Another Giveaway from Iscentyouaday: Library of Fragrance Bonfire + Pipe Tobacco



Dear lovely readers,

You may recall my recent review of the intriguing Library of Fragrance Bonfire. It was perfect for Autumn and now its perfect for winter too.  On its own, Bonfire will bring back those memories of proper childhood bonfires, and mixed with other scents, it adds a smoky resonance to your fragrance du jour.  I layered it with Library of Fragrance Mahogany and also Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco with warm and woody results that made me feel as  snug as a bug in a rug.

How to Win

I have one bottle of Pipe Tobacco and one of Bonfire to giveaway.  The winner wins both. The closing date will be midnight GMT on Sunday  13th December.  All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog, or on the Facebook page, or on Twitter ( @iscentyouaday). You can tell me anything you like.  I am nosy.  Are you drinking tea? do you have a pet? What are you watching on the telly? I’m afraid this is a UK only draw due to postal regulations.  A big sorry to my overseas chums. The winner will be picked out of an empty Quality Street tub by a small child. Who needs Good luck!


If you don’t win, remember you can buy all Library of Fragrance scents from the Library of Fragrance website.  On the High Street (and online) Boots carries a selection from the range. Check out the cute purse sprays for £10.

18 thoughts on “Another Giveaway from Iscentyouaday: Library of Fragrance Bonfire + Pipe Tobacco”

  1. These all sound wonderfully intriguing! Unfortunately my love boots only stock the bare minimum with regard to Library of Fragrance 🙁

    Going to have to track down a store with a larger selection!

    1. Hi Bel and thanks for commenting. My branch is a small one so I think my personal collection is bigger than theirs now!

    1. Black Jade? I haven’t tried that. What is it like? Are you in the UK Jada? If so, you’re in the draw

      warmest wishes

  2. Hah, right now I’m trying to stop biting my nails, so I’m nibbling on a chewtoy designed for autistic children, and knitting myself a mitten. I’m waiting on animalic scents to come back into vogue, because all this sugar scented frags are killing me.

    1. Jazzypom, I do believe your current activity is unique. Nobody else is doing those things! I totally agree about all the sickly sugary scent right now. Give me an old fashioned green chypre or an in-yer-face-oriental any day. Why all the candy? Why?

      best wishes

  3. Love how you’re picking a winner! Right now I’m watching the news about the terrible flooding. Feeling really lucky it hasn’t affected us & sending lots of love to the people who have had their homes ruined.

    1. Hi Julie, they are fabulous and very good value. Are you in the UK? If so, your name’s in the Quality Street tub. warmest wishes Sam

    1. You are always so sweet dear Patsi. I hope you are enjoying the run up to Christmas. Sometimes that’s my favourite bit.
      Warmest wishes as always Sam

  4. Did someone say Giveaway?? 😉

    I really must get into this perfume blending lark – I tend to leave it to the experts.

    Anyway, loving the blog, as always.

    1. Thank you Vicky, so nice of you to say kind things. I leave the blending to the experts too but its so much fun to experiment sometimes! Warmest wishes to you Vicky 🙂

  5. I am somewhat addicted to Library of Fragrance. I could probably love half of them. I make some interesting blends too. I can recommend Oud to go with virtually anything. Paperback is just amazing.

    1. Hello Viv,
      Oud sounds like a great idea, I hadn’t thought of that. I bet that would go with loads of things. Jo Loves does a scent called A Shot of Oud over Mango and although I didn’t like it at first, oud has really grown on me. 🙂

    1. Hello Julie and welcome. It smells exactly like I thought it would. Strangely comforting and with a whiff of 1970s living room with Grandstand on in the background! Warmest wishes Sam.

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