Angelo Orazio Pregoni for Odriu Milan: Olfactory Dada

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I was recently approached via email by Odriu Milano and asked if I would like some samples from their range. I agreed and provided my address, not knowing what to expect. Slightly embarrassingly I was out when the plain brown parcel arrived from “The Pleasure Factory” and had to knock my neighbours door to mumble a thank you for taking my parcel.

Opening the envelopes was like unravelling a puzzle. The website is even more bizarre, but I like it. I like it all, even if I had to do quite a bit of research to get the full picture.

The brand is Odriu Milano, the perfumer is Angelo Orazio Pregoni ( and check out his profile here because I can’t do it justice) and the ranges I’ve been sent are named Wet Dream and Vendetta. It took me a minute to figure out the Vendetta one. I had a sample called DET, one called TA, and one called VEN, until the penny dropped.


I’ve always loved an eccentric so I got stuck in to see if this intriguing brand was all mouth and no trousers, as we say in Wales. In other words: are they any good or is it all talk? Now before you read on, it’s important to remember that Angelo Pregoni “ is also the founder of NoUseART, a movement which promotes performance based on smell“- Fragrantica.  Just bear it in mind.  Estee Lauder, this ain’t.


The first sample I tried was from the Wet Dream range and called Peety.  Initially it reminded me very much of Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain,that mainstay of any classic niche collection. However Peety went a bit incensey on me then, more like Comme Des Garcons Avignon ( all of this good by the way, I’m a fan). The dry down is long, spicy and smoky and will have your nose glued to your wrist. There’s moss, tobacco and patchouli and some might find a bit of animal in there too, but on me it was more balsamic smoke. It’s excellent and would be equally good on male or female skin.



This is tricky to describe because to me it smells like stale unwashed man. The thing is, I think it’s meant to. Remember that Angelo Pregoni is a performance artist that uses smell in his performance and one Fragrantica reviewer has memorably described this as “a wardrobe malfunction done on purpose”. What I got was cat pee, which then disappeared and turned into Crayola crayons, which then morphed into unwashed skin and dirty hair.  It’s remarkably clever but not something I’d want a full bottle of.



Ven opens like Serge Lutens Louve- it’s all cherries and chocolate, but it quickly changes into something more than that. There was also a whiff of peppermint and, bizarrely, the smell of a brand new room- you know that new paint and new carpet sterile smell? It reminded me a little of LUSH Smell of Weather Turning, but this has bigger muscles and ends up smelling as if you are cuddling a hirsute man who is brusque, yet protective, and hasn’t washed since yesterday.  It’s very good.



I wasn’t sure what to make of Det when I first tried it so here’s what I wrote down: rum, booze, basil, woodiness, flowers, nutty?

I then looked at the notes listed on trusty Fragrantica. Who would have thought that a scent that incorporates white flowers, peanuts, red berries, basil and benzoin would ever smell so amazing? But it does. The peanuts add a warm savoury woody feel, the white flowers only overtake towards the finishing line and the whole comes together in an intriguingly changeable feast of a fragrance.



Ta is an odd name for a perfume. Its a lazy colloquial way of saying thank you, but once I jiggled the samples as mentioned above, it became clear that this is the last piece of Vendetta. Ta is very green: almost too green: the cedar is strong and just holds back from being bitter. The moss tones it down a bit and the strawberry and cucumber come through at the very end, like the hint of melted sweets in a puddle.  This wasn’t my favourite but I would recommend you try it if you ever get the chance.



You can buy Odriu perfume from the Odriu Milan website, and they also do a sample service.


Here’s the Good news: I am doing several give-aways throughout Advent as a thank you to my lovely readers for helping to get me to my third year blogaversary in January 2016. The give-away will consist of:

Odriu Milano Perfumes by Angelo Orazio Pregoni






Simply tell me what you smell of at the time of writing.  That makes sense, right? For instance, I smell of six perfumes, minty Polos and coffee at the moment. The deadline for entries is Monday 7th December at midnight GMT. You can give me your answer via Facebook, email (, Twitter, or as a comment on the blog below.

Sorry, but the giveaway is for UK readers only due to postal restrictions. Apologies to my lovely overseas chums.


14 thoughts on “Angelo Orazio Pregoni for Odriu Milan: Olfactory Dada”

  1. As of reading your missive, I smell of Escentric Molecules 02. For the uninitiated, it’s like being in a room of freshly shaved cedar wood, mingled with the scent of a bitter green leaf tea. There’s the peekaboo of spearmint gum (that I’m chewing now) and the faint smoke of roasted chestnuts in the air. I’m pretty much smelling of smoke in an autumnal forest, and peppermint patties!

  2. Hi Sam, just wanted to say what a fab review as always, don’t comment often enough, but love your blog and it does what it should, I think, which is , I always want to try everything! Keep up the good work sweetie,xx

    1. Dear Lynette

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to lend me words of encouragement. It measn a lot. I do hope we meet soon. There should be talk of a perfume group with you and me and our dear mutual friend!

      warmest wishes
      Sam xx

  3. I smell of a Moroccan fact I smell sham axing…WEARING SHAZAM! From 4160 Tueadays. Lots of spice and oranges.mmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Dear Elizabeth

      A fellow fan of 4160 Tuesdays? You are most warmly welcome! The problem with Sarah is that she makes these great perfumes and then you can’t resist buying them. Grr, that woman!

      best wishes

  4. I smell very much of mango’s as have just peeled one and the scent is still on my hands but my top is still wafting remnants of this afternoon’s sprays of shalimar and its all blending together with the smell from my lilies in the room – rather rich, sweet and decadent. Wish I was rich, sweet and decadent 🙂 life could be interesting!

    1. Dear Margaret

      Mangoes and Shalimar? That sounds like the kind of serendipity that should be bottled and sold with a little puffy spray!

      warmest wishes

  5. The spicy green tea I’m drinking, I hope, because the the lotion I just put on my face from a sample smells of rotten fish!

    1. Hi Sara and thanks for commenting. The tea sounds lovely but what on earth is the lotion! Poor you- a scrub is needed! best wishes Sam 🙂

  6. My hair smells of ghost perfume from last night & I smell of coconut body wash , coffee & probably a hint of fried bacon as I’ve just made it for my boys 😁

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