Shay & Blue London: English Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom

Shay & Blue London has been around since 2012 and is snowballing in popularity thanks to its availability in your local Marks and Spencer. The sample I am reviewing today is from the Perfume Society Scent With Love Discovery Box.

Cherry Blossom doesn’t usually interest me. I find it a bit too sweet and cloying after a while. However Nose Julie Masse for Shay & Blue has come at this from a different angle. By adding citrussy bergamot, the cherry blossom stays bright and light. There’s a nuance of black cherry too- an accent of lovely dark fruit that doesn’t overpower like plum can.  There are woody notes in the base, appropriately enough cherry wood, of course, and blessedly, no vanilla or anything to make this into confectionery.


Throughout the morning, its the bergamot that hangs out with the cherry blossom, keeping it company. I love bergamot alone or in anything so this was a welcome innovation that gives this lovely English Cherry Blossom a fresh and uplifting feel for spring or summer. Impossibly feminine and pretty, I would definitely bag myself a full bottle of this gorgeously pretty scent. Its my birthday next month so this will be making it onto my wish list.

The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes, are as you may have gathered, a favourite thing of mine and I will be reviewing more from this box of delights very soon.



Scent with Love Discovery Boxes are available from The Perfume Society  and  Shay & Blue London fragrances can be found at Marks and Spencer in-store and online. English Cherry Blossom is a new launch for 2016 so look out for it on the shelves soon.


Photos: Top photo from basenotes, middle photo of cherry blossom from, Discovery Box photos from The Perfume Society, bottom photo by

10 thoughts on “Shay & Blue London: English Cherry Blossom”

  1. I ordered this box the day it came out and was generally really impressed with it! I especially loved the 4120 Tuesdays Sex Goddess and Elie Saab Rose Couture (although I didn’t find it ground-breaking, I think its still divine!), and Taylor Swifts Incredible Things was a refreshing surprise!

    Love your review as always and look forward to future instalments!

    1. Hi Bel and thanks for commenting. I was reading your post and nodding. I loved Elie Saab and also thought “gorgeous but not groundbreaking”. I would so wear it. Taylor Swift was also a pleasant surprise. far better than cloyingly sweet Wonderstruck! I’ll be reviewing more of these this week so stay tuned!

      best wishes Sam x

  2. Better late than never. I must get a squirt of this next time i am in M&S. If its anything like L’occitane Cherry blossom it should be very wearable. I have been staying away from shops in January but will try and catch up on the Elie Saab and Taylor Swift as well – i always talk nicely to the girls in the Perfume shop and try and bag a wee sample! ha 🙂

    1. Hello dear Patsi, always a pleasure to hear from you! I too have been hiding from January sales. My hardest moment was resisting the joy of TK Maxx. This Cherry Blossom is lovely. I have a gamut of events coming up which entitle me to perfumey presents: Valentine’s, my birthday, Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary! Picking which ones to pop on the wish list is my favourite problem of all time.

      The Perfume Shop ladies near me will not budge, even when I casually dropped in the blogging. I was cross with them actually because they deleted my loyalty points because I hadn’t used them. That’s a good way of making me more loyal. Tut.

      warmest wishes as ever from me xx

  3. Ohh TK Maxx – i saw lots of L’Artisan fumes there just before Xmas but decided against any blind buys (didn’t really have the extra money) but they are nice to stroke! lol. How lovely that you have so many nice things coming up (I’ve only got the birthday one) – you are bound to get something you love from all those occasions. I shall spend my Boots voucher on my b/day and treat myself to a few bottles of something pretty. I do wish that all perfumes would come in travel size sprays – cheaper, and also less likely for me to lose interest in a scent before something even more wonderful pops out of the woodwork!

    I’m annoyed for you re. your Perfume shop ladies – mine change frequently but i usually manage to bag at least one sample. Perhaps you need to get a ‘business card’ and hand it to them – do they not know who you are ….. lol

    I’m going to try and do a bit of the ‘decanting’ thing – gathering up some supplies in readiness for your special upcoming days! 🙂 xx

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