Miu Miu: The Fragrance for Me Me


MiuMiu has launched its first fragrance and this retro beauty is worth waiting for.

First, a word on the fabulous 70s style bottle: this chunky blue Bakelite reminds me of Sindy furniture and those little fancy dressing table seats that fired up my imagination as a child ( I could see myself owning one as an adult in my mind’s eye). Miu Miu stands out from the crowd on the beauty counters, and lives up to its bold good looks when you wear it too.


Miu Miu showcases Lily of The Valley in a  new frame.  Now I’m a big fan of Lily of The Valley. Some people say its smells dated or it smells Old Lady (Grande Dame if you please!), but personally I love all the ladylike classic florals and its no coincidence that two of my all time favourite scents are Gucci Envy and Tauer Carillon Pour Un Ange. I have full bottles of each, and a back up bottle of Envy just in case.

vanitychairMiuMiu is all about the Lily of The Valley at first spray, supported by those trusty chorus girls Rose and Jasmine. However, straight away, this is no soliflore. MiuMiu introduces new budding ingénue Akigalawood, which was created by Givauden ( the flavour and fragrance people) in a lab. Akigalawood is a manufactured note descended from Patchouli, oud and woods and the result, used sparingly against the backdrop of pretty Lily of The Valley, is a dramatic and pleasing juxtaposition.

What happens is that the Lily of the Valley and the refreshing green notes are given a slightly spiky, woody backdrop which seems to bring out the Lily of The Valley as a more Autumnal contender. The longer you wear it, the more that patchouli mustiness comes through. It reminds me a little of Narciso Rodriguez and how the peony ends up with a woody/patchouli basenote. Lasting power is pretty good on me at around five hours ( although faint by then).

MiuMiu is wonderful and I like it very much. It’s beyond refreshing to find a brand new launch that is neither a flanker nor a caramel/vanilla Tsunami. MiuMiu has gone back to basics and added a modern twist for the Twenty First Century Fox.


You can buy Miu Miu from Harrods, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis.

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    1. Ah Gail- a woman after my own heart! And do you think Sindy is better than Barbie? I do. I can remember every piece of Sindy furniture so clearly. There’s lots on eBay.

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