The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box: Part Deux


(Because Part Deux sounds more perfumey than Part Two). Now that my boy has turned six and eaten the sweets and done the soft play party and blown out the candles, I can wade through the debris to my trusty PC and write the second part of my review of the Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box.

Here’s what else was in the little white box:


Agonist No 10 White Oud

This fragrance opens like an extrait version of Body Shop White Musk ( and I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a classic), and then kind of gets more expensive smelling by the minute. The oud is more of a nuance than a main player and I like that. What I did NOT get were all the flowers that are listed such as May rose, violet and lily of the valley. The note that did come out quite strongly, however was Nagarmotha, or Cypriot oil which was used so effectively in Bruno Fazzolari’s wonderful Lampblack ( it reminds me of soot and ink). Number 10 White Oud is a gentle and cosy oud for those who like oud but don’t want to leave a big trail in their wake.


Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris

Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris is my first ever Ormonde Jayne sample and it was worth waiting for. I dislike too much vanilla and have a love/hate relationship with iris, but this combination of the two takes the best points of both and blends them seamlessly until you cannot separate them. It gives the grown-up-lady feel of iris that I like coupled with the cosy warmth of vanilla that I enjoy. My problem comes when Iris is too cold and vanilla too sweet, but together they get on so well that I reckon they should get married and have kids.

Beaufort London Male grooming Eau de Parfum Leo Crabtree photographed by Andrew Ogilvy Photography
photographed by Andrew Ogilvy Photography

Beaufort London 1805

The point of a Discovery Box is to discover not just what you like, but what you definitely don’t like. It hopefully takes you out of your comfort zone too. Well Beaufort London 1805 took me out of my comfort zone and sadly, gave me nothing I liked. It smelled like the enamel covered saucepan that I almost set fire to recently in my quest to make hearty soup. It’s a terrible scorched vinyl scent that’s bound to suit someone, but that someone ain’t me. If you like smoky scents, it’s worth a  try.


Connock London KuKui EDP

I tried this four times to be sure and it won me round. It opens with glorious blousy white flowers: lilies, white jasmine and gardenia. It’s beautifully feminine and I could waft about in it all day. However, it then morphs into a woody floral. There was a moment when it could have teetered over into Coco Mademoiselle territory if it wasn’t careful, but thankfully, it stayed on the jasmine/gardenia path and is all the better for it. There is sandalwood and amber in the base and it gives this beautiful floriental a warmth that is welcome in this chilly weather. The Connock London Kukui eau de parfum came about when customers of Amanda Connock kept asking for a fragrance to match the scent of Connock’s body products. I’m glad they asked. This is the gorgeous result.


Atkinson’s Rose in Wonderland

The rose in Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland made me think of perfect Mary Poppins nursery rooms. The rosa centifolia is a definite childhood nostalgia sort of rose. It smells of breath sweets or rose creams. This is a clever scent though because just as you’re enjoying that fresh, almost zingy rose, it changes and becomes those papery rose petals you find in pot pourri. This is the combination of dry grassy vetiver and peppery geranium and it all contributes to a delightful English Country Garden feel.

So that’s all of them, in mini bite sized reviews. And you’ll never believe what arrived in the post yesterday- yes, the latest Perfume Society Discovery Box. This one is called Putting on The Spritz. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Keep sniffing, my dear readers!


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available from the website and you don’t have to be a subscriber to buy one, but you do have to be in the UK  to receive one due to postal regulations. They make great Christmas presents exactly as they are.

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3 thoughts on “The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box: Part Deux”

  1. 1805 reminded me of cleaning up after school cookery class, Lemon Jif (or Cif as it now is) on a hot enamel hob.

    I tried and tried with Kukui, but there was some note in it that smelled rotten to me.

    1. Hi Kitty

      It’s a fab box isn’t it? I have as much fun smelling the dislikes as I do smelling the likes. I agree about 1805 and boiled CIF on a hob.

      I wonder what note doesn’t agree with you in Kukui?

      best wishes


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