Not particularly fussed on Lavender at this side, but i do understand what you mean about all the sweet caramel perfumes recently. I am veering away from them myself but will always be a ‘flowery’ girl. I will put it on my ‘to try’ list and see what i think. Thanks for keeping us up to date with these releases. Ps – i never tried this on its first outing at all but had heard of it. laters xxx

    1. It’s funny- I love the smell of lavender in real life but not so much in perfume. By the way, when I have reviewed Dirty Honey I am sending it to you because it reminded me of Ginestet Botrytis. xx

  2. You are a doll 🙂 Maybe this will be the perfect 4120 Tuesday for me then. If its anything like or even reminiscent of Botrytis, then i shall be forever grateful. xx

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