The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box.

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I can’t help it. I’ve ordered another one. I think I’ve got them all now ( and one on the way) except the Prada one. Yes I’m talking about those tempting treasure troves of perfume samples and goodies- The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes. This time I’m writing about the Secret Scentsations Box.

The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box contains the following items. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Agonist No 10 White Oud spray 2ml
  • Pierre Bourdon La Dame en Rose spray 2ml
  • Annick Goutal Vent de Folie spray 2ml
  • Living Lalique EDP spary 2ml
  • Neela Vermeire Pichola splash 2ml
  • Comme des Garcons Floriental EDP 9ml
  • Connock London Kukui EDP 1.5ml
  • Beaufort London 1805 EDP 1.2ml spray
  • Sisley Eau du Soir splash EDP 2ml
  • Ormonde Jayne Vanille D’Iris 2ml
  • Atkinsons Rose in Wonderland 2ml
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis 2ml
  • Sarah Chapman Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster

It’s an incredibly generous haul and these samples would be almost impossible to find on the High Street.  The goodies arrive in a trademark Perfume Society white box. Postage is free and my box cost me £12.50, which is the subscriber price. VIP/subscriber memberships costs £25 a year and gets you all sorts of perks, not least discounted Discovery Boxes.

Now with one of my youngsters turning six this week, I am up to my eyes in cakes, invitations and wrapping paper, but I can disclose my first impressions of those I have tried in the fleeting minutes I had to myself recently.


Living Lalique– My favourite by far. I have looked up the price of full bottles despite my groaning dressing table. Airy and crystalline at first, it beds down into such delightful nuances of orris butter and woods that the blending seems seamless. A dream of a scent.

Eau du Sisley– as a fan of hesperides this cute mini bottle won me over instantly.  This is another one I would buy a full bottle of without hesitation. This opens like a cologne and ends like a chypre.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Noir Exquis– If you’re looking for Christmas in a bottle, stop here and buy one. With chestnuts, coffee and booze, cosy winters are yours.

Annick Goutal Vent de Folie– lighthearted and playful: this is raspberries and sweetpeas and roses. Another gorgeous hit from Annick Goutal

Neela Vermeire Pichola: This one I wasn’t so keen on. The tuberose absolu went all celery on me and the spices smelled off centre. I’m interested in smelling more from the brand though- this was my first. Never say never.

Pierre Bourdon La Dame en Rose –Like a grown up version of Yves Saint Laurent Paris, this opens with roses and violets and then goes all sophisticated. Playful by day, seriously gorgeous at night, like moi.

Comme des Garcons Floriental: Smoky and dark, this was more oriental than floral, but I was too busy sniffing with my eyes closed saying “Ahhh!” to do a Venn diagram about it. A great winter unisex scent.

Okay so that’s as far as I got. There are six more scents to write mini reviews about, but I ran out of arm space so I’m going to sleep in one and try as many as I can tomorrow.

Do come back fro Part Two, dear readers.


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available on the website to members and non members, although members get discounts and first dibs. They make great presents and thank you gifts too.


16 thoughts on “The Perfume Society Secret Scentsations Discovery Box.”

  1. I’ll I like the notes in the Annick Goutal scent! Must investigate! I really should get myself this box but there are so many wants on the list! You know how it is! Lol. Thanks for the review Sam! X

    1. Surprised how much you liked Eau du soir! It used to be my signature. It’s been reformulated and has a different spray which is confirmed… now they asked me to send my bottle to sisley to check the scent. very friendley but I don’t think it will bring back the old formula ….

      1. Hello jacqueline and welcome! I love Eau du Soir but I cannot speak for any previous formulation as I have not tried it. It may be the oakmoss that was different. Many IFRA changes relating to oakmoss were implemented and numerous favourites have been reformulated.Thanks for commenting. Best wishes Samantha 🙂

      1. I know you weren’t angling but you have been so kind to me. I’m happy to send you a lovely package!

  2. So envious! Of your Perfume Society membership, not so much your organizing of a six-year-old’s birthday party. Your kids are quite lucky to have a mother who is playful by day, and seriously gorgeous at night, though. OK, I’m envious of that, too. Off to see if the Lalique has turned up at any stores near me.

    1. Hello dear Laurels,
      always lovely to hear from you. I’m not really glamorous by night. It’s usually pyjamas, specs and a bag of perfumes like a bag lady! But no, let’s keep pretending I am…:-)

      Discovery Boxes may not be available to you, but you have the lovely weather all round and we don’t. I guess its a small compensation!

      best wishes

  3. I really loved this box.. Noir Exquis is a joy. La Dame en Rose was like a box of posh rose and violet creams.

    I was surprised how unimpressed I was by Eau du Soir having heard so many wonderful things about it. 1805 was a challenge!

    1. Hi kitty and thanks for dropping by.

      I’m just getting round to 1805. An initial sniff left me with a question mark! Eau du Soir was up my street as greens are my favourite. It’s a bit pricier than I’m used to though so not sure about an FB.

      best wishes

    1. Hi Gail and thanks for commenting. Do you mean the Beautiful Blossom Box? Yes that was one of my favourites. It was gorgeous. Get this one too! Go on, you know you want to!

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